Conservative Polish Journalist Kept Out of the UK

We reported in last night’s news feed about the detention of Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone by the British authorities when they entered the country from Austria. They were arrested because they planned to interview Tommy Robinson, and because they might have intended to — gasp! — state their political opinions in public.

Something similar has happened to a Polish journalist named Rafał Ziemkiewicz. In Mr. Ziemkiewicz’s case, however, the state’s preferred method was to mau-mau the venues where the journalist was scheduled to speak, forcing him to cancel his appearances.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below on the same topic (also translated by Ava Lon) appeared at the French site Observatoire du journalisme:

Inversion of the Situation 28 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall: A Polish Journalist Prohibited in Great Britain

March 3, 2018

Rafał Ziemkiewicz is a well-known journalist in Poland. He has his pages every week in the prestigious conservative weekly Do Rzeczy, and has worked for several other respected press titles over his twenty-year career. He is invited to speak on television. In the past he had a show on public television, and he has one today on private TV: TV Republika.

He is also a prize-winning writer in his country, an author of some bestsellers. Poland being a country where pluralism in the media is real, Rafał Ziemkiewicz may well display opinions to the right of the PiS, closer to Christian nationalist circles than the Christian Democrats, but he is clearly part of the Polish mainstream.

Call for censorship from The Guardian and a Labour MP

The Polish journalist Rafał Ziemkiewicz was invited by an organization of Polish emigrants to Britain to host author meetings planned for February in the cities of Cambridge, Bristol and London. This displeased Labour MP Rupa Huq, a former journalist for the leftist newspaper The Guardian. The MP, who was born into a Muslim family from Bangladesh, wrote to the Home Office asking for a ban on his stay for this Polish journalist, whom she considers to be “far right”. The Guardian orchestrated the campaign to support Rupa Huq’s request, which was also relayed by the “anti-racist” NGO Faith Matters. In the past the same MP had asked that US President Donald Trump — whom she describes as homophobic, Islamophobic and racist —not be allowed to set foot on British soil either.

The Polish organizers of these author meetings had no choice but to cancel. In “liberal” Albion, the owners of the premises had been pressured by Her Majesty’s police. Thus one of the pubs reserved for a discussion by the local Poles with Ziemkiewicz was warned that he could lose his license in case of trouble, and that troubles were to be expected. According to the Polish journalist, even the restaurant where a simple dinner was planned in his presence would have preferred to cancel the reservation!

From Polish communism to English liberalism, same fight

One suspects that Rupa Huq was warned by left-wing Poles who do not like the speech of a right-wing Ziemkiewicz. Left sectarianism also exists among Poles, except that in Poland they cannot prevent a journalist on the right from expressing his opinions (it is not for lack of trying, sometimes). In Britain, complained Ziemkiewicz in the columns of Do Rzeczy, “for a gathering to be banned, for it to be censored, it is enough to be ‘controversial’. What played a role, according to Ziemkiewicz, is also this alliance between Islam and the extreme left that is observed in the United Kingdom. For it is true that Ziemkiewicz is very critical of immigration and Islamization observed in Western Europe.

Welcoming the cancellation of the Polish journalist’s arrival, the former journalist for The Guardian, who became a Labour MP, said that her borough in Ealing had shown that it “would not tolerate the hatred and extremism of neo-Nazis from Poland”, for which Ziemkiewicz promises her legal proceedings in the British courts. “Extremists”, “fascists”, “neo-Nazis”: the rhetoric used today in Western Europe to silence dissenting voices closely resembles that of communist regimes in Eastern Europe before the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989.

