You’re a Slave-Boy of Sharia!

The following video is an excerpt from an Italian TV show called “Fifth Column” in which the participants become rather, ahem, emphatic in their remarks about immigration and Islamization.

The segment aired on March 23, 2016, just after the Brussels terror attacks, and was entitled “Our Bloodstained Easter”. The principal antagonists in this clip are Maurizio Gasparri from Forza Italia (Silvio Berlusconi’s party) and Luca Telese, the host of a different TV show who was there as a guest.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [Maurizio] Gasparri, you were saying? —Firstly, I’m challenging this:
00:04   they’re calling them Europeans. Their parents immigrated here, they received
00:08   citizenship…I previously cited the Salah [Abdeslam] family case: three public job positions
00:12   at the city hall; talk about integration. If only jobless Italians were lucky enough to have those!
00:16   Therefore, they’re not Europeans in the head, and a passport isn’t enough.
00:20   The services/law enforcement duly function.
00:23   Don’t think I won’t defend Italian law enforcement.
00:26   Although I have many reservations about the secret services. Months before the Paris attacks, Salah
00:30   went in and out of Italy. —Italy, and Austria, and Germany… —to go to Syria (where he probably
00:35   got training and took up arms) and he did so undetected. Something wasn’t working, obviously.
00:41   What’s more, Renzi wants to put his friend [Marco] Carrai in charge of cyber-crime.
00:47   Carrai has neither the expertise nor the aptitude. He’s just a friend of Renzi’s.
00:50   It’s an extremely serious thing which I hope gets blocked by [Sergio] Mattarella.
00:53   The fact that they keep letting illegals in (although I fully understand that not all of them
00:56   are criminals, thank goodness) is a mistake! Besides, we recently made a deal in which
01:02   Greece has to send back illegals coming from Turkey (and in exchange we should take in
01:07   so-called “refugees”, which we won’t even know whether they truly are or aren’t anyway).
01:11   In any case, it was decided that money be spent to send illegals out of Europe. At the same
01:15   time, though, 2,000 illegals got into Italy just in these last few days! The truth is that Renzi’s
01:19   government has degraded the police force and the navy. The navy is now working hand in hand
01:25   with traffickers (who have gained €6 billion just in 2015) under orders from the government!
01:29   The difference is Libya. —Thanks to Renzi’s policies! —It’s Libya’s instability. —Therefore we
01:33   don’t want any more of these so-called “Europeans”, and we’re tired of these illegals coming in!
01:36   The difference is we are dealing with Libya, Gasparri. —If you defend the wrong cause…
01:40   Should we set up concentration camps with barbed wire? —No, we need a naval blockade!
01:44   You’d go and take a census, examine the bad guys’ tongues, —Look, Orbán does well, I tell you!
01:48   You’d lock them up in a concentration camp and kill them all! —Orbán does well! Orbán is
01:51   part of the European People’s Party! —In any case, lower your… —and he put up barriers!
01:54   Macedonia does well! —Let me get this straight: we give you full power, you put your
01:57   Feluca hat on… —I’d do a naval blockade! —your hand as Napoleon’s. —I’d fend off the boats!
02:01   And set up camps? —No, no, I wouldn’t even let them in at all! —with barbed wire?
02:04   Let’s fend off the boats until Libya has a government… —A question: how many Muslims
02:08   are there in Europe? Approximately. —Several millions for sure. —How many? How many?
02:11   What does “several” mean? —They’re many millions. Too many! —You don’t even know what
02:14   you’re talking about! How many? —They’re more than we can bear! —Roughly, how many?
02:17   Do you even know what you’re talking about? —Because they want to impose… —How many?
02:20   …Sharia law in our lands! —You’re shouting because you don’t know how many they are.
02:23   No, I’m shouting because the problem is… —I mean, you come here with an elementary homework
02:26   type of preparation. —Don’t act like a know-it-all. —I am a know-it-all, but… —to defend terrorism!
02:30   Yes, I’m defending it indeed, yeah. —You’re defending terrorists! —How many are they?
02:33   We’re not here to do the counting! —Do you have any idea of what you’re talking about?
02:36   I want to know an average number; if you know it! —What is this, Jeopardy? —How many?
02:39   They’re killing people! Do you know how many were killed today in Brussels?
02:43   How many are they, roughly? —Do you know how many were injured? —You’re dealing with
02:46   a problem. —Are you a know-it-all? Go sit down, go! —You… —Hey… —You’re defending terrorism!
02:51   No, I’m saying… —Come here… —You stonewall to defend terrorism! —I said: you come here… —Is this
02:54   Jeopardy? —to give us a prescription. —What the f*** do I care about these petty questions?
02:58   And you said you don’t even know how many Muslims… —Come… —there are in Europe! —Sit
03:01   That’s all! —So what? What’s the problem!? —Sit down… —Is this a count? —If someone did
03:04   this at a university exam, he’d be sent away. —Oh dear! —You’re defending the assassins!
03:08   Talk about the victims of the Muslims instead! —People understand that since you don’t…
03:11   You are condoning… —know how many Muslims there are in Europe… —Stop… —What the f***
03:14   are you even saying? —You don’t even have the slightest idea. —You are ridiculous! —Stop!
03:17   This is a moron! —You can’t even arrive at any number… —Go to rehab! —so you just call me a
03:20   friend of terrorists! —For sure! —You say the Italian navy… —What’s the matter!? —has become
03:24   the navy of smugglers… —For sure! —which is a serious thing! —Ordered by Renzi! —You are an earnest
03:27   Fascist… —Yes, the navy… —so you need to side with the armed forces. —was degraded by Renzi!
03:30   And [Khalid] Chaouki has now become an enemy of the police. —Stop it! —You are a provocateur!
03:35   Stop! Stop! —I want to understand: you don’t know… —HEY! —how many they are. —STOP!
03:39   Paolo, why don’t you ask him how many they are? —Leave it alone. —Roughly! —What the f*** do I care
03:42   if they’re 20, 30 or 50 million? —Do you know if they are 10 or 55 million? —Good grief! Who invited him here?
03:47   My friend, we are… —[Luca] Telese is the last thing I needed. Freaking bothersome! —I’m happy that
03:52   someone relayed it to him! —Problem is that every day… —you made a 30-minute ruckus and
03:55   someone finally told you how many they are… —They’re increasing every day! There should be a
03:59   huge counting device in place, because thanks to your friends, thousands are coming in every day!
04:03   Am I the terrorist now? —Did you get it!? —Let’s stop here. —And they don’t want our democracy!
04:06   How can one even discuss… —Or our liberty! —Are you ready to discuss or are you… —You are
04:10   a slave-boy of the “Sharia people”! —Slave-boy… —Yes! That’s what you are! —of the Sharia! Right!
04:13   Well, I’ll show you something now… —You are a slave-boy of Sharia!

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  1. Ah, these Italians! Did God create any more delightful people than these!? It is shocking that no huge terror act has happened there yet and that the Vatican remains unscathed.

  2. The first guy gets attacked because he doesn`t know how many muslims are living in Europa or Italy.
    But the thing is, almost all governments in Europe deliberately don`t even gather those figures.

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