A Turkish Children’s Army in Herford

The children of a Turkish mosque Herford in North Rhine-Westphalia are being prepared for the day when they become the overlords of the region, and the German natives are their dhimmi vassals.

Many thanks to Anton for translating this article from TAG24.de:

Children march through Ditib Mosque in combat uniform

Controversial discussion: Toddlers perform in combat uniform in Herford Mosque

Herford — A video from the Turkish Ditib mosque in Herford prompts a sensitive discussion on the Internet and also in local politics. Small children appeared as soldiers in a performance in military clothing.

A military performance of toddlers in the Ditib mosque prompts discussion in Herford.

The four- to seven-year-old children marched through the mosque with toy weapons and military uniforms. They shouted loud commands and saluted, reports the Neue Westfälische newspaper. The performance was recorded on video and in photos, which were initially uploaded to Facebook, but have since been deleted.

The board of the Turkish Islamic Union Ditib commented on this: “The decision for the performance was made by the parents’ council, and the performance was also designed by them,” said a board member, Aydin. He said that the board was not privy to the program and ultimately knew nothing. In addition, the performance was not for the public, according to Aydin.

The performance triggered a controversial discussion in his community, the board member confirmed. He explained that the content referred to a military victory in 1915/16.

At that time, the Battle of Gallipoli took place during the First World War. The Ottoman Empire defended Constantinople (now Istanbul) from conquest by the Allies, including the British, Australian, New Zealand and French armies, some 103 years ago. It was a fierce battle in which half of the soldiers were killed or seriously wounded. The performance supposedly reflects this battle.

The video recording irritated Tim Ostermann, the district chairman of Angela Merkel’s CDU party. He contacted the Ditib community by email, but is still waiting for an answer.

“I find it highly problematic that children are being instrumentalized, which blatantly contradicts any attempt at integration, but is rather a typical sign of a parallel society. State and society must use all means to prevent such a thing,” said the member of the Bundestag from Herford.

VIDEO (original has been deleted)

14 thoughts on “A Turkish Children’s Army in Herford

  1. I wonder what Ostermann defines as State and society. It sounds like the rulers have nothing to do with the masses – Freudian slip?

  2. yet making a model aircraft, a Messerschmitt, and putting a swastika on its tail, is a crime worth persecuting.

    • I guess you mean in Germany; full-size Messerschmitts in museums are similarly inauthentic.

  3. “In addition, the performance was not for the public, according to Aydin”.

    Oh boy. Taqqiya at its best … unfortunately the video has leaked. But what difference it makes anyway.

    Germany is lost.

  4. From my understanding, the Germans (Austria-Hungary) were on the “other” (Ottoman) side at Gallipoli, and the ANZAC troops were forced to die needlessly, under order, from the STUPID “Crown” of England. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, should have long ago shaken off the stupidity that is England, just as America did.

    • The sad part is that, even with all the incompetence, the ANZACs would have won Gallipoli if some patriotic Turkish colonel named Ataturk hadn’t marched all night to save the day for the Turks.

      • It didn’t help that onshore troops were denied support by a British warship parked there specifically for that purpose.

        As ever, author Leon Uris provides excellent historical perspective about Gallipoli in his book, “Redemption”. Well worth reading.

    • Gallipoli was Churchill’s brainwave, not the “Crown” and he was half American anyway. But it certainly wasn’t “his finest hour.” One of those glorious debacles Britain specializes in.

  5. Yes, a growing 5th column in their midst, with allegiance to Erdogan. What possibly could go wrong?

  6. I’m not sure I understand the jist of this piece. Turkish immigrants now living in Germany & in celebration of there battle of Gallipoli prepare to take over at some point in the future the state of Germany. In preparation, they begin training seven year-olds. The disconnect begins with the fact that the Turks & the Germans were allies in WWI. Given recent German history of Islamic invasion of Germany, it’s much more likely that Turks are merely looking for some rallying cause to unify Turkish immigrants in Germany. Turks, Arabs & Persians have generally rallied to the cause of the latest most vicious strongman they could lay hold of. Europeans in general & Germans in particular have brought into their country the latest “Trojan Horse” under the guise of aiding diversity. It has never been made clear how the creation of another Yugoslavia in the heart of Europe will aid the peace of Europe.

  7. I wonder if, somewhere deep down, Germans are longing for their Nazi past, and trying to relive it as an Islamist future? There is a measure of resemblance between the two ideologies.

    I can’t help but wonder.

  8. That picture of those children in uniform should have been all it takes to set off klaxons and xenon strobes across the entire European continent.

    The amount of denial and cognitive dissonance (different but similar things) required to brush aside such lurid indicators of what Islam intends for the EU defies quantification.

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