The Multiculturalization of Eastern Europe

In the title of this post I refer to “multiculturalization” rather than “Islamization”, because Islam is just one of demolition tools chosen by the trans-national elites to deconstruct Western nations and cultures. Flooding the USA with illiterate Central Americans, for example, is another preferred method. In Europe, gypsies and non-Muslim Africans are always useful additions to the pool of “refugees” pouring into Europe. As an alternative to migration strategies, handy demolition tools include Pride parades, homosexual marriage, demands for transgender rights, and other initiatives designed to mainstream perversion and weaken traditional culture.

Our Romanian correspondent cxt sent this note about a Soros-funded effort to deconstruct Romania:

A video meant to promote the hundredth anniversary of the union of the Romanian regions features a black woman wearing a Romanian national costume walking around London. The video project was realized with the financial support of the Culture Ministry and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

Following negative reactions, the video was removed, but a copy is available on YouTube.

I passed the link on to participants in a skype group that includes Central and Eastern Europeans. It prompted a discussion between our Romanian correspondent Stefan Cel Mare and our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare. An excerpt is reproduced below:

Stefan Cel Mare:   The video was produced by ICR (Institute for Romanian Culture), and this is funded by Soros. The video was removed very quickly, and generated a war in Romania. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had agreed on the project, but they didn’t knew about the movie. Romanians are [dumping] on the Facebook page of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An investigation has been started regarding this.

Many people are talking about the $18 billion injected into Eastern Europe — looks like a few millions have been injected into Romania.

Romanians on YouTube and Facebook are saying : “You are all paid by Soros… What were you thinking of, using a crow to present traditional Romanian costumes? We have beautiful girls — and you selected an ugly crow.”

And imagine — those pages are not suspended or blocked. There are extreme racist messages, and nobody is blocking this.

Salut cxt… am inteles ca esti romanca… in Romania 🙂

They are pushing it, and I think I know why. They need to build a negative image of Eastern Europe. And when the West sees how savage Eastern Europeans are, then they will not care so much if actions are taken against the East.

CrossWare:   Seems like the Soros soldiers are busy screwing with Romania, too. You are spot-on, demonization…
Stefan Cel Mare:   But I really don’t know what they are thinking or plan to achieve? It was only logical that by doing this, you would have a massive attack against it.
CrossWare:   For a NATO hit against the barbarian Eastern Europeans.
Stefan Cel Mare:   NATO will not hit East… rather West. This is why the EU wants its own army.
CrossWare:   I think the banker elite is rushing things. Events are not happening according to plan; they improvise, and are making mistakes.
Stefan Cel Mare:   It is like presenting a cannibal from the Amazon making Magyar goulash using a Magyar woman.
CrossWare:   An EU army, loaded with Muslims.

No, I understand. They are screwing with you guys.

Stefan Cel Mare:   They are [dumping] on all of us… all of us with a functional brain.
CrossWare:   EXACTLY! Provoking us to lose our cool and respond to their provocation.
Stefan Cel Mare:   I am sure in the near future we will see these kinds of provocations regarding all Eastern European nations. They try to provoke aggressive reactions, so they can present the barbarians of the East. So… hold on tight and watch the ride.

They can do a lot of dirty things with $18 billion.

And while we are busy with this kind of garbage, something bigger is happening. And we are busy, so not paying attention. I just wonder, what can this be?

CrossWare:   I have the feeling we will find out sooner rather than later. Hungary will have an election in April2018. For now it looks like a sure Fidesz [Viktor Orbán’s party] victory.
Stefan Cel Mare:   If they use the “standard” method, they will start with other Eastern Europeans. They will study the reactions to different stimuli, and they will use only the most effective against the Magyars, before the elections. And they will repeat the technique with all of us.

They will use something to provoke very aggressive reactions from the Magyars, and then they will start asking international community and institutions to take actions against them.

Something coincidental: the leader of the Romanian party leading the government, is under attack from OLAF, the European anti-fraud commission. Yes, the guy is dirty; the guy is corrupt — but why right now? He was actually supported not long ago by Juncker… And now, after he started meeting with Hungarian leaders, Juncker doesn’t love him any more? Now, when he declared that West should keep the refugees for themselves, he is corrupt? He has been corrupt for many years, with EU complicity.

