An Alternative for Sweden

A new Swedish political party has just been formed. It’s called Alternative for Sweden (Alternativ för Sverige), and is an offshoot of the immigration-critical Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna).

This new party sounds very intriguing. It coalesced around the leadership of the Sweden Democrats’ former youth wing (Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom), which was excised from the parent party for being out of step with its principles.

Gustav Kasselstrand, the leader of Alternative for Sweden, has said in reference to the immigrants: “They will not be integrated — they are going home.” Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, reportedly denounced the leaders of Alternative for Sweden as “extremists”.

See the comments section on Monday night’s news feed for extensive links to articles and videos, with machine translations of some of the articles, which were kindly posted by one of our Swedish readers.

Our Danish correspondent Anne-Kit has translated the party’s launch video for subtitling. She includes these remarks:

I read about Alternativ för Sverige yesterday in Snaphanen [Danish]. The only English-language article I know of so far is one from BuzzFeed. This is obviously a negative article with lots of assumptions, lies and exaggerations. The interview on Snaphanen is extremely interesting.

The party leader, Gustav Kasselstrand, was previously leader of the Youth Wing of the Sweden Democrats. Ingrid Carlqvist likens him to a young Donald Trump.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:08   Some day in the future you will look back on your life
0:12   and the choices you made. When you faced those decisions that meant something.
0:17   Did you give up? Or did you follow your conviction
0:20   even though it was hard? Remember that nothing worth fighting for
0:25   is ever simple. If you want to follow your dreams
0:29   you must hold your head high, in spite of all the opposition you will meet
0:34   from those who don’t share your convictions,
0:37   from those who don’t have the courage or don’t care enough
0:40   to believe in change. Sweden needs challengers.
0:48   People who dare to speak the truth, even when it is uncomfortable.
0:53   People who know that change is possible.
0:57   Now you face a crucial choice:
1:00   You can vote for the same old politicians
1:03   who never listen to the people, and who are destroying your country,
1:06   or you can choose an alternative to the politicians.
1:11   An alternative for Sweden.
1:28   When a corrupt establishment says that something is impossible,
1:32   it’s up to you to show them that they’re wrong. When you fight for something that you believe in
1:36   with all your heart, you never give up. You keep moving forward!
1:41   Alternative for Sweden is your movement.
1:45   And on 9th September you have a choice.
1:48   Now the journey begins to take back our country.

35 thoughts on “An Alternative for Sweden

  1. Beautifully done and inspirational. So there are some people in Sweden with a sense of nation.

  2. When you realize there are only ten million Swedes you realize how desperate the battle is to take back their country, drive out the leeches and be Sweden again.

  3. He’s right. They have to go back. Period.

    In American Alt-Right parlance the Swedish Democrats are cuckservatives. They’re still trying to be nice, reasonable and civil when their opposition has lied, exaggerated and smeared them even with their moderate political positions. We’ve seen how well this has worked out for American cuckservatives: they’ve been losing the cultural war for more than half a century and haven’t conserved anything. The Left never compromises and they exploit conservative civility as a weakness. The new Right, the alternative Right, is not conservative, as there is little left to conserve; they’re going have to build new institutions from the ground up and this requires political rhetoric unfamiliar to the establishment conservatives.

    It is going to be distressing and unsettling for older, right-of-center generations to see just how radical Generation Z is going to be. Generation Z has had to grow up and live the multicultural “dream” while their elders dealt with it largely in theory, especially the Boomers. In certain parts of the U.S. many of the white youth have seen firsthand what it’s like to grow up as a minority, where open hostility and blatant racism toward them is tolerated and encouraged by the Left and their Liberal media allies, while receiving little to no support from Conservatism, Inc., who, more often than not, will join in on the condemnation of them for defending themselves and their heritage.

    It’s OK to be white. It’s OK to be Swedish.

    • Craig, a good comment ruined by a poor choice of wording. Do not bring the word cuckservative onto this forum. It is a vile demonization of one’s political opponents and has no place in a comment section we have long striven to keep civil and courteous.

      Please define the word and we can use a Thesaurus to find another, more useful term. One that respects your political opponents.

      Thank you.

      • With all due respect, the “cuck” in cuckservative brings to mind the word “cuckold,” with which it likely has nothing to do, I don’t know. But its use does emphasize the risible nature of the pusillanimous conservative wing of American politics, much as the cuckolded man is a figure of contempt.

