French Patriots Confront Muslim Street Prayers in Paris

Large crowds of Muslims take over parts of public streets in Paris every Friday to conduct public prayers. Up until now, no one dared to confront them about this practice, not even the police — despite the fact that street prayer is very much illegal in France under the laws on secularism (laïcité).

A group of patriots recently decided to change all this, and took to the street during Friday prayers to conduct a vocal demonstration against what was occurring directly in front of them.

Many thanks to Ava Lon and Vlad Tepes for this joint production:

41 thoughts on “French Patriots Confront Muslim Street Prayers in Paris

  1. I thought that if a woman walks in front of a praying Muslim his prayer is negated and he must start again. No sign of that here where several women walk in front of the praying crowd of all males. Could it be that the supremacist aim of these ostentatious public prayers trumps Islam’s other rules? If so, that’s a strong indicator of their real purpose.

    • Supposedly it is offensive for any infidel to cross between a praying Muslim and Mecca.

      However, they may know we know this, and are not reacting because they don’t want to give the infidel their desired reaction.

  2. one needs to bring their high power loudspeakers, direct from all sides and turn on.
    Saxon “Crusader”, Al Stewart “Constantinople”, Iron Maiden’s Churchill speech and so on. can do “Imagine” too, but only if very loud.


      is quite good, just enough melody to not be able to ignore it, but harmless enough. There is a black metal version but it is more an insult to the anthem I think.

      Anyway, it takes a kind of courage and humility to do what the protestors did….reminds me somehow of a not so courageous and humble encounter I once had, with a friend, in the ME…Mad Max fancy dress party and we decided to do a tour by foot outside to see the effect of our costumes…. cars on the main road pulled in immediately , locals got out shouting and started stoning us. We pegged it across rough ground. Not clever.

    • These are not “patriots.” They are secularists. The very people who are the reason these muslim heathens are mumbling in the public square to begin with. They have already lost. The French sealed their fate with their masonic revolution and the reign of terror. This video is just the natural consequences of French stupidity, French apostasy, and French cowardice. Reap it.

      • Well, your assessment is a little off its mark. If those protesting Patriots had not taken to display the Tricolor, then I would accept your criticism.

  3. If you are in Paris, please support this initiative by the mayor of Clichy, Rémi Muzeau, to protest this totally illegal invasion of Paris’s streets this coming Friday:

    “The Clichy Town Hall is organising a rally of elected officials against street prayers.

    It has been several weeks since the mayor of Clichy, Rémi Muzeau (LR), is considering an action against the street prayers held every Friday in front of the town hall. The date of November 10 was fixed before the holidays. And the city council has invited all the mayors and parliamentarians of the Ile-de-France to join this initiative. “We want to challenge the public authorities with a Republican mobilisation of elected officials”, he says. “Residents and traders are exasperated. The situation can not last anymore. ”

    The city council today asks the state “to enforce the law and to prohibit the illegal occupation of the public domain”. ”

  4. It seems to me that the way that this should be dealt with is by the praying (braying?) crowd being ticketed for obstructing traffic and for loud noisemaking.

    I have seen, in places such as Jerusalem, Muslims (individually) praying on sidewalks and so on, out of personal devotion, as opposed to obstruction. They moved off to the side, were not obstructing traffic any more than other sidewalk users, and nobody seemed to mind. It’s a common – and mildly endearing – sight to see a construction worker using a piece of cardboard as a makeshift prayer mat.

    But this is different: it’s clearly a traffic obstruction, and noise pollution via loudspeakers, to the level of provocation, and needs to be dealt with.

    Good on these guys for drawing attention to it.

    Considering the numbers that turn out, it doesn’t look so encouraging, though.

  5. Good thing women were involved in it too, just needs a bigger number! Here’s hope in a few months the patriot crowd is gonna be bigger than the muslims. On a less positive note, it might take kicking them out of there to stop the meet.

  6. In the middle-east I have not seen prayers like that…around a full mosque possibly, but never blocking streets in an organized way, which speaks of countries where either the infrastructure is destroyed or Islam has not yet established and is making its presence felt.