I am sure Orbán will have some EU corruption-hunters on his neck. He did some stupid things in the past, and this is why the “bosses” will use this before the elections, I am sure… they didn’t hook him until now because they want him hunted before the elections.

Corrupt people are also promoted in Austria, Germany and Denmark in not so high (for the moment) positions. The EU bosses know the weakness of those people, and they are going to be useful tools when they get into top positions. Austria and Germany are also starting to have corruption at the street level, small-scale corruption. I’ve also heard that in Austria and Germany you can bribe police. This is the beginning of all bad things — I remember Romania after 1990.

52 thoughts on “The Multiculturalization of Eastern Europe

  1. “..Pride parades, homosexual marriage, demands for transgender rights, and other initiatives designed to mainstream perversion and weaken traditional culture.”

    And what is “perversion”?
    In which sense is it defined – Biblical? Koranic? Both?

    Does “traditional culture” include outlawing homosexuality?
    If yes, what punishment for same-sex relationships should be?

    Anyway, it’s definitely not my culture.

    In Britain, the two leading counter-jihadi figures – Douglas Murray and Anne Marie Waters – are gays.
    Two among six, there are four more – Paul Weston, Tommy, Pat Condell and Katie Hopkins.

    In AfD, both high profile female politicians are lesbians. They don’t like each other though. They have choices. 🙂 It’s freedom, – you do what you like, while not harming others.

    • I’m referring to compulsory approval of perversion — when people who refuse to celebrate homosexuality, or who disapprove of homosexual marriage, or who use the wrong “gender” pronouns, may be fired from their jobs, or face charges in court, or both.

      That’s hardly “freedom”.

      • certainly not.
        this is promotion of modern shamanism. or rather postmodern.

        BTW in my institutes, and they are quite high-rank science hubs, I simply ignore all these “compulsory” indoctrination events, like “unconscious bias” lectures etc.
        I don’t think they can punish for that openly, it would be illegal.

        nevertheless, “perversion” between two or more consentual adults, is fiction.

        • Almost.

          Fiction, where it pretends to be truth, is perverse.

          The truth is that it is offensive and perverse to many to have this kind of consent displayed to them.

          Also, by not consenting to that display of consent, by your own definition, that display of consent becomes both real and perverse. Just because two consent, does not mean all others must accept that act of consent.

          “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew

          • “it is offensive and perverse to many”
            wow, what an argument!
            Mohammed cartoons come to mind.
            thanks for clarity.

          • Traditionally immoral, and changeable, LGBT behavior is contraindicated both in the Bible (Romans 1:27, Leviticus 18:22, etc) and by modern medical epidemiology…life expectancy for gays is 20 years less, their suicide rate is 14 times higher, they smoke 1.3 to 3 times more than the general population, become alcoholics 1.4 to 7 times more than straights, use illicit drugs many times more, experience depression more, comprise 76% of AIDS cases, and 45% of all new HIV infections at higher risk for lung, liver, throat & anal cancer, have more domestic verbal & physical abuse…all of which proves the Bible is right:
            sodomy is an abomination.

            There is a positive correlation between the degree to which modern “political correctness” celebrates queerness, and the depth of decadence to which we’ve sunk.

      • The Christian cannot take revenge or matters into his own hands as that is Yah’s property. However, neither can the Christian endorse the lifestyle as the bible, both OT and NT specifically proscribes the behavior and the lifestyle.
        The globalists know that we cannot take the violent initiative or work to constrain the ‘freedoms’ of these people. They also know that we cannot endorse their lifestyle either, and that is where they have us. I was expelled from college for refusing to write to their pre-determined thesis outcome that would support and give tacit endorsement to the new global lifestyle. That was six years ago and it has only become better since.
        The Elite know how to play to our baser instincts as they regard us a two-legged animals who haven’t completely evolved. this is their Step One in replacing us. Step two is DNA Crisp-R technology.

        • I do not think exactly the same way. In the Bible Gods sometimes allow Their descendants (sons and daughters) take matters into their (Gods’ sons and daughters) hands. Read Esther. If you are or even someone else is attacked by a burglar or anyone else, you have the right to take matters into your own hands. If you are not allowed (and imagine you’re a policeman), then how can the order be maintained? Hence, we are allowed to take matters into our own hands. It’s biblical.

