This Veil of Tears

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Vienna: Burka-Wearer Attacks Teacher

by Egri Nök

An original translation from the Austrian news portal OE24:

Downtown Vienna

October 5, 2017

First incident after the veiling ban. It hasn’t been full week since the burka ban went into effect, and there was already a first major incident. In Vienna-Mariahilf, a fully-veiled Muslim attacked a teacher. Ten police officers had to intervene to protect the Austrian.

Mariahilfer Street, Wednesday afternoon: shortly after 3pm a teacher (name known to the editors) noticed a burka-wearer at the subway station Zieglergasse. She approached her and tells her that full-body veiling is prohibited as of October 1. “I don’t care, I love Islam,” answered the fully black-clad woman.

“Within moments, dozens of young men assemble, clearly Muslims. They act in solidarity with the burka-wearer, insult me as being a racist,” says the teacher. On the stairs to the subway station Zieglergasse, the burka-wearer attacked the teacher, pushed her to the ground with both hands, and said, that she wasn’t obliged to follow laws. The young men made fun of the Viennese. Police officers quickly intervened and protected the resident from the angry crowd.

The teacher: “They took my personal data, and took the burka-wearer to the police office, to identify her.” The officers advised the teacher to be cautious: “Avoid such scenes in public, you might land in hospital with a knife in your stomach.”

Translator’s note:

We have translated the new Austrian law into English for you:

Federal Law on the Prohibition of Veiling the Face in Public
(Anti-Face-Veiling-Law — AGesVG)


§ 1. The aim of this federal law is the encouragement of integration by the strengthening of participation in society, and by securing the peaceful living together in Austria.

Integration is a process that involves the entire society, and its success depends on the participation of everyone living in Austria, and it depends on personal interaction.

Ban of Veiling

§ 2.   (1)   Whoever, in public spaces or in public buildings, veils or covers his facial features with clothes or other items, in a way that they are not recognizable anymore, commits an administrative offense, and will be punished with a fee of up to €150. The administrative offense may be penalized by a traffic ticket according to § 50 VStG up to €150. Public spaces or public buildings are places that are always or at certain times accessible by a non-restricted group of people, including the non-stationary facilities of public bus, rail, flight, and nautical transport.
    (2)   It is not an offense against the prohibition of veiling according to paragraph 1 when the veiling or covering of the face is necessary by federal or national law, when it is part of artistic, cultural or traditional events or sports exercise, or when it is for reasons of health or profession.

You can find the original text in German here, on the Austrian government’s website.

25 thoughts on “This Veil of Tears

  1. The burka wearer gave away the entire essence of Islam: “I don’t have to follow the law.” We have been told.

  2. Hi readers of GatesofVienna and authors of GatesofVienna,

    This is terrible. Thankfully, the teacher was fine.

    Austria will get through this.

    Thank You.

    • yes, Austria will get through it as Europe got through the golden years between 1939 and 1945. If you can’t manufacture a Hitler to wage war and and blame , turn yourself to Hitler but in sheep’s clothes.

      • Hi Murad,

        There are other ways. In this case, I suggest deportations to those people who are hostile to Austrians, Austria culture and who resist adapting to Austrian culture.

        Thank You.

        • That would have been ok fifty years ago. Shut down Bruxelles and close borders. Unite as allies in real wartime. Skulking around in unmarked cars isn’t going to do it.

  3. …. and the police arrested them or suggested that the Viennese cower in the corner like a frightened bird?

    It is lost. The only question that remains is how much blood will be shed in defence of culture and country and how much will be shed in the process of being slaughtered by ‘invited guests’ from alien, barbaric cultures?

  4. “Within moments, dozens of young men assemble, clearly Muslims. They act in solidarity with the burka-wearer, insult me as being a racist,” says the teacher.


    All Muslims involved in this incident clearly have no intention of assimilating. Get rid of them.

    • What kind of idle layabouts are able to materialize in an instant to overwhelm, like a fart in a car? Clearly, they must all have sympathetic employers who can afford to allow them to drop tools whenever a fellow cockroach is swatted.

      • Too right, mate! These vermin are being given (totally undeserved and) sufficient latitude to cause enough trouble such that they can disrupt normal (i.e., civilized) life with their death-cult madness.

        I say that it is churlish of us in the West to deny these scum-suckers their immediate access to paradise. How dare we refuse them their dearest wish? Would that the entire lot of these antagonistic parasites were shuttled en masse to their raisin-strewn lair and forgotten about just as swiftly thereafter.

  5. This anecdote is a small portrait of the vibrant future utopia the globalists have planned for us!

  6. Has anyone really expected respect for the rule of law to be shown by the savages? – A telltale example of how the “integration” is not working and won’t and can’t work.

  7. The veil/ hijab, niqab, crap is not the problem. Banning the veil is a means of deceiving the sheeple by the Traitors.

    The real problem is inviting the invaders for no other reason but to invade us. It’s deliberate and shows how evil the Traitors are.

