Women’s Rights Marchers in Berlin Stymied by Antifa

Last Saturday a march for women’s rights was organized in Berlin by Leyla Bilge, an ex-Muslim and a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Unfortunately for the participants, a narrow street on the march route gave Leftists the opportunity to block the marchers from proceeding. As you can see from the video below, the police were less than zealous about protecting the rights of the marchers and opening up the route for them.

As a matter of interest, Tommy Robinson is briefly visible at 2:44-2:46 in this footage.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation and the subtitling:

14 thoughts on “Women’s Rights Marchers in Berlin Stymied by Antifa

  1. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/02/20/world/europe/ap-eu-germany-burqa-snatched.html
    BERLIN — German police say a Muslim woman wearing a veil covering her entire face and body was attacked and verbally abused inside a Berlin store.

    Police said Tuesday a 28-year-old woman insulted the victim and ripped the veil of the burqa from her head.

    The attacker then followed the 54-year-old victim out of the store and continued shouting anti-foreigner abuse at her before being detained by police. Police gave no more details of the incident.
    The Russian-language press writes that the 54-year-old Islamophobic was born in Kazakhstan. Once there lived a very large German diaspora, which in the 90’s moved to Germany.

  2. The last second of the video one can see a billboard on which the following is written (in German). ‘If Hitler would live today, he would certainly call himself an “antifascist”…’
    I’m convinced that this statement is absolutely true.
    It explains everything that’s going wrong in our time in one single sentence.
    Churchill already predicted after WW II, that the future fascists will most certainly call themselves “anti-fascists”. They even chose to use the same name, albeit with the prefix “anti”, which creates the notoriously treacherous paradox many clear minds have been observing over the laste decades whenever there is a politically polarised demonstration: The so called “right-wingers” are usually behaving in a civil and peaceful manner, while the “left-wingers” are agressive and intimidating.
    However, already basic psychology shows that people tend to become very similar to that which they pretend to fight up to the level of obsession. They are possessed by exactly the same demons as Hitler was, whose “followers”, who anyway only exist in their hysteric paranoid fantasies, they pretend to fight.
    Apparently a so-called “opposite” ideology, but exactly the same militant, un-civil, agressive and intolerant behaviour.
    The left and islam both represent is the contemporay varieties of fascism, one apparently “modern” and one atavistic.

    • @ Sobieski: Well observed !

      The Islamists and their cousins, the Greens & Left, have perfected the art of “psychological tranferance”. And they have been getting away for too long also with their gang-rapes of words.

      Björn Höcke, whom “they” try to push into the Nazi-and Anti Semite Corner where he does NOT belong by a looooooooooong mile, let me assure you, says:

      “…Who shapes the concepts, shapes the language,
      who shapes the language,
      shapes the thinking, who shapes the thinking,
      shapes the political discourse,
      and who shapes the political discourse dominates
      politics, regardless of whether he is
      in opposition or in government….”


  3. Antifa is part of an unholy alliance which stands against the West; with its sister organizations (BLM, Islam, Communist Party,…) it is a force to expand Leftism in general… This includes, some say, high-level arms and drug traffic… This is, perhaps, another conspiracy theory, but there is, no doubt, some truth in it. These partners think, perhaps, that they can help each other in fighting the West, and, after they win (let us pray this doesn’t happen!) discard one another…

    There are places in which we can see both drug traffic and terror organizations, especially Islamic ones, in action. One such place is the Triborder, in South America, where Brazil, Argentine and Paraguay meet: It is said to have hosted some high-level Hizbollah members. Relatively few people are aware of that, but it is a danger for the future. Ex-CIA station chief Brad Johnson has an interesting YouTube video about this.

    It is clear such menaces to Democracy and Freedom are global, not limited to Europe and the USA. Let us fight them by all ethically correct means possible!

      • Thank you for your words.
        If you mean our adversaries have no ethics, no moral principles at all, I must say I completely agree. But there are some people who have doubts about, for example, Islam: it is in dealing with them that we must show our moral values; in them lies one of the most significative characteristics of our system, in my opinion…
        As for the others, we must realize this is war, in this war no neutral position is possible, and fight (intellectually or otherwise when necessary), following our conscience (even war has its rules…).
        God help us all!

    • @ concerned citizen said:

      “… This is, perhaps, another conspiracy theory, but there is, no doubt, some truth in it. These partners think, perhaps, that they can help each other in fighting the West, and, after they win (let us pray this doesn’t happen!) discard one another…”

      1. If this be “another conspiracy theory”, I am wearing the same tin foil hat ! 🙂

      2. These “collaborators” think that the crocodile will eat them last, but – if we remember what happened to the communists who sided with the Ayatollas in Iran during the “revolution”, the communists were the first ones to hang from the trees.

      I have a feeling that I somewhat got my metaphors mixed up here ^^^, but it is my personal experience that there is no more unsatisfactory right than the one to say “we told you so”, when it’s too late. So we need to fight them, ethically correct or not. The “ethically correct” fighting the knive-wielding sauvage = the ethically correct dies.

  4. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation and for the subtitles: this work is appreciated. Alas, though, when the subtitles do not have their own black background they are very difficult to discern.

    • @Michael Copeland. Vlad who usually sub-titles with an unequalled artistry was snowed under last week with lots of stuff going on in his country – (someone has to look after Canada and it ain’t Trudeau that’s for sure) – so I tried my not-so-dab hand at it. To put it generously: I am on a steep learning curve.

  5. @ 2:42 was that Tommy Robinson?? Sure looked liked him. Not a German looking guy, that.

  6. It has been brought up meanwhile in the Bundestag by MPs of the AfD, that among the “blockaders” were also Green and other Left MPs who, by preventing a duly registered Demonstration and and so denying citizens the right to protest (the women’s march never made it to their planned destination, the Bundestag) had actually committed an indictible offence under German law, which could bring them custodial sentences, if Germany was still a Rights State, and if Merkel & Co. had not led by her law-breaking examples.

    Another thing which intrigued me in this video was at around minute 0:40 – 0.45 :

    For a few fleeting seconds one sees a scarlet woman. She was on the Blockaders’ side. She looked to me like that Mrs. Sommer – the one who was so rude to GoV and the Baron….. But I’m probably mistaken, she has seen the light and furthermore was a feminist who would not try to silence German women protesting against imported violence…hmmmm

  7. The three stages of the European Reconquista:

    1. Antifa
    2. The NWO/Globalist political class and its Executive enforcers.
    3. Islam.

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