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    The cruelest future perspective of all.

    Beware counterjihadists and all antiislamists — if the machines, that is Artificial Intelligence, is permitted to submit to islam, this planet will lose reason and rationallity and will be lost for all eternity; best to already now nuke Saudi Arabia.

    Henrik at Red Ice Radio takes a closer look at Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Future Investment Initiative that was held in Riyadh recently. Announced was an ambitious project, the creation of a new futuristic mega metropolis driven by Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

    Despite warnings, mankind will move forward to build AI but the question is who will control it? Are we ready to hand over control to those that simply can pay for it?

    Saudi Arabia’s push to “modernize” and move away from extremist Islam appears to be a front. The crown prince is most likely seeking these changes in Saudi Arabia for economic reasons, but also to look good in the eyes of Western liberal and Asian investors, entrepreneurs and creative minds that are eager to bring AI to life and build the future.

    The Saudis want to be at the forefront of Robotics and Biotechnology and with their massive Sovereign Wealth Fund they will be able to attain technology that will give them a massive advantage over many other countries. Should the Saudis and their allies be in control of the most powerful inventions that the world has ever seen? Many brilliant mind have warned that this new emerging technology is something that is MUCH worse than nuclear weapons.

    Saudis to Control World’s First Artificial Intelligence in Future City Neom, 1 nov. 2017, 10 495 visningar


    • I think you meant to write, “The Saudis will be paying scads of Western experts to try and develop a functioning AI.”

      The Ummah are largely hopeless when it comes to matters of technical innovation. They have zero major research universities, and nothing close to Silicon Valley.

    • That seems to be ahead of us: Each one gets what they want, so there is quite a strong possibility, that Islam will eventually get the western riches packed together with high technology. Imagine EU and the USA turning into islamic states, but with all that computer and nuclear power. No wonder the Bible prophecy ends with this world destroyed by fire 😉

      “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

      • Power of money is stupefying these days – but still We the People of the West have our destiny in our hands … which again brings the (rather hackneyed) quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” …

        I am oftentimes thinking about the scores of young strong men in their twenties going to WWII and dying on the beaches of Normandy: how unfair, cruel, irreversible, sad.

        I am not sure our generation is capable of such an ultimate sacrifice. But I am a rather old man having had my good times already … it is about the future 30-50 years during which the fate of the West will be decided and “rubber-stamped”.

    • Saudi Arabia is directly threatened by the rise of Iran so that’s why they’re playing niceity-nice-nice right now, going so far as to even get sort of friendly with Israel.

      I personally am not convinced Islam is the final “Beast” empire the Bible talks about but I do think they’re the reason people will be so willing to throw themselves at the false messiah. Look at what he would be saving the world from. I imagine many would be willing to do anything to get rid of that constant terror threat. Even the FBI now has said that Americans have to accept terrorism has the “price for diversity”. Of course, i want to know is who was wanting to buy that in the first place? Also, was he just admitting that foreigners really are inherently violent? And we’re the bigots. Right….

  2. Ha! That’s nothing. There’s one which is older which has a man in a Turban giving the one finger salute at the entrance. I have a photo…

  3. Some 27 years ago, we would play Prince of Persia on our 486 PC’s, and we would truly enjoy getting a Turkish honey or Kebab, and no one would be offended by a woman covered in the islamic style. Even in Pioneer, the communist version of the Boy Scouts, our camp played knights, while the next pioneer camp played mohhamedans, and we would fight to steal each other’s flag. No one was offended!

    No one would be offended by a playground like this, some 27 years ago. Because back then, these things were not forced down through our throats, and Mohhamedans and Persians were at the same level as Native Americans, black Africans, Borneo cannibals, Incas, Mayas, Aboriginees… Islam was not threatning, back then… How quickly can these things change!

  4. Yeah…everything started when WE discovered the oil underneath the land of satan…

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