Alessandro Meluzzi: “We will soon find ourselves living in a city like Lagos, Nigeria”

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. In the following video from a TV panel, Dr. Meluzzi locks horns with the presenter and one of the panelists about the consequences of mass immigration into Italy.

A note concerning the Budrio case, which is mentioned in this clip: After serving a sentence for theft, a Serb immigrant was released from Italian prison in 2015. Later, in the town of Budrio in Bologna province, he killed a barman and injured another person with a gun he stole from a security guard. He escaped, and days later killed an Italian guard and injured a policeman.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I wonder… is it social media, which can also be of help to identify those who are guilty,
00:08   or is it the rate of violence? What lies within these people?
00:13   Social media aren’t guilty; they just record what’s happening in real life.
00:16   There are structural problems.
00:19   What we are seeing is just a taste of what’s to come. Problems to the nth degree and more.
00:27   When a society loses its identity. We will soon find ourselves
00:30   living in a city like Lagos, Nigeria
00:33   Where there’s the Nigerian mafia, where if one wants to steal your ring, he won’t just remove it,
00:38   he will remove your whole finger! Any one of you who has been there knows what this means.
00:41   If they want to steal your watch, they cut your arm off with a machete! This is the truth!
00:45   Maybe this will be posted online, I don’t know.
00:48   I just know that we are heading towards a completely
00:51   out-of-control society in which legality and territorial controls will even stop when confronted
00:56   by a crazy psychopath (like the one in Budrio).
00:59   I dare not think what Italian cities will be like
01:02   when inundated by half a million out of control desperados
01:05   every year. Who moreover come from areas with
01:08   extremely high rates of criminality, and where the value of a human life is worth next to NOTHING!
01:14   If we don’t accept this challenge and realize that this thing needs to be blocked,
01:19   our kids will ask us to account for it! And I say this
01:22   because the image of what the State is selling us
01:25   will look NOTHING like what we will see in the future if we don’t
01:30   lucidly take on the responsibility that a political, legal, ethic and civil class should take on,
01:34   and is not taking on in the name of an idiotic do-goodism devoid of structure.
01:37   Luisella? —No, it’s not like we have to describe our
01:44   country as if it were Switzerland now, because our country won’t become like Nigeria.
01:49   In Switzerland, in fact, they defend themselves! —But since
01:53   we have the three mafias, we get territorial control done by organized crime, too —In Switzerland,
01:56   they defend themselves! —I can’t hear you, Meluzzi.
01:59   He’s saying they’re defending themselves in Switzerland —In Switzerland, they defend themselves!
02:02   I repeat, the solution isn’t arms. As the US demonstrated to us, the diffusion of arms there
02:07   has caused a large number of deaths; far from combatting crime!
02:11   —The choice is legality and control of territory! —In last few years
02:14   there have been 300K firearm deaths against 86 for terrorism —Our territory is out
02:18   of control! —Just a moment, Meluzzi. We surely can’t manage immigration and the issues we have
02:26   in Italian cities with ghetto neighborhoods.
02:29   Half a million desperados a year are not assimilable by
02:32   any country! —Can I finish? —Half a million desperados a year are not assimilable by any country!
02:38   Do you want to get it through to your heads, YES OR NO!? —YOU need to get it through to your
02:42   head that they WILL come! —Do you want to get it through to your heads, YES OR NO!?
02:45   As Ms Casati Modignani correctly said, it’s inevitable! It’s an intense wind that one needs
02:50   to know how to manage —Inevitable, MY FOOT! We go fetch them on the shores of Libya!
02:54   Inevitable, MY FOOT! Inevitable, MY FOOT! —Just a minute, Meluzzi.
03:00   One needs to know how to manage immigration. On this, I agree with you —WE CAN’T KEEP ON
03:03   REPEATING THE SAME LITANY DEVOID OF CONSTRUCT! —Well, what can I do if he keeps on
03:06   shouting? —Prof. Meluzzi, please —Ok I get it, but you can’t repeat litanies without construct!
03:11   No, apply ‘litanies without construct’ to yourself, I’m just explaining that —HALF A MILLION
03:17   DESPERADOS… —…on the political side, well, then do what you want —…CAN’T BE IMPORTED TO ITALY!
03:20   DO YOU WANT TO GET IT THROUGH TO YOUR HEADS, YES OR NO!? —Well, we got what you think!
03:25   Well, then! —Professor, please. Let’s hear her out, and then I want to go to Sveva Casati Modignani
03:30   I, too, agree with calling on politicians to take responsibility.
03:35   Because I said this at the beginning of the whole Budrio case.
03:40   To the responsibility of the State and of justice, we should add
03:44   that of politics, too. Because politicians are liable for the amnesties, the emptying of jails.
03:49   all the criminals that were set free throughout the years (among whom were also the robbers).
03:57   When they talk about territorial control by law enforcement, I say that last year, 2,200 policemen
04:05   retired and 1,400 were hired. There are 800 fewer policemen and they can’t do everything!
04:10   This is laughable —Let’s put the blame on those who are guilty! —in comparison to half a million
04:13   jobless desperados a year —Even in the handling of immigration —I’d like to finish with…
04:16   Do you want to get it through to your heads, yes or no!? —‘Yes or no’, that’s about
04:19   the only thing I understood. —OK. Sveva Casati Modignani, I’d like to ask you one thing…