          • What I was referring to was the difference between acting in advance and acting in response.
            In the case of the burglar, attacker, rapist etc. it is my duty to defend my household, to the death if need be. Paul said as much when he called out those who would not provide for their own household.
            In the case of Esther, it was prayer and fasting before the Lord that opened the door to the King’s favor and allowed the proclamation to be made that gave the Jews the permission to defend themselves. If you study Haaman’s ancestry you will find that he was an Agagite and was the product of King Saul’s disobedience. (1 Samuel)
            Still in all we are allowed to defend ourselves and our households but we are not allowed to take the initiative. That is YAH’s property. Besides, this fallen excuse for this world is not our home, and for that I am truly thankful.
            Joyful Thanksgiving Day to one and all.

    • I think about gays and other uncertain gender persons as having a brain or sexual affection. Or both. There are no 2 types of normality. So, I do understand and accept this fact, I do consider the affected persons as capable of intelectual performance. But I can’t consider them the line of gender normality.
      There are studies about, and the neuroscience confirm the fact than there is anomalous brain development in this cases.
      The bible , NT, does not tell us to kill them, but to avoid the sin. And this is actually correct to do. Biologically and socially.
      I have gay neighbours. I consider them normal persons with neuronal affection. We can try to find a cure to this, not to transform all human kind into this.

      • Very nice, let us continue.

        Blacks are normal persons with dark skin affection.
        We can try to find a cure to black skin.

        Jews are normal persons with semitic affection.
        We can try to find a cure to jewishness.

        Don’t know how you, but I would like to see people working to find cure to real diseases – cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular, etc., but not to “biblical sin” chimeras.
        And I don’t care if some of those who will succeed in that, are gays, blacks, jews or redheads.

        • Hello mr AY

          So, to bring it to you a little clearer:

          Romania had 60 years of indoctrination and terror.

          Romania did not have food, heat, warm water, freedom of speech and real life for almost 55 years.

          Romanians where decimated firstly intellectually then materially and made to live in atrocious conditions.

          So mister ay ( I will not use upper case because I do not respect your opinions enoug to do that),to come on this site and please that we are anti gay and anti blacks and anti anti somethig or other I would tell you just to [depart hence]

          I lived in those times in which ther where given one liter of milk per family and one loaf of bread and in the stores we had just frozen crabs 🦀 yes that one .

          The hot water was 1 hour a day and we had to sleep with gloves in the night to make sure we woke up in the morning healthy …

          Romania lost millions of intelligent people afte the war when the communists sets killed the intellectuality and the rich ( that mind you had schools) , lost thousands before the revolution through defection ( those where brave people , intelligent and with initiative .

          Romania lost millions of people after the revolution when Out of desperation people left all behind.

          Romania is struggling , they are my people, so be careful what you say in here,,, you may get in trouble .

          What do you want?

          You want us to jump and hug people that [engage in deviant sexual practices] that have no role in the perpetuation of the species , actually that have only a role in perpetuating AIDS ?

          What is so great about admiring gays?

          I know gays, I work and talk with them every day.I tolerate them and do well by them like I do well for all humans … but respect and consideration I don’t have.

          They are diseased people that existed all the time in humanity, many times in a refulated way…because of fear.

          Now they can express themselves… ok why do I have to like them?

          Why Romanians have to like them?

          We don’t , we come from a culture that is not accepting them so they just can stay low or move out of Romania.

          An probably you should invite them in your compound and keep them close to your … […] if you like them sooo much.

          Like the [expletive] muslims we don’t need those either …

          So yes someone had to [take issue with what you said].

          C’mon I am waiting for your [deprecated] reply.

          Amaze me.

          • Are you sure all these Communists who treated people like cattle for dozens of years in Romania and other Eastern Block states, – all these Communists were gays?
            If not, why do you mention this?

            I will tell you even more – gays were actually persecuted by both Communist and Nazi dictatorships.

            Gays were, and are persecuted by Islam today.

            Keep this company if you wish.
            Keep insulting and threatening your opponents.
            Keep talking on behalf of “we people”.
            Keep demanding to “stay low” from someone who haven’t broken any laws.
            Keep calling object of your prejudice “a disease”. That is exactly what jihadis do.

          • well AY, I see that you consider Gays the eternal victims of disgust and ridicule, so let me ask you a question: Do you know why children attack disabled or deformed children in their collective?

