Martin Sellner Arrested Again in England

The Austrian Identitarian leader Martin Sellner was arrested and deported last month, along with his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone, after he tried to enter England to speak at Speakers’ Corner.

He tried to enter the U.K. again yesterday, and was once again arrested and interned.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report from Journalistenwatch:

Martin Sellner arrested again in England

April 14, 2018

London — An Identitarian conference will be held in London this weekend, to which speakers from across Europe have been invited. Martin Sellner was also supposed to appear as a guest speaker. However, he and Abel Bodi were arrested again on Friday evening in England.

This is reported by the English branch of the Identitarian Movement. Sellner was allegedly prevented from entering the country by the border police and is now in police custody. Shortly before, Abel Bodi, head of the Hungarian Identitarians, had been prevented from entering England. The government of the United Kingdom is said to have declared him persona non grata. He was expected to report on the political situation and his political involvement in Hungary.

The conference will still be held on Sunday, even without the two prominent speakers.

Sellner was arrested a month ago when he arrived in England because he wanted to give a speech at the “Speakers Corner” in London about freedom of speech.

19 thoughts on “Martin Sellner Arrested Again in England

  1. If he actually wants to get there and be allowed in, my advice would be to try to fly to Ireland, then take what is treated as a domestic flight to the UK, or better yet, drive over the border into Northern Ireland first, then fly over.

    There’s a chance that the Irish aren’t participating in the scheme. I would deliberately set up to take a holiday in Ireland for a few days, in order to be able to truthfully answer what one intends to do in Ireland. The Irish won’t ask/care what he intends to do after leaving Ireland…

    • I don’t know if has changed since, but the last time I took a domestic air flight providing photo ID was mandatory, no fly without. And the last time I took a car to the Irish Republic I needed my passport to get back into Britain.

      • Here’s the thing, though: once they’ve let someone in to the Common Travel Area, they’d probably have to be making a special effort to prevent onward entry to Britain – it’s harder to kick someone out than to not let them in in the first place.

        It would also be quite interesting to know whether the Irish are the dogs of the British on this type of thing (i.e., if they have a common “ban” list). I’m curious.

  2. This is truly getting out of hand, better say: the way UK is descending into a plain totalitarianism is beyond worrisome – it is alarming.

    I have said this many times (here) but allow me to repeat: what I saw in my young years in Europe of the 80’s – I mean the communist despotism carefully and mercilessly controlling any dissenting opinion – is full-throttle going on in England.

    How long is it going to take before we in the US are in the same corner?

    (How many years after DJT is ousted does the neo-Marxist left need to get where England is now?)

    • 22 years.

      It is 22 years from gun confiscation after the Dunblane School Massacre to today.

      • Not to put too fine a point on it, but if guns were confiscated 22 years ago without any, let’s say memorable push back, that wasn’t the beginning, that was the end. The last 22 years are like that point where Wiley Coyote runs off the cliff and hangs in the air, looking at the audience, for a second or two before falling. It’s funny in the cartoons…

  3. It would be a better idea to have these conferences in Sweden, no one has any idea of who is crossing the border. If there should be a problem anyway, just say the magic word “Asylum”.
    And you’re in.

    • Or just have the attendees show up in blackface or hijab’ed… Mr Sellner should have claimed he was an underage Syrian asylum seeker, and Ms Pettibone was one of his numerous wives.

    • I can assure you in the case of Mr Sellner they would be 100% efficient in blocking his entry.

    • Sweden somehow manages to keep out Christian refugees, home schooling families and other ‘trash’ that are not sub-moronic barbaric Muslims.

      • As you point out, European countries are quite capable of having secure borders. It’s a question of will to enforce against certain groups. Or of a will NOT to enforce, more accurately.

  4. Wait. A news story about a foreign person blocked from entering ENGLAND has to be TRANSLATED – into – ENGLISH? This alone would have sent up flags and Spitfires all over England, back in the day.

  5. I am very worried about Martin Sellner. In his latest vlog he – half jokingling…but only HALF jokingly – suggested, that this may be his last Vlog if the “Tards” get to hear about him being arrested again, they will come and look for him there.

    The execrable Theresa May – who like Merkel is a Protestants Pastor’s daughter was in charge (Homeland minister or whatever they call it in Pakistan’s Colony on the Thames) when they refused entry to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who wanted to pay their respect to the islamically massacred English Soldier (Lee?). She has form.

    • These types of “Protestants” are a HUGE part of the problem.

      In Canada, the United Church types are leading these kinds of PC-ish charges, as well. They’re very similar to left-wing Jews, come to think of it – I think that it’s a very similar “humanistic” post-religious phenomenon. The Anglicans seem to be going that way as well.

      I’ll take Evangelicals any day.

  6. The Hungarian who was denied entry is probably sympathetic to Orban.
    I wonder if Boris Johnson is aware of this issue. Boris Johnson congratulated Orban. Why doesn’t Boris Johnson stand up for the Hungarian who would like to give a talk in the UK?

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