Interview With Paul Weston

In the following hour-long interview with Simon Harris, Paul Weston discusses the train wreck that is Modern Multicultural Britain. He describes the death of free speech in the U.K. and the increasing number of arrests (including his own) and prosecutions for “hate speech” — which can include anything that offends Muslims.

Mr. Weston identifies communism as the source of the concerted push to deconstruct the traditional cultural values that made the West a great civilization. (I would include Fabian Socialism among the culprits as well; the Fabians had the same ends, but wanted to achieve them without violent revolution. They saw themselves as the managerial elite who would destroy bourgeois culture and usher in the Socialist Utopia.)

When Mr. Weston talks about the British middle class as the principal victim of post-modern deconstruction, Mr. Harris — a working-class Brit who now lives in Catalonia — reminds him that the working class, which holds the same values of family and country, is being just as thoroughly destroyed.

Farewell, Great Britain! We knew ye well:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

25 thoughts on “Interview With Paul Weston

  1. Thank you for the link Paul Weston is a very good speaker, I wish well in the good fight. It seems Europe leaders running their countries have enter a “Alice in Wonderland “phase were logic and proportion do not make scents. The Red Queen everyone is afraid of is Islam ,with the deck of cards guards being the hard left protecting Islam from any logical thinking ideas against her {Islam}.

  2. My great nephew, born in the UK to English parents, is now 3 years old.

    I am in no doubt that he will have fight, like past generations did, EXCEPT for his grandparents cowardly and stupid generation (mine), to the death to save his nation and culture from being taken over.

    Unfortunately, his parents don’t believe he will have to.

    I only wish that I could be there to give him a hand.

  3. I like him a lot, he is so articulate and clear headed. I think his analysis about 2030 being the pivotal point of no return where the 2 sides will go at it seems logical, but I never felt the Englishmen were tough guys ready to physically wrest their country away from the enemy. The Emglish guys seem quite effiminete in general. Indeed, If they are not willing to fight intellectually now against the Muslims, I just don’t see them fighting bloodily with their bodies and hands in the future. I think this well-educated, multicultural country is simply going to succumb to Islamic leadership, as evidenced by the British governmental employees agreeing to open their court day with Islamic prayer in whatever district that was which you recently posted here. When I saw those Europeans obediently bowing their secular heads for that Islamic leader within a secular law court system– I was disturbed to say the least.
    When I worked in London for 6 months in 1993, it was
    already so non-white/Euro looking, that it shocked me. I can’t begin to
    imagine what London must feel and look like now, but I suppose it looks a lot like New York, where no one race predominates of any kind.

    • I don’t agree. The msm likes to present British men in a negative light but the reality is that they are nowhere near as effeminate as the msm would wish.

    • What you and most other people forget is that the UK is not only populated by the”english” who for some reason seem to have temporararly lost their will to stand up for themselves, but also by Scots, Welsh, Irish and a huge amount of Poles as well as peoples from the ex-colonies, such as the Indians and peoples from the Caribbean who will not willingly want to lose their freedom, culture and way of life.

      There is absolutely no love lost between the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddists and when the [excrement impacts the circulation device], they won´t wait for the white man to decide what, or not to do.

      This is the one big advantage the UK has over most other European countries.

        • I should also mention the Jews, who although demographically are not a large part of the population, would be backed up by the State of Israel in case the Pakistani government got itchy fingers.

  4. Very informative, and compelling — both of these men.
    Is there a link someone would pass on regarding the OPEC 70 page agreement Paul mentioned? Thanks.

  5. I do have a couple of observations so far.

    Weston mentioned at the beginning he wanted to be somewhat indirect about Islam to avoid further legal trouble, but by the time the interview got going, there was very little about Islam left to the imagination. One of the most striking descriptions was of Muslim men on the dole with 4 wives, 4 children for each wife, while the prole actually working is heavily taxed to subsidize the leeches.

    Weston cited the school where with Muslims comprising 5% of the population, the food suddenly became halal, requiring the parents to boycott the school to get halal stopped. In general, particularly in government services leveraging other people’s money, a committed minority has a big advantage over a complacent or mildly disapproving majority. The pursuit of a minority agenda, such as Muslim halal, is first priority for identity politicians, not so important for people who see themselves, however mistakenly, as mainstream.