            It has a lot to do with survival of the fittest…

        • AY…in every thing is a balance…a point of normality.
          When you destroy the balance, you are heading to extinction.
          Blacks are blacks..there is no cure needed, as the skin is not an accidental modified genetic information of white, yellow or red skinned race. There are actually genetic accidents…albino children in black families. Usually they are killed….and you as white (if) don’t need a cure to become black or yellow.
          Probably is hard for you to understand genetics. Probably is hard for you to understand what means normal.
          There are people working to find cure to many clinical and genetic affections.
          Until I read/find information about normality regarding genetic accidents producing neuronal accidents, I consider my self normal and the absolute majority as unit measure for normality. And I suggest to not try to force normal people to accept your lie as truth.. See Ceausescu’s end.

        • AY…communism is atheism as highest level. The most criminal minds of all times were atheist. And it is also genetically and logically wrong. Why do you want to kill my god ? Do you think god is an old man with long beard sitting on a cloud and writing in the book of sins when we drive on red at traffic lights ?
          Or do you accept the possibility of an entity so advance that can create or set a system in order to develop and perpetuate his own race ?
          What is more logical to you ?

        • Mmm – for a start, you both mean “affliction” (or possibly “infection”?) – you definitely don’t mean “affection”, though of course homosexual desire may be a form of affection.
          Maybe we should just split the difference, and agree that for many of those in homosexual relationships, it is just an “affectation” ? – a willingness to have a same-sex relationship , not because they are genuinely homosexual, but because they are weak, silly, lacking in self-respect and vulnerable to being exploited by others.
          Weak men too scared to approach a woman accept being pressured into homosexual relationships for the security they can’t find in marriage, and vastly over-weight women turn to each other.
          Oh dear – have I just said something politically-incorrect ? I’m trying to feel all apologetic for pointing out the obvious, but it’s just not working….

        • Ah, the race card…it seems the new definition of “racist” is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

          But there are only 2 races. One is racing to Heaven. One is racing to hell. Both are thoroughly integrated…attributed to Pastor Ken Hampton, as noted by urbanvrwcmom @ wnd, Nov. 23, 2017.

      • Gee. Why would you do such futile thing as finding a cure for homosexuality which is a genetic aberration that can occur at random. Now, as far as progressive radicals go, who recognize infinite number of genders, there is already a medicine for stupidity in the making.

        • For AY
          gays were persecuted in communism as were we all. I remember in one summer they [would] ride in pairs and small cabins close to public swimming pools.
          They where arrested and jailed.
          Not too much of a news, many were jailed and silenced at that time.
          The point is they have to keep their behavior in check and keep their stupid hands down.
          So at least we can ignore them safely

    • The objective of cultural Marxism is to dissolve and destroy the culture and nationalism of the West. The cultural Marxists support any movement or rule that upends traditional or stable life.

      The importation of millions of people with values and practices completely different from our own is a glaring example.

      The point of flaunting homosexuality, or transgender practices, or allowing free access to bathrooms for persons of either sex, is to demoralize people, particularly children, and rob them of a sense of safety, stability and identity.

      I think it follows that the dominant mainstream culture promote practices consistent with its own identity. In other words, gays should remain in the closet, transgenders should use the bathroom of their natural gender, and atheists do not censor the public display of religious symbols.

      But, not giving rein to every public display is not the same as suppressing it. New York experienced the Stonewall riots in 1969 which were the result of police raids on a gay nightclub. I think we’ve evolved to the point where no one would support police action against people who are not forcing their lifestyle on someone else. You can have gay pride parades, but maybe not through the main downtown streets. If a transgender or cross-dresser can pull off a successful masquerade that he or she doesn’t draw attention, the police should focus on more important matters.

      What you don’t want is for gay activities to be forced into everyday life, or for obvious men to be in women’s restrooms. And a thousand dollars says once “transgenders” are taken at their word, specialized predators will take advantage of the laxity for procurement or just narcissistic reasons. In other words, people will make it obvious they are men dressed as women and go into women’s restrooms. And just one out of 10 or less is enough to completely disrupt the flow of normal life.

      So, the issue is cultural identity. A viable culture has the right to create a mainstream identity. Part of liberal Western thought is that people who don’t fit in not be persecuted, although they need not be celebrated either.