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  1. What’s up? For so long this site was dominated by articles concerning the German-speaking lands of the EU, but lately the European focus seems to be Italy. Why the new focus, or am I imagining things?

    • We recently acquired the services of a new volunteer Italian translator. That’s what happened.

      We have seven or eight volunteer German translators, so that’s why you see a lot of German, Austrian, and Swiss material.

  2. How waycist of her to not want Italy to be like the multicultural paradise of Lagos, Nigeria. If only she would just don her burqa and submit to Allah then the sooner everyone could just be happy and sing kumbaya together.

    • This has all the feel of how the 30’s must have felt like.

      Everyone KNOWS war is coming yet those who have their hands on the levers of power do [nothing] to make the impending conflict less bloody than it will otherwise be.

      As long as the Nuremberg Mk2 trials are held then some degree of closure might occur. They have led us to disaster…..

      I’ll petition for the hangings to be public though this time.

  3. He is raging against the “idiotic do- goodism” in Italy and getting nowhere with this woman. The resident non-Italian Pope is also not on his side.
    The leaders of the international nonprofit institutions, the religious organizations, the media outlets, the educational institutions, the entertainment industry, people of letters, and the politicians of nearly every stripe are going to finally bring down the remnants of traditional, civilized Western culture wherever it still wobbily exists. We all know this here, this blog helps us feel less lonely as our great ship slowly sinks. It has been sinking already for a very long time, but due to the Internet, the
    www, and modern technology– everything is now amplified for us and so much is able to race ahead towards chaos at a much faster and coherent clip.

  4. The “elite” are quite quite mad. Even in the face of the obvious they persist in sealing their doom and ours. 500,000 sub Saharan Africans on the way each year to Italy alone, another billion on the way. Illiterate, unassailable, and Italy pays for them all. The citizens are ignored while the “Do Gooders” indulge their dreams of a one world Communist state.

    The UK too is falling apart for the same reasons and caused by the same idiots. Life to these imported “clients” of these suicidal dreamers is cheap. It is indeed a case of an entire social class going mad. This of us who see and observe as these utter morons deny their own stupidity know where this will head and very very soon. The woman is utterly deluded as the old chap tries to get into what is left of any commonsense she had. Absolutely mad and in complete denial. You see the same in North Korea. Utterly delusional to the point beyond insanity no matter the cost in lives. Millions will die soon.

    Marxism and Trotskyism are mental illness.

  5. The resident non-Italian Pope seem to be bent on destroying Christian morality, Christian family, Christian culture, and, which is most important, Christian faith.

  6. Meluzzzi is 100% correct.

    Import Third World people, expect Third World society in perpetuity once a critical mass of immivaders is able to create a self-sustaining enclave.

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