  8. everybody can notice muslim’s behaviour ( everyehere), mass threatening, insults, etc.. they claim their ( vomitive and barbaric and backwards ) rules must be tolerated and prevail, they will kill you if not. that is why islam is the world’s major threat and must be eradicated as nazism was.
    there is no good islam as there is no good cancer

  9. I want to point out how telling the Muslima’s response is:

    “I don’t care, I love Islam.”

    This is how deeply the learned helplessness has been inculcated into this woman. The ideology has limited her worldview so much, that this is the only possible ‘choice’ she can make.

    Also note the response of the young Islamic males. Yes they treat their women as cattle/lesser beings/prostitutes, but by Allah, if you the infidel mess with their women they are more than willing to let you know the Muslimas are THEIR cattle/lesser beings/prostitutes.

    • I don’t think there’s any instinct to protect Muslim women. It is asserting the predominance of Islam against non-Muslims. No non-Muslim (or Muslim) is allowed to say anything derogatory against Islam or take any action against Muslims. I don’t think the young Muslim men were in the least concerned with protecting any women as such.

      • This is pretty much what I was trying to get at, but perhaps I was not as clear as I needed to be.

  10. I think the fine is so low that it is nearly meaningless. The only way this cheap fine works for me is if second offense triples in cost and third offense is 2,500 Euro. On occassion of a 4th offense, the “criminal” must go to jail for 2 months. While in jail, no halal meat will be served to them and no head covering of any kind allowed. That would make me believe Austria is serious, but unfortunately I do not think they are seriously going to uphold and enforce this law. The leftie feminists are going to define the Muslim ladies to be able to dress as they want, these 2 groups are going to make such a fuss through protests etc, and this
    veil law will be rescinded except for employees in certain govt. offices.

    • I think you’re right on target, Gretel.

      When one looks at the paltry fine, one sees that the authorities are not taking the matter seriously. No police would, or perhaps even should, risk injury or death for a matter involving a fine of $200 or so.

      After our experiences involving Antifa in the US (never mind Europe), the only proper penalty for wearing a mask in public (other than Halloween) is a major felony. Once the mask wearer stabs or otherwise kills someone and gets away scot free, it’s too late for the victim to increase the penalty. It’s obvious the only reason to wear a mask is to hide the identity of an intended felon.

      Granted, the woman was stupid to confront the Muslima by herself. She thought she was addressing an Austrian ethos, adherence to the rules, submission to authority. The Europeans need to learn they are confronting a Middle Eastern or African ethos: loyalty and obedience only to the tribe and its leaders, no social conscience, and complete indifference for the well-being of unrelated individuals, particularly non-Muslims.

      • Yes, I know now not to even speak to them when I go to Austria and Germany this winter. Hopefully, the immigrant newcomers will be more subdued during cold weather. I will be encountering plenty I assume around public transport areas. I don’twant to rent a car as my husband will insist on driving though he can’t read German ( and who drives perfectly only so
        long as no other driver around him is doing the wrong thing. In other words, it is
        stressful driving with
        him.) But, I will be buying pepper spray as soon as I arrive. So sad. It used to be so safe over there. Now, I am going to worry walking around the streets near Dusseldorf, etc. But, I refuse to be locked up in a rental car driving
        everywhere and looking for parking, that’s just like being in the US and is no fun.

  11. They are very well organised! Watch out!

    They use “flash mob texting”

    It happen to me in kiel germany 6 years ago, if u get into a confrontation with a muslim, they can summon a huge mob in minutes or seconds!

    To beat you down, kill you, its frightening.

    They are all well organised, have loads of thugs linked up using flash mob texting.

    We must stop and deport all muslims out of europe!!!

    • I totally agree. However,I question the intention of a female teacher in that situation: is it possible
      a) that she goodwillingly informed the veiled 😈 in order to prevent her being fined, not harassing her?
      b) that the whole event was a staged provocation with the backup ready for action?

    • Especially if they are prepared in advance when they deliberately create a provocation and have the response team set up and ready to attack anyone that objects. Two can play that game.

  12. It’s burka wearers who should be banned from Austria not the burka.

    Anyway, the Islamic jihad against western Europe will begin from flashpoints like these when libtarded Europeans attempt to force their social values on Islamic females and children.

  13. There is but one cure for the presence of the world’s only political “religion” and that obviously is its absence.

    I will settle for nothing less than blanket expulsion of the adversarial culture incapable of loyalty and unworthy of trust. Multi-culturalism is a canard, poison to the advanced civilization of the West.

    We were generously warned about immigration by high birth rate cultures. Now look.

    No Mister Nice Guy. We have a million-and-a-half hostile uteri pointed our way like Islamic howitzers and even if we end their immigration tomorrow, time is not on our side. I want the process readied, and the bilge pumps primed before the present buffoon leaves, so the subsequent buffoon can claim a mandate.

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