      This elides very nicely into the efforts of Eastern Europe to maintain its own culture. Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, or even those Muslims already living there are not persecuted and are protected, although they may not be able to dictate the public culture. There are restrictions which are empirical. Gypsies steal and commit petty and not-so-petty crime. Of course, it is in the interest of the Eastern Europeans to not allow in more people with different values or cultures.

    • I have lived almost 20 years in Western Canada, so I have seen plenty of pride celebration. But never seen anything like, what the happened in Budapest. A back of an open truck (float), gay guy dressed as a priest, was humping a bible. I am not religious with plenty of gay and lesbian friends, but I have never seen such blatant provocation and disrespectful behavior. Chech out Black Pigeon Speaks on YouTube:
      I believe, that’s not what gays really want or need, this is just a latest way if the Cultural Marxist elite to generate conflict.

      • Then you haven’t seen San Francisco pride parade with its transvestite nuns french kissing and gyrating. That is just the tamer stuff.

    • Perversion can be defined in biological terms. Sexual practices which are useless for procreation are perverted. Copulation between people of the same sex, copulation with dead bodies, copulation with sexually immature children, copulation of human beings with animals or inanimate objects – all this is abnormal. All these practices are not just useless for procreation but are psychologically and physiologically unhealthy, sometimes traumatising.

      The wish to engage in such practices is often a symptom of serious psychological or even psychiatric problems. A person who has such urges is never a well-balanced and harmonious individual. And the more he or she engages in them, the more unbalanced such an individual becomes.

      The same concerns transgenderism. A man who feels he is a woman or a woman who feels she is a man are as unhealthy as a man who feels he is a hippopotamus. This is a pathology and people suffering from it should seek counseling or a psychiatrist’s assistance.

      A civilisation that encourages such practices and feelings is doing great harm to itself. It undermines the family and childbirth, which leads to population aging and depopulation. It also undermines mental health of the people, by forcing them to accept pathology as the norm or even as something “good”. By blurring the natural difference between the sexes, it weakens and morally deforms both men and women.

      Such practices often become widespread and socially acceptable at the stage of decline of a civilisation. Ancient Rome, for example, when she was young, strictly prohibited homosexuality and regarded extended patriarchal family as the basis of society. But when she reached the stage of decline, sexual perversions, prostitution, and promiscuity became widespread. The same happened to the aristocracy and the intellectual class of the Russian Empire on the eve of the 1917 revolution and to the Weimar Republic on the eve of Hitler’s rise to power.

    • Thank you Choderlos; I am both British and English, and I am quite fond of the old place myself.

    • what is written there: “democracy and human rights programming”.
      “Against Orban, Patriots” is your words.
      article implies that, too, but the text itself is quite vague.

      the matter is, mr Putin conducts undeclared hybrid war against West.
      one of Putin’s goals is to dissolve EU and NATO.

      if US won’t support independent media in Europe, then it will be taken by Russians, to further undermine West.
      They do it everywhere.
      just look at “Daily Express” – not a single critical word against Putin, never. And casual headlines like “Russia orders US army to withdraw from Syria”.

      BTW any article that mentions “Soros”, causes nothing but smile.
      Sourons, Plague of Humanity, only a bit resembling red herring.

      • Yes. Those outrageous truths from the Russian media should be banned. Only the western propaganda industrial complex should decide what is to be publish, and reach the sensitive eyes of the peeps. If the trickle from the Russian media can overpower the torrent from western media, then something is out of kilter in the west. You can surely see it, unless you are trolling.

      • Soros just came out of the woodwork and admitted his role…

        George Soros is a sociopath but he is also just a henchman. Good old George has a wrecking company, but he is not pressing cars into boxes or use a giant metal ball to clear out old buildings… no, George has a wrecking company to clear out whole nations, regions or even a full continent. Just like a hacker infects and hijacks hundreds and thousands computers, he hijacked human rights organizations and also created, supported many fake ones. And just like a hacker selling his zombie computer network for the highest bidder to attack web sites or spam millions, George’s zombie-organizations attacking anyone in the way of their plans. Of course Soros himself also enjoys power and fishing in the chaos, but primarily he is just a tool in other’s hands..

        • you should try writing scenaria for James Bond movies.

          although, Mr. Soros enterprises definitely lack one important component of true evil – they are absolutely non-violent.

          he may be conman and poster boy for Western useful idiocy, but he is no comparison with fierce hostility and hegemony of jihadis and Putin, who are the masters of real mafia, real tyranny, and real violence.