Video transcript:

03:57   We invited them, because we organize this type of meeting from time to time
04:01   with Independent Poland [conservative paper], with Artur Bednarski, [conservative journalist] ,
04:05   with very popular writers, journalists on the right.
04:09   So now we found out that Rafał Ziemkiewicz [conservative journalist] is the worst.
04:13   That he is… —A fascist! … —fascist, a Nazi, you name it.
04:18   You name it.
04:22   Any epithet. And we found out that a Rupa Huq intervened
04:26   in all this, or what was her name. —An MP.
04:30   A British MP. — A MP, yes, from the constituency of Acton and Ealing,
04:34   who is of course a leftist, because from the Labour Party, or a some Neo Communist “yacheyka”
04:38   [USSR —smallest entity in the Party] as you say. —Yes. —So she is making our life impossible
04:43   beyond belief. And I think that for the time being
04:47   it will be the end of all those meetings, because it’s the third…
04:51   because at first it was supposed to be held in
04:55   the Polish Social and Cultural Center, which —I’m reminding
04:59   all those who don’t know — is supposed to be the venue for all Polish meetings
05:03   and social, cultural and fun events.
05:07   Then… well, we were told that this venue isn’t available. The director
05:12   turned out to be a simple coward,
05:16   because nothing would have happened, it would have been
05:20   fantastic discussion about what is going on in Poland. Then there was
05:24   the Belvedere pub in Acton, but its Polish manager,
05:28   who happily agreed to that meeting, was forbidden
05:32   to host it, because he was told that the cops would close his pub for 48 hours, OK?
05:37   This is a true totalitarianism, I would say.
05:41   You know this is coming straight from the government. So we were supposed to do it in Slough,
05:46   where there was a book fair,
05:53   hoping that this could be an good opportunity
05:57   Now before I entered the studio here, I found out there were even more problems
06:02   which weren’t resolved yet, and it doesn’t look good. So we’ll have to decide
06:06   whether we keep organizing all those meetings for the time being, or if we should cancel them,
06:10   because it makes no sense for Rafał Ziemkiewicz to take risks,
06:14   that what happened for example to Jacek Międlar [Polish conservative priest] may happen .
06:18   He was apprehended at the border and sent back to Poland.
06:22   I am really tempted to let it happen, because then perhaps
06:26   the Polish consulate and especially the Foreign Ministry would do something
06:30   Those commies won’t do anything! — Well, exactly, so it doesn’t make sense,
06:34   because really… And today I found out that my time in Great Britain
06:39   is coming to an end, because the leftists
06:43   published a number of articles,
06:47   which were full of inaccuracies,
06:51   a total mixture of facts and rubbish.
06:55   The person who wrote it has no idea what he is talking about. He pulled everything out of his butt;
06:59   he is using my image to call me a fascist. You are there as a fascist as well.
07:03   Thank you; thank you very much.
07:08   And Witold Gadowski [conservative writer] is a fascist, Wojciech Sumliński [conservative journo],
07:13   and of course Rafał Ziemkiewicz. — Good company! — A very good one. I have nothing against it.
07:16   but I have something against being called a fascist, because my maternal grandfather fought against
07:24   fascists and communists.

19 thoughts on “Conservative Polish Journalist Kept Out of the UK

  1. Why, oh, why, is Britain allowing another irrational totalitarian demon like Rupa Huq with Indian/pakistani/Bangladeshi migrant background to ruin our freedom in the West.

    • Britain is already a de facto Islamic state. They are rewriting all our history too. Colleagues of mine are being forced out of jobs for refusing to teach this “revised history”. This is Communism in practice. I note too that the authorities are pushing a black Britain narrative and a last Month the BBC (who else?) stated that Moslem women in burkas and veils strated the Suffragette movement by inspiring and encouraging Emily Pankhust. Laugh if you like but this is now the new “Normal”.

      Yahoo displayed a £20 note with a black looking Queen Elizabeth. Then the BBC let it be “known” that the Monarch herself wanted it to be made clear that her family were direct descendants of Mohammed. There is a clear agenda here and I do not understand why our “leaders” are allowing these absurd claims by the modern “Volkisher Beobachter” corporation to do this unless they are complicit in this Treasonous farce. Look at these videos to observe how far the Left now go to rewrite our history and exclude the native British from their own history and achievements.

      We are now told that Cheddar Man was black. I worked on DNA remains in the late 1990s that thoroughly disprove this latest claim by UCL and others. The Soviets rewrote their history as did the Nazis. What is the difference? Socialism is an anti European anti human ideology.