        • It also brings to mind the other Anglo-Saxon words we don’t use here: fuck, cunt, etc. [That’s one reason *real* enemies, like Zuckerburg, are easy targets)

          Cuckservative is a rude word and meant to be so. In its place – before its widespread further degradation of political language, we used GOP(e) – i.e., the elite who thought Trump would never be elected; they didn’t understand the populist mood sweeping the country and the world. Another common term was RINO – Republican in Name Only. Or Conservative-Lite.

          The Sweden Democrats stood against their elites for a very long time, suffering physically and socially for it, being attacked by thuggish quasi-governmental organizations. If they cannot now go the further step with these Young Turks, neither should they be shoved aside with a rude word. We remember at GoV when SD was the ONLY hope in Sweden, holding the elites’ feet to the fire. Even if they cannot see their way further, they don’t deserve name-calling or denigration.

          Until we come back to our senses, treating those within our own tent with dignity, we won’t prosper.

      • Apologies.

        It would have been more politick to have used quotation marks on the first usage of the objectionable word as to reinforce its use as parlance and then not to have repeated it. A suitable synonym for its second usage that’s apropos would be “impotent conservative”; that would have worked just fine. Moreover, you could change the first line of the second paragraph to: “In American Alt-Right parlance the Swedish Democrats are [expletive deleted].” To use a synonym here makes it a non sequitur, so let the reader fill in the expletive; many will guess it correctly.

        The “[expletive deleted]” is an expression of contemptuous and demeaning dismissal of someone beholden to a mindset viewed as self-degrading virtue signaling with a pretense of moral superiority that’s meant to enhance a conservative’s social status through a progressive prism while fortifying his self-worth, all the while eroding that which he’s supposedly conserving. It is a mindset based upon an outdated worldview formulated at a time of personal security and comfort whilst in the embrace of a dominant, prosperous culture and homogenous community. A mindset that’s oblivious to the ramifications one’s actions will have and the costs which others will have to bear in the future (e.g. open borders, social fracturing, bottomless national debt, etc.). It’s like some words in foreign languages: there’s no concise translation for it.

        Respecting your forum, civility is in order, as it will be productive. HUA.

        • “The “[expletive deleted]” is an expression of contemptuous and demeaning dismissal of someone beholden to a mindset viewed as self-degrading virtue signaling with a pretense of moral superiority that’s meant to enhance a conservative’s social status through a progressive prism while fortifying his self-worth, all the while eroding that which he’s supposedly conserving.”

          Dear Craig:

          The Baron is totally correct in his choice of language because a major part of the war that the left engages in is the control and use of language. By not using their degraded, guttural grunting, we do not “think” we are morally superior, but we actually end up as being morally superior, as well as intellectually superior. If you understand the leftist, elitist view of us and the contempt in which they hold us, then what we are doing is nothing more than that which they do unto us.

          It is a rejection of a view that Ebonics is valid. It is a rejection of the idea that all cultures are equally good with equal outcomes. It is a rejection of lower scholastic standards. That is the whole point, although I will admit I am not the best example to present such an argument.

          We reject them in totality, right down to their language. We reject their philosophy (religion?), their morality, their political views, and their degraded language. We cannot tolerate them anymore.

          • dhans,
            I see your point. But I am truly wondering if civility is getting us anywhere. I think that a cruder spirit is required to fight, especially against dirty tactics. Accompanying a cruder spirit is cruder expression.

      • “Craig, a good comment ruined by a poor choice of wording. Do not bring the word cuckservative onto this forum.”

        I disagree with the designation of [word that cannot be mentioned] as a negative appellation. Of course, I fully accept the right of Baron and Dympthna to control their own forum, and have always respected their rules, explicit and implicit.

        My thinking is that certain words express and meaning and give information not easily gotten with synonyms. One such term is “suicide bomber”. There was a movement to replace “suicide bomber” with “homicide bomber” since homicide was more closely associated with the wanton murders committed by suicide bombers. But, the new term never stuck. In my opinion, the reason was that “suicide bomber” described not only a person who died in killing others, but who actively sought his own death during the act. This applied mainly to Muslims who believed they were getting a fast track to a sexual paradise by blowing themselves up to kill others. I believe there was no other term that caught the complete meaning of Muslim suicide bombers.

        Similarly, the term “neocon” conveys a lot of information. The closest description in many words you could make is “nominal conservative whose first priority is to send US military forces to actively intervene in local disputes, rebellions and wars”. The “nominal conservative” comes from the fact that the neocon prefers to lower taxes, but sees identity disputes as a distraction from the real goal of sending the US military to fight in foreign countries. Therefore, the neocon is quite willing to allocate money for subsidies to corporations and NGOs and implement affirmative action laws so as to minimize opposition to the real objective of projecting US military power.