          • Soros’ organisations may be ‘non-violent’ but that is not their role. Their role as I see it is to create conditions under which traditional civilisation must crumble, and to render opposition to this impossible.

        • Hi CrossWare,

          It’s always good to see your opinion.

          But in this case, you’re saying that Soros is a puppet for organizational geniuses in the shadows. I’m wondering why not accept that Soros sets his own, evil agenda. Consider that Soros is one magnitude richer than Trump. Trump has 3 or 4 billion dollars, Soros has about 25 billion, roughly 10 times what Trump has. The technology magnates like Jeff Brazos have 200 or so billion dollars, again one magnitude wealthier than Soros. So, it seems to me that once you get a certain amount of money, it is personality rather than wealth that determines how you speak out. Soros has a great deal of influence, stemming from both his definite, though evil, philosophy, and his cunning use of his fortune.

          Let’s recall that Soros does make a tidy profit from the financial chaos his manipulations cause. I don’t know if his motivation is to increase his wealth, or he is simply an evil genius who is able to take advantage of the conditions his social philosophy creates. I suspect the latter. Soros is comfortable with destruction and dissolution in general. It’s not like one part of his nature (financial genius) ignores another part (evil cultural Marxist).

          The general problem is that the increasing consolidation of nations and financial markets gives increasing power to people like Soros, whose genius is in financial manipulation and bureaucratic organization. Soros is by no means alone, but I accept he is his own man as far as what he does.

          What probably sticks in both our craws is that Soros is able to maintain a dual citizenship, US and Hungarian, which gives him some immunity which he would not have as an alien. In fact, Soros is an alien to virtually any nation, but our adherence to the rules of law gives us both our strength and our vulnerability.

          • Soros the Crappy Unicorn.

            all that hysteria pursues usually three goals:

            – to measure the reaction of clients to the next input.
            how ripe are they?

            – to promote “correct” heroic myth. Orban dares to fight Soros, Orban is the Knight in Shining Armour.

            – to divert attention.
            people who discuss Soros, don’t discuss Putin.

            before, these were Confederate statues, Trump tweets, Charlottesville provocation, BLM, – whatever confuses and mentally paralyzes “ze pipal”.
            those who are disoriented, will like simple explanations on the most important topic – what is good for them.
            and here we have the whole box of little boxes.

    • The attack on Poland after the Independence Day March two weeks ago is another example of the attempt to demonize Eastern Europeans. An article in the Jewish magazine, The Forward, was published afterwards by a hysterical Fulbright “Scholar” (U.S. State Dept. funded) from New York (the second such person [Fulbright/NY/Anti-Polish] I’ve met here in as many years), who claimed that he was so scared that anti-Semites were going to get him that he turned off all of the lights in his apartment in Warsaw and hid in the bathroom. Couple this with crazy proclamations that “60,000 fascists” marched in Warsaw, by CNN, the NYT and Daily Mail, and disinformation such as a photo of a sign reading “pray for an Islamic holocaust” broadcast widely, which turned out to have been from a different city, two years ago and of unknown origin.

  2. Yeah. It’s kind of the ultimate hypocrisy. The US media and politicos are doing backflips over some Russian Facebook ads, but the US is massively interfering in Hungarian elections. Trump the candidate versus Trump the President. If Trump were an academic, I could understand his blind spot on picking subordinates who do not support his vision, but as a businessman, he knew all the sub-managers had to be on board with the corporate vision.

  3. Well, let me put it out there.

    Sex between 2 people who are not consenting adults of the opposite sex is unnatural and disgusting.

    This is an inbuilt automatic and instinctual evolutionary response that ensures the perpetuation of the human race.

    The vast majority of people are normal heterosexuals and thus their instinctive natural response is revulsion.

    But their socially conditioned response is to pretend it’s all A-okay in order to be P.C and keep their jobs.

    Now I don’t hate homosexuals. I do think that homosexuals are mentally ill. But I do not hate any category of mentally ill people. That is illogical.

    But I don’t want to see gay people performing obscene acts in public , and that includes kissing.

    I don’t particularly like to see heterosexual people kissing in public either.It’s just embarrassing. Show me some consideration, restrain yourselves until you can get a room.