      Article 4 of the UN Charter forbids such attempts to alter and change a society’s ethnicity. I think we will need another Nurenburg to sort out our modern PC wannabe Fascists. They are teaching this guff to children and under graduates. Typical of a Soviet system.

  2. I just wonder why Muslims are not called fascists themselves even though Muslims such as this socalled British MP tend to misuse their political clout to exhibit one of the worst characteristics of fascism, i.e. – no tolerance for opposing opinions in public space.

  3. The recent incidents of denied entry to the UK show that the authorities there have full control over the borders if they so choose. By implication this means that so called illegal immigrants are in the country with the tacit approval of said authorities. None of this happens just by chance.

  4. Had it not been for the fact that I need a passport, I would have renounced my British citizenship when I moved to Thailand. I am ashamed of my country and the way our supine politicians bow and scrape to leftists and mahammedans. Our Police are no better as they manipulate the law to accommodate leftism and islam while oppressing genuine citizens.
    Tommy Robinson was attacked again recently by antifas thugs yet the police refused to investigate. To misquote Willi Munzenburg, “they have made my former country so corrupt that it stinks.”

  5. Britain has now been a socialist dictatorship for at least thirty years. The Fabian principle of the long march of the Left through the institutions (long before Gramsci or the Frankfurt lot thought about it) was put into practice in Britain from the 1920s. By the 1950s the situation had already become critical, and C.S. Lewis and Malcolm Muggeridge, along with many others, warned about the danger – but were ignored. The hard Left now controls ALL the institutions of Britain – including the so-called Conservative Party and the Church (Catholic as well as Anglican). These animals fully intend to destroy the country, as their counterparts in the other Western European nations are presently doing.

    • Totally agree with you. They are trying to do this in the United States, too.

    • There is a school of thought that says George Orwell (himself a leftist) had seen the plans and was so horrified that he wrote 1984 to warn what was intended. That would seem to marry well with the numbers of people who have shouted over the last decade that “1984 was a warning not a manual!”

    • And this is one reason the liberal socialist in Britain hate Poland.
      They have re-wrote the WW2 history, by not referring to Polish pilots defending Britain.. After the end of the war with Germany, the Polish pilots were not allowed to take part in the London’s end of war celebration, however the British government did allow other countries to participate like India and others.

  6. I think the specific reason for this ban was not so much anti-Muslim rhetoric but a single curse word against Jews that Ziemkiewicz tweeted at the start of the current controversy between Israel and Poland over the Polish anti-slander law. He basically used the Polish equivalent of “k*ke” to describe the people that were trying to blow up relations between Poland and Israel. He has bent over backwards in the past to try to be reasonable and tolerant in the face of accusations of “nazi”, “fascist” etc. He is a prolific writer who has also written popular history and political books, kind of like a Polish Pat Buchanan.

    U.K. politicians (they are not British) are more concerned with banning Polish crime-thinkers than finding out who smashed the graves of Polish war heroes:

  7. There was a time, not so long ago, when one would feel tempted to come up with a cool, snarky response.

    But the lust for that has abated. In its place has come a dread.

    This case and the one involving Mr Sellner and Mrs Pettibone are profoundly, I mean PRO-FOUND-LY, disturbing.

  8. Lauren Southern also banned from entering the UK.
    It’s starting to get ugly…

  9. The UK government border police have now detained, interrogated and barred Lauren Southern from entering the country. She has been released in Calais. Highly recommend checking out her videos on South Africa farmland murders.

    Adding this Polish journalist to the list of Sellner, Pettibone and Southern from being barred from entering the UK solely because of their political viewpoints, it is clear the UK is no longer a free country. Worse, they seem more than welcoming of jihadis.

    This also exposes the meaninglessness of the “conservative” political label, both there and abroad, as a lot of the American establishment Republicans are apt to applaud, albeit secretly, May’s Tory government’s clampdown on “dangerous” thoughtcrimes.

  10. Geert Wilders was also refused entry into the UK in 2009. The UK is probably the worst of all affected by the PC madness.

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