Woman Stabbed in the Neck for Refusing Migrant’s Advances

At a bar in Germany a young woman spurned the attempts of a Kenyan culture-enricher to woo her. Her rejected suitor did not take kindly to her cold-heartedness, so he stabbed her in the neck in retribution.

When this story first came out a few days ago, I was unable to find any additional information on it. There seemed to be almost no news stories about it, even in German. This brief video is all I know about it.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:51   The people,
00:56   meaning the victim and her partner and also the suspect, were all in the bar,
01:01   very probably to celebrate. That’s where the attempts to get close to her happened,
01:06   where the women, especially one woman, couldn’t defend herself against them.
01:11   They then left the bar, the perpetrator followed them, and then — on the street — they probably had
01:16   a discussion, a fight, which then resulted in the man
01:21   stabbing the 21-year-old [woman] with a sharp object in her neck.
01:31   He’s a 17-year-old Kenyan,
01:36   but his alleged age still needs to be verified, and
01:41   17 years old seems rather dubious right now.
01:46   Since the woman had a stab wound
01:51   in her neck, she was taken care of at first by an emergency doctor and crew,
01:56   and then she was brought into a hospital where she underwent emergency surgery,
02:01   and in the meantime we can say that her life is no longer in any danger.

14 thoughts on “Woman Stabbed in the Neck for Refusing Migrant’s Advances

  1. Horror, what that Merkel did to this country, it’s absolutely outrageous, that was the one of this poor black refugees who suffer in Lybia and want better life in Europe reaping and stubbing people ????, now You people have it for helping this savages!!!, it will be worse I promise, Tgry should send them Salk back where they belong not be sooooo naive to put Europeans in great danger,,, stupidity with no borders

  2. And best part , no news about this horrible crime , everything is cover and brainwashed, where is this country heading???..

  3. https://news.google.com/news/story/dyQs-LlZ3yY1o3Mfp6-sjOP0QEioM?ned=de&hl=de&gl=DE

    I am the last to say that the German globalist media report accurately if at all on the colonists’ crimes against the white Indigenous during the hijra.

    However, the above link at ca. 1 am German time on 6.12.2017 shows that 2 German national publications,. Die Welt and Focus, obtainable at any newspaper stall, and 2 regional papers did report on this cultural enrichment in Celle, Lower Saxony.

    They state that the enricher was from Guinea, not Kenya.

  4. I think the last sentence should have been clarified to be in any danger from her wound. I assume she still lives there.

  5. Once again, we are forced to endure Islam’s notion of chauvinistic, male privilege without a peep from Europe’s unbearable over-empowered Feminists.

    After passing through the upcoming Islamic “bottleneck”, I dread to think just how many of these supposed Feminists will find themselves (gratefully) barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the proverbial stove by a generation or two of (surviving) European men who’ve had bloody their fill of squalling Liberal wimmenfolk that just don’t get it.

    As someone who has always supported gender equality, such an outcome will elicit exactly ZERO sympathy from me. Über-Liberal European women (e.g., Angela Merkel et al) and their emasculated water-carriers have brought The Continent to its knees. All of them have no political, philosophical or religious refuge under which to shelter for this heinous betrayal of hard-won Western Civilization.

    The lot of them cannot rot in hell soon enough.

    • There were a lot of very good responses to this article, but in all seriousness, I think yours is the best.

      • There were a lot of very good responses to this article, but in all seriousness, I think yours is the best.

        Thank you so very much, Ben. Yours is praise from the praiseworthy and means one helluva lot.

        All the best,


  6. Above “Reconquista” reported already two news articles; I saw the ‘CE’ on the numberplate of the SAR-van, which would be Celle, not far from Hannover. Right: here are messages by the police:


    The policeman says “Guineer” where the `G’ in German is spoken
    similar to a `K’ and which the translator seems to have misunderstood for “Kenianer” (Indeed, i myself was prepared by the subtext to hear Kenianer and first thought the policeman had some trouble to prounce it correctly, both words are a little strange for a German tongue.)

    • It wasn’t the translator — Kenya is what the RT original said, so we went with that. At least one of the German-language stories also said “Kenia”.

    • no, not too strange! The “G” is pronounced like in to get, or in “give”. Or in Guinea. Thanks for your attention.

  7. But before Germanistan go[es] to Hell, you must not forget that this is The Road to Hell, as Chris Rea would say :)) You [redacted. Violations of commenting rules] will disappear as a nation…
    [redacted for extreme incivility]

  8. None of the 3 Guineas is at war, so we have not a refugee. Kenya is neither at war.
    What is that animal doing in Germany?
    Who paid his trip?
    … 🙁

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