    Weston mentions the deal, made in the 1970’s, exchanging cheap oil for unrestrained Muslim immigration and special privileges. Whoever made this sort of deal was either abysmally ignorant or massively flat-out bribed. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    It is sooo easy to get around differential pricing, particularly for political purposes, particularly if a government is involved. All the British government would have had to do is set up shell corporations in Muslim countries to buy oil at a favorable rate, and ship it, for an outsized commission of course, in third-party tankers to Britain. Of course, all the Muslim oil officials would know what was going on, and they would be bribeable to a man.

    What I’m saying is, the British officials involved in caving in to Saudia Arabia and other oil states had an off-the-book agenda. Britain without capitulating to the Muslims would have slightly more expensive oil than otherwise, but only marginally.

    • I have another comment.

      Weston comments that there is unlikely to be anything substantively done about the Muslim co-option of power until about 2030, by which it will be too late for a democratic or peaceful solution.

      What I want to add is that in any case like this, it is vital to include foreign affairs in your strategy to recover Europe. Most, if not all, of the revolutionary movements have had extensive representation in foreign countries. For example, the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, the Israeli War of independence, 1948. An example of leaving foreign affairs to chance is the NATO attack on Serbian and Bosnian Serb forces in the Yugoslavia Civil War.

      A conflict in a country with Muslims is not going to remain a local affair, everything else being equal. As Weston mentioned, Muslims are very well organized for their progressive takeover.

    • Ronald, The situation concerning the differential pricing of oil etc in return for political influence, recognition of the PLO and the absorption of a burgeoning and largely unwanted arab population is dealt with extensively by Bat Ye’or in her book Eurabia.

      The prime European mover in this iniquitous sell out was not British but French, their president, Charles DeGaulle a very, very arrogant and vindictive man. He thought he was negotiating a new regional coalition with himself at its head but he miscalculated abysmally.

      DeGaulle never forgave Roosevelt and Churchill for their refusal to accept him as a bona fide head of state – hardly surprising really as he had run away from his – and he spent much of the remainder of his political life seeking to restore his own personal prestige.

      I do not think any of the politicians involved gave any thought to the consequences of their actions, only to their own immediate needs.

      • What you say makes sense. I’ll have to read the book. I think the Europeans, Churchill included, had visions of the grandeur of empire, and so didn’t think from the perspective of simply maintaining their countries. The allies were completely uninterested in any accord with the Germans, other than complete surrender, even with the Nazi government removed. Incidentally, the bulk of Jews and civilian slaves in Germany could likely have been saved with a negotiated peace and independence from Russia when Canaris and his cohorts were organizing the coup against Hitler.

      • In sour humour, I wonder if perhaps DeGaulle was the John McCain of his day. History may sometimes have been altered by the bitterly vindictive….

  6. I wonder, why not make the economic argument? Mr. Weston proposes as a solution discouraging islam and applying the existing laws, but he admits this isn’t being done for many reasons.

    The economic argument has been proven to work. The Brexit vote gathered support from so many voters because it is mainly and realistically about economic reasons. At the following UK elections, the voters came out and elected more of the same, indicating that they are not preoccupied or upset with the internal politics of the country. That’s probably because most voters don’t understand islam and the importance of culture and how it will impact them very soon.

    So why not make the economic argument? Talk about the costs of these muslim “communities”, that they get everything (housing, welfare, healthcare, mosques, islamic schools etc) for free and they’re still not happy about it, in fact they engage in organized crimes, persecution of non-muslims (e.g. grooming gangs, bullying) and terrorism. Talk about how much they are costing now (how much they take out – how much they pay in taxes + how much they cost in damages) and talk about how much they’ll cost in 5, 10, 15 years based on the demographic projections. The racist and islamophobic accusations won’t stick because you are not attacking the (horrible) values of islam and a lot more people will be willing to hear your argument, because they care a lot about their wallets than they think about the future of the country.

    • You forgot to mention the ever increasing cost of policing and and trying to control the suspected jihadists in our society, as well as the intense security measures that are imposed on 98% of the travelling population due to the risk of 2% of the passengers attempting to blow themselves and the airplane up for their cause.

      In the time frame you mention, this security cost, taking into account man hours and administration of same, will no doubt be more than the nations defence budget, and we all know what that means.

  7. Of course. It takes 60 agents to monitor a jihadi 24/7. The muslims are over-represented in the jail population. Inbreeding has a big impact on the health system that taxpayers are forced to pay into. There are many other costs that will skyrocket as the migrant demographic rapidly increases.