    An anecdote, from when I did witness an organised street prayer:

    I was on a bus journey from Dubai to Muscat, it was an older common local kind, still acceptable for a bus. Gazing out the window going down a hill, and suddenly the bus swings from one side, then to another, a few bags fall, a few worried exclamations, and grinds into the desert. Brake failure, going into a roundabout.
    So there is a small commotion, and everyone climbs off, me grabbing my only luggage, a backpack.
    Well the next thing, all thirty or so people on board, form a well laid out group automatically and go to prayer to give thanks. All that is except me. I had already set off to find a taxi back, feeling not part of the pre-prayer atmosphere ( e.g. all seemed occupied in their behaviour) and it was quite touching to observe, as I looked back after walking fifty yards, the devotion and humility… BUT, I had this sudden picture of my disassociation, and for a moment I was the infidel, the black sheep ( nothing new there), responsible somehow for the mishap, shown for what I was and ejected from their midst, and that without a single accusing look on any of their part.

    • That comment was meant in reply to Mike. My mistake… I think….unless the comment system has decided to eject me also….hmmm.

  7. This is very sad to see. If the French govt. allows this, there is no hope for these patriots.

    When I was in Paris as a young thing in the 1990’s visiting a French girl we had hosted in our American family, the streets of Paris were already crowded with Africans and other non -European looking men. Back then, I was being followed and approached by Africans the first evening I walked alone in Paris. I left 2 days later, much earlier than planned. All I wanted to do was get the hell outta there, so I took a train to a friend in much more lily white Holland. Holland of course, is no longer a place one can escape to.

    Name one country that does not have a Muslim community. I cannot think of one.

    • I saw a vlog of a Japanese girl some months back and what she said about her visit to Paris: “I wanted to visit the city for so long, because it’s the symbol of romance in my favourite movies. But when I got on the streets, I thought I’ve landed somewhere in Africa by mistake. It didn’t feel like France at all.”

      Also there are plenty of countries in Europe that have so few muslims they’re not even statistically accountable (in my homeland, Czechia, it’s roughly 0,02%). While I agree that that’s still 0,02% too many, there are muslims in such countries as Japan too, it’s just that the Japanese police makes sure they get what they deserve, should they try to propagate their religion (political views really, it’s hardly a religion).

    • Portugal rates well there

      though there are some “progressives” around in power now e.g. attempting to build a mosque here

      The country is secular, to the point that some localities remove Christian symbolism even ( long history to that) , though Christianity is still the main religion. At social level it goes from communism, more socialism recently, and a fair share to the right. A recent survey I saw put Salazar as the most important influence to the country ( 60%), traditionalist and right wing in that sense hence.

      Junkier just stated Portugal deserved special EU attention, uh oh.

    • The “Visegrad Four” more or less are the countries in Europe you are asking for … We are now the West, as V. Orban rather wryly quipped the other day.

      Pride of having been born in one of those countries is sadly eclipsed by the fact that the West we were looking up to in the 70’s and 80’s may be now irreparably lost to barbarians – as my beloved Ancient Greeks aptly called them.

    • The USofA if I get my way.

      After a short stint as Emperor in Chief, I’ll return the Republic much improved and somewhat abbreviated.

      I promise.

      • Thanks everbody for your replies, as I thought almost no Western countries are w/out a muslim community. They’re simply everywhere now.

  8. In a diverse community, there is no unity of vision, the elections are very close, and ethnic blocs, should they choose to form, have disproportionate power to sway an election and influence politicians.

    The instinct of any politician, and police officials eventually become political, is to avoid scenes that could turn a bloc of voters against him, particularly in diverse polities. Any actions to shut down illegal Muslim victory prayers will immediately cause problems for any politician, making it not very surprising that they duck the issue if they can.


  9. A small protest beginning that hopefully grows. Can anyone explain to me why these muslims can’t pray at home? Seems to me it’s more an attempt to intimidate the authorities to giving them a building for a mosque. But if any other religious group tried to tie up a public place week after week, the Police would move them on. Special concessions for Islam it seems.

  10. Better yet, get the puerile man child, Macron, to tear himself away from
    His grandmother fixation, to insist that the Gendermerie CARRY OUT
    THE 2011 LAW banning this practice!!

  11. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, are the ones that come to mind, as far as limiting the numbers of Muslims. They are ALL getting the stink eye from the Comrades in Brussells, and are under heavy pressure, but Poland said “anything you can do to us would be easier to take than what would happen if we take Muslims”, to that effect.
    I give these brave men and women kudos. Those women are better men than most French men, and I mean no insult to the ladies, but do mean to insult the French men, who have shriveled gonads, if they ever had any.

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