Welcome to the Hotel Austria, Such a Lovely Place

Asylum seekers in Austria have been hard on their government-assigned accommodations. One hotel in Vienna suffered particularly extensive (and expensive) damages.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Kronen Zeitung:

Papers in the Ruins

Vienna Paid Millions: Asylum Hotel Totally Devastated

October 25, 2017

Beds and whole series of kitchen implements stolen, walls defaced: In only 17 months, asylum applicants caused €32,000 of damage in their quarters in the “Hotel Bianca” in Vienna’s Favoriten district. The Fonds Soziales Wien (FSW, Vienna Social Fund) financed the housing of 90 persons with €2 million and will now require repayment of tax moneys from the management. Interestingly, part of the bookkeeping was found in the ruins.

“Our system of controls functioned. We ended the contract with the private organization as early as June,” said Peter Hacker, head of FSW, confirming the payment since April 2016 of €2 million to the organization for the care of 75 to 90 asylum seekers. So the asylum hotel cost €117,647 per month or €3,921 per day.

“All Expenditures for the Refugees Must Be Confirmed”

The FSW will now demand a detailing of actual costs from the management of the organization. Peter Hacker: “All expenditures for the refugees must be confirmed by receipts.” If they are not, repayments will be due.

“Michael Jackson” was “Tired” in German Class

The private landlord also left a large portion of the record-keeping lying around in the devastated “Hotel Bianca” in Karmarsch Street in Favoriten. It includes documents evaluating the asylum seekers in the German course, with all the names. “Hamid W. inattentive, annoyed” or “Jafar R. constantly telephoning, sleepy” and Bahman A. not serious” or “Michael Jackson (!) tired, inattentive, absent” and so forth. There were also some complimentary evaluations: “Jamshid H. Is making progress” and “Ali Madad is diligent.”

Hacker also considers it unacceptable that the documentation on the asylum seekers is lying around in the open. “That is not good. I have never seen anything like that.”

Tips on Surviving When Someone is Running Amok

The Krone team looking around in the “Hotel Bianca” found another document: “A checklist for spontaneous actions in refugee housing” on two cards.

For their own protection, asylum applicant caretakers should react correctly in the event of the following “special incidents”: threats, physical injuries, bomb threats, melees of a threatening character, sexual violence and the finding of addictive substances.

The advised action in case of possible amok rampages in the asylum quarters: “Use any secure possibility of escape!! No attempts at rescue from directly endangered areas; lock yourself in.”


  • The erstwhile Hotel Bianca
  • Peter Hacker
  • Untitled heaps of rubbish
  • Traces of the destruction

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  1. I have just spent 3 hours on Austrian hotel websites trying to make up my mind about where to stay in Vienna.

    Since I can’t really ask the innkeeper: ” Is a refugee home on your block by chance”, I am having a hard time deciding!

      • Thanks, looking into it now! Do you know anyone there or do you just reccomend it since it’s in the 1st district?

    • Gretel: Just ASK! the right damm question? Why do people tippy-toe around the obvious in order to protect their own interest and their safety is beyond me. Just ASK! Please! Who cares what people say! Who cares what “they” have established as to what you can or can not say, with their tedious threat of calling it : “Anti Semitism” Just to keep you quiet and abuse you! Don’t heed to their control! Just say it and don’t give a [darn]! about who gets offended, Who cares! You keep safe, that’s what’s first! Not these Psychopaths.

    • Hope I’m not too late, but four years ago I had a comfortable stay in the Ibis Budget Wien Messe; five nights for 225 Euros, and discounted food and drinks in the regular Ibis next door. Actually, do you have space in your luggage?…

  2. “Michael Jackson”

    They are taking the money. They are taking the [micturation] (English expression for those not familiar).

    It can’t be too long before they start taking all the rest.

  3. Living it up at the Hotel Austria
    you can check in anytime you like
    but you can never leave
    (sorry couldn’t resist had to drop that line lol)

  4. They trash and treat with disdain (a) what they didn’t work for, (b) what was naively given out of appeasing charity and (c) involved the kuffar. These people have to live within a supremacist mindset because they constantly feel inferior and must play hardcore victim.

  5. This is how Scorpions live.

    The Third World loves Michael Jackson, so the false name is unsurprising.

    • The Third World loves Michael Jackson…

      A pedophilic, plastic surgery addicted, puberty-blocked, narcissist.

      Such a delightful role model for some of this world’s most impressionable and vulnerable neo-consumers. What could possibly go wrong?!?

  6. The private landlord also left a large portion of the record-keeping lying around in the devastated “Hotel Bianca” in Karmarsch Street in Favoriten.

    Erm … doesn’t that amount to something less than “Accepted Accounting Practices”?

    The “landlord” needs to share culpability with respect to whatever damages are involved.

  7. Everywhere these inbred mutants go they leave a path of filth,litter,destruction and depravity. It is in fact their way of life. I have witnessed it first hand traveling in the Balkans, a total disregard for public and private property. Numerous large trash containers mostly empty while the landscape it inundated with all types of rubbish.

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