    My point is to stop focusing on abstract things, like for example talking about islam or the culture it creates or if the latest terrorist shouting alahu akbar has anything to do with islam. RoP has collected many muslim opinion polls over the years and all these polls show that the muslim minority continues to harbor extremist views, which it intends to enforce on everybody else, however the cultural threat and the terrorist threat have had little influence on the public opinion.

    Instead of focusing on abstract things, I believe a more convincing argument would be to tell people how much this “charity”/invasion is going to cost them, that they will have to pay much more taxes and retire at a much older age.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      The problem is that whilst public deficits can be financed by either printing more money or borrowing money at virtually 0% interest rates, governments and politicians will carry on paying, as the one thing that frightens them most is being accused of being uncaring.

      Just look what happens when a political party calls for austerity measures to reduce country’s deficit.

      They prefer to pay more and more interest on the outstanding loans, as they know that the general public will vote for parties that tell them that austerity policies are wicked and rightwing measures.

      Witness for instance, Corbyn’s rise and rise in popularity.

      In other words, the average voter is not prepared to listen, let alone be convinced.

      And when the money does cease to flow, they will blame the party in power and not the people receiving the handouts.

      • You are also under the illusion that the “white” man will always be the ones in control of the money, money that many times is spent in detriment of the “white” man in favour of the”black” man instead of peoples of his own race.

        In 40 years times this situation will have been reversed, so be in no doubt that the ones doing the spending will look after their own before they start worrying about the plight of “minorities”, such as the original inhabitants not only of the UK, but of the rest of Europe.

  8. There are numerous YouTube videos on Gypsy thieves and the manner in which they train their children to steal and how they organize their crimes.

    A do-gooder friend of mine mentioned with horror how the Gypsy children are not allowed into Romanian public schools. I mentioned how I had seen YouTube videos of how Gypsies trained their children to steal. My friend had no reply.

    My friend is a very good person, but the mindless liberal dogooder is simply a different species from the average person who merely wants to protect himself and his family from aggressive behavior. I come from the dogooder background, and somehow, I lost it completely. Maybe my genes got lost in a mutation.

    Anyway, I’m expecting to attend an event with loads and loads of dogooders. I shouldn’t be, but I’m going loaded for bear. I’m going to let them come to me, rather than jumping on them. My feeling is that once they find someone who is not ashamed of an incorrect point of view and is able to back it up factually, they will simply disengage, as leftists do when confronted with reasonable opponents.

    • “the Gypsy children are not allowed into Romanian public schools”
      Oh, ffs, the amount of lies out there is astounding. The Gypsies benefit from positive discrimination, they have places at University especially for them (all they need to do is show up, while other Romanians have to compete for a spot to be admitted at the university of their choice), there’s an army of NGOs looking after them, they have and have had a political party etc.

      When I was in middle school, an older Gypsy was enrolled in my class. He wasn’t even able to read and write, that’s why he ended up repeating several years, however he had clearly been promoted/passed over several school years out of pity. My teachers were begging him to just come to class and they would pass him. He didn’t. His entire family was living off welfare.

      You’ve reminded me of the French some 20 years ago or so, when they were criticizing Romania for the bad way they allegedly were treating the Gypsies and that they weren’t integrating the Gypsies into society . After the French got a dose of them, they started shipping them back via airplane.

      Tell your liberal do-gooder friend(s) to take a few Gypsies/migrants/whatever they’re crying on about, into their care or at least go and experience them first hand, before they launch into unfounded accusations that entire countries or regions are racist, xenophobic etc and that’s the only reason the “victims of the day” are not doing well.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience.

        Part of my point is, reality does not infringe on the leftists and dogooders. I met a woman from South Africa who was of British origin and who had participated in the black protests before the government was changed. She was, of course, raped by some of the black Africans she was trying to impel into power.

        What did that do to her attitude? She still hated the Afrikaners (South Africans of Dutch origin, conquered by the British in the Boer War to get Britain access to South African diamonds and gold) and still favored the African National Congress.

        Dogooders do not respond to their own experience. It’s like Groucho Marx: “Who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes?”

        When I crush leftists through rational debate, I do it not to change any minds, but for the amusement of it…also, because as a rational being, I always welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong.

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