        Similarly, the definition of [word that cannot be mentioned] is “nominal conservative whose primary objective is to maintain open immigration into the US]. The cuckold, described by a perfectly respectable word, is a man who puts effort into a relationship which is counter to his own interests, since his wife is cheating on him.

        Analogously, a [word that cannot be mentioned] is a conservative whose efforts in the direction of conservative principles are doomed because his support of open immigration guarantees that the US is importing masses of people who will vote solidly Democratic and socialist and whose children and grandchildren will do the same. Again, the “conservative” description is nominal because he is perfectly willing to support the additional educational, police, welfare, and affirmative action policies that accompany the open migration consequences.

        Are we disrespecting the person with the use of these terms? I despise Communism and leftism of the totalitarian cultural Marxist variety, although I maintain cordial relations with them…or as cordial as possible given their reactions when they find out my opinions. My reaction if I hear somebody disparage me for my opinions (without making actions like they want to fight me) is to dampen down and argue more, in a civil manner of course.

        So, in this forum, I will use the term “nominal conservative whose first priority is open immigration”. It gets the meaning across, although it takes a bit more space and reading effort.

        • I just hate the word “cuck” and all its compound derivatives. It has a loathsome sound to my ear. But then, it’s probably because I’m old.

          Whether intended or not, in addition to “cuckold” it draws on “cock” and “fuck” for its subliminal resonances. For those reasons it is worth avoiding, in my opinion.

          It’s a pity the alt-right didn’t come up with a different label. They did a great job with “snowflake”. Why couldn’t they have found a less dysphonious word for a neo-RINO?

    • Very nice précis of the current state of affairs. I only hope you’re right about generation “z”.

      • Judge for yourself.

        This is from a recent Facebook post dedicated to local educators and is the ranting of a frustrated school counselor. I’ve starred out the naughty Germanic words:

        “I work as a counselor at a school where there’s a lot of 4chan-esque right wing boys who are coming up. The previous generation a year or two ago wasn’t too bad, but this generation coming up now is much more right wing.

        “My question is, how the f*** do I deal with this s***? How am I supposed to honestly give council to a kid with a pepe shirt on. How do I talk to these kids who literally come to me and rant about affirmative action? 2 years ago these types barely existed and now they are everywhere, not only men but women too. They literally cannot control their right wing beliefs, they talk about it constantly, everywhere. They can’t have a discussion about f***ing math without bringing up how women hate math and science and that is why they are unsuccessful. They can’t talk about english classes without talking about colleges are wiping away white authors because of cultural marxism. A kid came to me and ranted that his history classes ‘blamed white people too much’ for tragedies in the past and that made him uncomfortable.

        “I know my job is that people can come to me with whatever possible problems they want, no matter how controversial. But this is getting f***ing out of hand. How do I do this?”

        You can bet this is not an isolated experience and is more indicative of radicalization of white youth, who see how their elders have sold them out and forfeited their heritage.

        We’ve all seen the bumper stickers: “I’m Spending My Kids Inheritance!” That pretty well sums it up, doesn’t it?

        • It’s known as the Pendulum Effect, Craig. When the weight of a pendulum has reached apogee on one side of its arc it momentarily pauses then reverses direction and accelerates, slowly at first then faster and faster, until it descends to perigee where it begins its deceleration towards the opposite apogee where the whole process reverses again.

          I am of a mind that in the West our weight is rapidly approaching perigee from the left and the changes to our situation and systems of governance are going to be sudden and very violent.

          • I hope you’re right, Seneca III, but a) it will be an uphill struggle (can pendulums defy gravity?), and b) innocent but well-meaning people may be harmed.

          • The pendulum analogy is very fitting. One can only ponder as to the nature of the future instances of authoritarian governance that will spring forth as the pendulum crosses the threshold of maximal acceleration.

            I fear such governance may be a necessity, but can only hope that the point of apogee will not represent a new “final solution” . Much better to see the problem sent over to “freelance-types “ of the Middle Eastern and African disposition. Let them formulate a solution to their own problem. Whether the solution is good or not, is not of relevance. It will be devised by them, and through the use of their own agency. The consequences will be as they cause them to be, as will the lessons taken therefrom (should any be taken at all).

            Some might consider a fascist government of the future as being akin to chemo. Poison in the short term, life preserving in the long. It seems unwise to write about such a potentially dangerous and tragic entity using analogies with overwhelmingly positive connotations, however, at least as far as I am able determine, it would be far easier to eventually overthrow a tyrannical regime than to escape out from beneath cultural, social and ethnic dissolution. Construction may be indeterminately delayed, but at least the building materials would be preserved.

