Laura Huhtasaari: “Everyone Living in Finland Has to Respect Our Culture”

The Finns Party (formerly the True Finns, Perussuomalaiset) patriotic, anti-immigration, and EU-skeptic party in Finland. We’ve reported previously on Laura Huhtasaari, the Finns’ candidate for president in the upcoming election.

Below is a recent campaign video from Ms. Huhtasaari. Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:17   Not all pain is bad.
00:23   Without hard work
00:26   we won’t get results.
00:32   As a woman, and as a mother, I know what pain is.
00:36   Birth pains are difficult, but when the work is done,
00:41   there’s a reward that’s even greater.
00:46   Finland was also born though hard work.
00:50   Clean water and our valued, precious forests
00:53   were worth defending
00:57   For the sake of our independence many gave their lives.
01:03   Do we want to give this inheritance away?
01:09   Do we want to allow others to decide for us?
01:14   Do we want to get used to
01:17   our streets being no longer safe to walk on?
01:24   As a child needs love and limits,
01:27   so does Finland as well.
01:32   To remain Finnish,
01:35   everyone living in Finland has to respect our culture.
01:42   All things that are valuable need to be cherished. It’s a part of being human,
01:46   and Finland is comprised of ordinary people like us.
01:55   I Love Finland — An independent Finland

14 thoughts on “Laura Huhtasaari: “Everyone Living in Finland Has to Respect Our Culture”

  1. Today, as it´s been 100 years since our Declaration of Independence, these words touch me very deeply. God bless Laura and her fight.

  2. Beautiful video. Makes me want to visit Finland while it’s still relatively safe to do so!
    The obvious question becomes how long will Finland’s legacy & culture last? Personality is formed in early childhood. Being exposed to misogynistic, sexist, religiously racist ideas and beliefs cannot be quickly erased or undone so easily. Mama Merkel opened the flood gates to millions of Muslim males with 7th century attitudes and cultural differences. I shutter to think what will happen to Finnish women, children and older citizens when the third world savages continue to breed and flood Europe! Finns will need body guards and/or conceal & carry weapons to defend themselves. They will be conquered by the womb and overtaken by numerical force!

  3. Let us hope that this woman is successful in her pursuit of protecting what makes Finland a unique and special country. Muslims do not belong in Finland-period.

    • But politicians and grandma khadija Merkel say they do belong in Europe and Germany well they are here already in spite of us . Elections are rubbish

    • Not only Finland, but they not belong to Whole Europe, this people are savages, Merkel imported them to Germany and all over Europe, it’s just disgusting, and she won another election, unbelievable, how stupid and naive Csn people be to listen to this lies , and brainwashing..

  4. Are there tags for the articles by country? I was looking for a way to search for all of the Finland-related stuff here and didn’t see one.

    • No, just by region (except for the USA, the UK, Russia, and Canada). A category by each country would be too much work!

  5. Plain common sense. A person who comes to live in a foreign country must respect its people and its culture. Were I to go and settle down in, for example, Turkey, I would at least pretend that I respect Turkish culture and try to learn a thing or two about it. And if I didn’t do it voluntarily, the Turks would force me to, I am sure.

    The problem in the West is that too many Westerners do not respect their own culture and their own traditions. And the Western officialdom, together with the mainstream media, quite openly despises this culture (based on Christian faith) and are trying to destroy it. Emmanuel Macron has said, in so many words, that there is no such thing as ‘French culture’. He also said France should abolish Christian holidays as it is no longer a Christian country.

    You can hardly blame migrants for not respecting the culture of Western nations when the nations in question do not respect it themselves.

    And what do we mean when we speak of Western culture? If this is the culture of ‘Madonna’, Justin Bieber or Dan Brown, the culture of Gay Pride and FEMEN, of legalised marijuana and euthanasia, of imposing transsexual identities on children and all that sort of thing, I’d rather choose Islamic culture as a lesser evil.

  6. Finnish woman’s message to migrants:

    “We owe you NOTHING!”

    See youtube: Finnish Womans Message To Migrants In Finland

    • I wonder how long it will be before all cruise lines will remove
      All Scandinavian ports of call from their itineraries?

      How can you disembark thousands of passengers on shore trips
      When their coaches may have to pass through “no go zones”
      And guarantee their safety?

      The economies of these Scandinavian countries will have a
      huge black hole in their economies soon.

      Headlines such as ” a hand grenade amnesty in Malmö” for
      Example will have a very real effect on future bookings without
      A doubt!

  7. Thanks for posting this Baron, it’s especially significant since today is Finland’s centennial of its independence from Russia/cum Soviet Union.

  8. We came to USA in the early 1950’s (we children and our mother). Mom didn’t speak more than a half-dozen words of English. We picked it up quickly, as children do. She, an accomplished book-keeper, got a factory job and proceeded to spend her after-work hours at an English class provided by the company. We were sent to boarding school.

    Mom learned English and accounting in English and eventually traded the factory job for an office job.

    I’m not saying anything can be accomplished, but much can be, given the desire and the willingness to work for it.

    End of story. I wouldn’t trade this country for anything or anywhere.

    As for trading our culture, which has its faults, for Islamic culture, I suggest you go spend a month in the middle-east and see how you feel then. I would suggest Saudi Arabia for the full flavor of Islamic “culture.”

  9. I lived 10 years in Finland. Kiitos hyvva ilta,

    I arrived in 1988, Up to 1991 it was paradise place, then the soviet union collapsed, at the same time 5000 Somali bogus refugees were smuggled through Russia into Finland, given apartments, kela money, everything!

    Finnish unemployment rate rocketed to 30 % after USSR ended, with lost trade etc.

    Finland was taken over in the early 90s by leftwing man-hating feminists, and there was suddenly a surge of gay bars and homosexual bars and clubs appearing in Helsinki, the feminists held jobs in social work offices, parliament, and environment lunatik organisations, then the feminazi phony Tarja Halonen appeared as president, a closet lesbian like a Merkel, promoting the pc women’s rights, gay rights, rights for everyone except the native Finnish peoples!!!

    Finland was a great place, the turning point into destruction was 1991/2

    Over the oncoming years, more and more and more, bogus refugees have arrived to loot the Finns and kive off of the Finnish taxpayers, all supported by these left brainwashed traitors to Finland, feminists, Marxists, American left-wing professors also held post at Helsinki university, I know the names of them, I knew them!!

    Finland today, now is a violent dangerous country, especially Helsinki after dark, and in the suburbs of Jackomaki, Myrrimaki, Kontola, the eastern suburbs us where they mostly dump the invaders, ita-keskus, muslim Somali gangs, who roam the metro, robbing, terrorising citizens, a climate of fear!

    There are huge Somali muslim organised gangs in Helsinki, drug dealing, mafias.

    I prey this new Finnish woman becomes president, get Finland OUT!!! Of the EUssr nazi clutches, arrest Junker, Merkel, Schultz, May, free finland from the EUssr!!!! Now

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