    As for gay marriage that turns my stomach. Live together if you like, but don’t expect me to accord it any token of respect or acceptance. And keep your displays of unnatural attraction, private instead of causing me to lose my lunch.

    I don’t expect you to publicly endorse my sex life, don’t expect me to endorse your homosexual sex life as it is anti-social, perverted and flies in the face of nature.

    Smoking is anti-social and wrong, but no-one tells me to celebrate, accept and endorse the lifestyle of smokers.
    I avoid them where possible. Similarly, it should be my right to avoid the company of any homosexuals should I find them to be insulting, ill-mannered, spiteful, obscene, overbearing, egocentric, domineering and narcissistic.

    I don’t dislike all homosexuals. Here in Ozz quite a few homosexuals were horrified at the idea of gay marriage and saw it as a means of rubbing the face of the heterosexual majority in a pile of dog poo.And in sympathy with the heterosexual majority, some homosexuals came out publicly saying they were against it. They were vilified by spiteful raging queens who were out to punish heterosexuals for not being attracted to them.They received deaths threats and were slandered as homophobes.

    All too often though homosexuals expect to be pandered to.They play the homosexual card the way minorities play the race card, demanding to be given special treatment.

    I’m over it. The race card and the sexual minority card have both been overused in case after case of massive overreach.

    Both categories have squandered all the goodwill they ever enjoyed, and believe me they have enjoyed plenty.

    I have immense sympathy for the very small fraction of the population who are born with morphologically ambiguous genitalia, who as newborns must undergo genetic testing to reveal their gender.

    But I have zero sympathy for science projects like Kaitlyn Jenner who was born with a fully functioning distinctly male set of genitalia and tries to get people to treat her as a woman. She is not a woman. She is mentally ill.

    The mentally ill who believe that they are variously Napoleon, a motorbike, Superman, a man in a woman’s body, need treatment. They do not need socially-sanctioned positive reinforcement of their demonstrably false, demonstrably dangerous delusions and hallucinations.

    • Sorry about the typo
      The sentence” And in sympathy with the heterosexual majority, some homosexuals came out publicly saying they were against it”; should read

      “And in sympathy with the heterosexual majority, some homosexuals came out publicly saying they were against it”.

      • Well written, Shelagh. We understand. I’m unsure about the mental illness bit. A puzzle: Say you are correct about the mental illness. Why should anyone with any type of illness always be in one political persuasion? Aren’t most LGBT’s liberal? This is like saying that someone with a renal cell carcinoma is always going to be conservative, or someone with COPD is always going to be a communist. But I don’t believe gayness or whatever is a belief system either. Say it starts in utero because if some chemistry in the amniotic fluid. Why should this also lead to a uniformity of political opinion? A mystery. Maybe the answer is that anyone who feels a victim in life is always going to be liberal? This means the Republicans will always win if we create a dynamite economy, and a great social milieu.!

        • Well perhaps there is an obvious connection between sexual deviance mental illness and voting Democrat.Kennedy being the primary exemplar of a Democratic presidential rapist ,though Clinton comes a close second..(Forcing yourself on unwilling women i.e rape is a form of sexual deviance in my opinion)

    • Let me rewrite part of your post:

      But I have zero sympathy for science projects like ‘Kaitlyn’ Jenner who was born with a fully functioning distinctly male set of genitalia and tries to get people to treat him as a woman. He is not a woman. He is mentally ill.

      You unconsciously fell for the PC speech pattern, which shows how pervasive it is.

  4. Oh dear! It’s been said here before, probably by yours truly: recent research indicates that homosexuality, and transgenderism, are caused by too much, or too little, testosterone in utero. If this is a problem for you, blame the Creator, not the victims.

    (Which is not to say that I want them in my face, so to speak).

    • well gays are considered evil by everyone here, rather than “victims”.

      I can understand that attitude from Archaic people, for whom slightest dilution of big-balls masculinity meant mortal dange to the beloved tribe.

      I can understand that from citizen of former USSR, for whom entering GULAG meant first thing first, homosexual rape by criminals. And where 50% of everyday free life was GULAG as well. Present day Russia inherited that in full.

      I don’t understand that from modern free Westerners, at all.
      Have homosexuals stolen candy from you? or owe you a buck?
      Or are they so many, that you have difficulties walking?
      I live 25 years in the West, changed four countries, met only one.
      You won’t believe, – I had uneasy moment, but he didn’t bite me.
      Is it in any sense comparable with real evil of Islam?