            I leave it to the individual reader to determine, as I would imagine perceived urgency has impact on the stance one adopts. I would take heart in the fact that my progeny, or their progeny after them, would at least have the possibility to fight and thereby earn their right to self determination through political rights won , rather than facing a gradual and generation long dilution into a hodgepodge of indistinct swarthiness, mediocrity and combined moral and spiritual abandon. The notion of perhaps one day having to transcend such ponderings and actually “pick a poison” concerns me greatly.

            Apologies for the lengthy post.

        • I proud to say that I’ve had a few conversations with some university students where *I* was the left-winger. That happened a few months ago.

          What was fascinating is that 2/3 would have definitely been characterised as members of “minority” groups. On the other hand, if I see who shows up to SJW events, they’re almost all white.

          The world is up side down. But there is a bit of hope in the new generations, I do get that feeling. Maybe.

        • What’s incredible is that a school counselor isn’t thrilled to encounter kids fervent about something other than video games.

    • SD has a long history – longer than GoV has been in existence of fighting the good fight against the Swedish elites. So the younger crowd is willing to further? Such is the nature of history and politics.

  4. I would vote for this party were I a Swede. There’s no more that can be said than that, I hope the Swedes see it the same.

    For all the tricks and manipulations of the mainstream media etc., in the end it is their choice. If Poland can do it then so can they.

    • Them or SD would be fine. Surely they’ll make a coalition if they get a majority between themselves.

      • the SD are a bunch of [milquetoasts] who don’t have any plans to re patri[ate] any of the millions of refugees who have arrived in Sweden during the last 30 years. Alternatively, Alternative for Sweden do have plans!

  5. All of this splitting up in mini parties because a couple of alpha males can’t make their egos subordinate to the greater goals is NO GOOD AT ALL. It’s the same as in The Netherlands, where there’s a chap like Thierry Baudet who has the potential to become the PVV’s ideologue but instead chooses to go for his own mini project (and party).

    I am very, very annoyed by this news. It’s a division of forces, a waste of momentum, and a delight for the leftist judases.

  6. While you argue over using the word Cuckold the Regressive Leftist are laughing at you. If you watch a few shows of Tucker Carlson on Fox News you will come to see just how truly depraved all lefties are. And just how much they despise and hate all of us Conservatives. They want us DEAD!! DEAD !!!💀 💀 You had better learn that to win a war on any front including online you had better be more mad dog mean than any of the Regressive Leftist.

    Here in America we do use the word White Regressive Leftist Cuckold to all foreigners and especially to Murderous Muslims!!!

  7. It seems to me the main issue is whether the Alternative for Sweden is getting its message to fellow Swedes. About 10 days ago I was sitting in a coffee shop on 12th Street in Manhattan waiting for an 11 a.m. movie (only 8 bucks for one of the last kind of art houses left) when in walks 3 Swedes all about 20. One guy sat down stuck with the luggage and 2 young ladies were buying the food. They were catching the 11 pm plane back home. I only had 10 minutes to talk, and it was sad but not surprising somehow that the young fellow hardly knew there was a problem in Sweden with the immigrants/migrants. (Of course I knew not only from GoV and Fjordman about the problems in Sweden but also by other writers like Bruce Bawer et al.) He told me he and his friends were from a small town in the south east corner of Sweden and had no problems with anyone. I asked as politely as I could about the rapes in the country by the new immigrants/migrants and he said yes once in a while this happened. He also said we have rapes in America too – said very respectfully I note trying to defend his country in a most cordial way. A friend of mine who is a fairly knowledgeable said this fellows lack of knowledge may have had to do with where this trio lived. More problems the further west you go in the country. I’d also guess that cordiality is no defense for an invasion if you are cognizant of it. So my guess is this guys combination of niceness and lack of knowledge is enough to spell out a big problem.

    It’s hard to defeat an acquiescent press much less an left wing one. So here’s hoping The Alternative for Sweden Party can get the news out throughout the country. I’d like to be more hopeful though cause we know the winds are against them. I guess the fact that there is an Alternative for Sweden is a sign of hope though.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • Gosh, the people you can meet on the sidewalks of NYC.

      Your story is beyond depressing.

      These kids live in a bubble. They obviously have the money to travel to NY, are educated to the point of being at least bi-lingual, and are only exposed to the government press.

      Poor Sweden.

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