      • AY, if you sincerely want to learn about the dangers of organized LGBT perverts, read “The Pink Swastika”, subtitled, “Homosexuality In the Nazi Party”, by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams. Did you know that the Nazi Party first formed in a Munich gay bar?

        Some of the chapter titles:
        “The Homosexual Roots of the Nazi Party”
        “The Nazi Hatred of Judeo-Christian Morality”
        “The Homosexualization of America”

        This book demonstrates how the “real evil of Islam” ties in with the evil of “gay” militancy. Did you know that the leaders of the 9/11 terrorists, including Mohamed Atta, were reported to be homosexuals? Notice the Orlando Muslim terrorist gay-bar shooter’s orientation?

        Haj Amin Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem helped Hitler by carrying out anti-Jewish riots, organized pro-Nazi Muslims, including a SS unit in Bosnia, received the honorary rank of SS Major from Hitler, and was the uncle of terrorist leader Yasir Arafat.

        Arafat’s homosexuality was widely acknowledged since at least 1976. Common cause still exists between Islamists & Nazis. Both celebrated 9/11. Both hate Judeo-Christian morality. Hyer-masculine elements of both groups share a common homo-erotic spirit, which can be seen woven throughout the history of post-Hitler fascism as well.

        • you mix irrelevant with unlikely.
          “Homosexual Roots of Reptiloids”.

          Who cares about gays who are tiny fraction of population, secluded and nonviolent, and have only one political ambition, not to be persecuted? Same as Orthodox Jews.

          Casual nihilism of modern white “trash” Westerners is far more damaging.

          • Self-identified lesbian, Gertrude Stein, felt that Hitler should have received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937. Similarly, Neville Chamberlain thought Hitler could be bribed to honor peace with the 1938 Munich agreement, the prize being Czechoslovakia. But “peace in our time” only cleared the way for homo Hitler’s & godless Stalin’s invasion of Christian Poland.

            History shows that militant “gay” efforts are often quite non-peaceful. Nazi victims show that bribery never satisfies extortionists; they always come back for more. Would NAMBLA have been allowed in colonial times? Is it good that Boy Scouts must allow homo leaders? Each capitulation of American society to “gay” demands draws increasing demands. Do you think Christian bakers should be forced to make cakes celebrating sodomy?

            The image of the “gay” movement that lefty elites want us commoners to have, that they are victims, is false. Examination of facts, such as in “the Pink Swastika”, show the association of homosexuality with personal and societal dysfunction and VIOLENCE.

            As disproportionate number of serial killers are “gay”. Remember John Wayne Gacy, homosexual who murdered 33 young men & boys and buried them in his basement? Juan Corona, homosexual who murdered 25 male migrant workers? Jeffrey Dahmer, child molester & homosexual, active in gay rights, who murdered and ate 17 young men & boys? Thomas Hamilton of Dunblane, Scotland, obsessed with boys, kicked out of Boy Scouts in 1974 for “possibly improper behavior”, branded a “pervert”, took revenge against the town of Dunblane by murdering 16 children at an elementary school in 1996, resulting in Britain’s banning of all handguns?

            Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, infamous murderers of 15 at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado, who committed suicide, were homosexual, and they launched their killing spree on Hitler’s birthday, April 20.

            We are reaping the destructive consequences of having embraced the “gay” ethic of sexual license, just as Germany did. We need to repent and turn back to Christ.

  5. Not only that, Stefan cel Mare.
    Remember the voting for the “logo” of the 100 years of unified Romania in 2018? While we ( the people) were voting on it on-line, the project with the most votes (over 80%) was the one which sounded something like: ” Romania is HOME, 100 years” and was represented by the drawing of a house.
    But when the voting period ended, the logo which was declared winner was another one: “We celebrate together 100 years”.
    The former one was more difficult for a newly arrived migrant to be believable as adhering to (because Romania is obviously NOT his/her home), while the latter/chosen one seems like any stranger invited to Romania could agree to.
    It was so obvious that they tweaked the on-line vote to suit the stealth pro-migrant agenda of this govt!
    2. This snippet from AFD should be translated on this site, be cause it’s very good. https: //
    Anybody know German?

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