Giorgia Meloni: “Citizenship is NOT Automatic”

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In the following speech she talks about the giving away of citizenship according to the principle of ius soli, which awards citizenship to anyone born in the country.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We would make residence permits score-based, like a driver’s license.
00:05   You behave well, respect the rules, speak Italian, volunteer? Points added.
00:11   You behave badly, disrespect this nation, commit crimes,
00:14   preach hate? Points subtracted. Till your permit gets revoked.
00:19   And if you want citizenship, you need to score a certain number of points.
00:23   Because only someone who despises Italy could have conceived of something like “IUS SOLI”
00:31   You would truly have to despise Italy to conceive of such a regulation.
00:39   Children are being used as human shields
00:44   to achieve an amnesty that really has nothing to do with children, but will instead be used for
00:49   these “ladies and gentlemen” who are needed by the Democratic Party
00:52   because they say that immigrants do the jobs that Italians won’t do anymore…
00:57   one of these jobs may very well be: voting for the Democratic Party!
01:00   Well, since we have elections coming up, why not give amnesty to 1M people
01:05   who may vote for the DP? Although I think not even they would vote for them.
01:11   Because there’s no one in the world who would want to vote for them.
01:14   In any case, they hope that this regulation will help them reach their goal.
01:18   However, a serious party, or a vaguely dignified one, wouldn’t propose a regulation
01:27   that will affect the future of Italy so dramatically towards the very end of their term
01:33   with a government who came into being against the sentiments of Italians.
01:37   With a majority who are easily swayed [towards what will profit them]
01:40   without ever having discussed any of this with the Italian people. Well, then,
01:43   to the Democratic Party, Renzi, Gentiloni, Boldrini, everyone:
01:47   if you really consider this regulation
01:50   to be so deeply-felt and beloved by Italians… so ‘just’… Let’s see you bravely show up
01:54   in the electoral campaign and put this very intelligent regulation at first place in your
01:58   electoral program; which will grant amnesty to 1M new Italian citizens and will give automatic
02:07   citizenship to those who are born in Italy. In so doing, preventing immigrants
02:12   who may have kids here (who will become Italian citizens) from ever being able to leave.
02:18   Because you know that there’s the principle of family reunification, of the family unit
02:23   under which, if you make a foreign family’s son an Italian
02:27   citizen, they’ll all stay here forever.
02:30   So then, go before Italians and tell them that this is what you want to do,
02:34   and try to get Italians to approve this regulation. So that for the upcoming electoral campaigns,
02:39   Italians will know that if they want 1M new citizens and automatic citizenship,
02:45   they should vote Democrat. And if they don’t want that, they should vote for Fratelli d’Italia!
02:49   Which has already gathered 50K signatures against this thing and is ready to present
02:54   a repeal referendum. Because for us, citizenship is NOT automatic.
03:01   For us, citizenship is the end of a journey! It needs to be requested, worked hard for, earned
03:06   and celebrated! It’s not automatic.

7 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: “Citizenship is NOT Automatic”

  1. Ius Soli law is a nightmare.


    My experience is with the UK. The UK has had Ius Soli as basis for its nationality status for a very long time, though some Ius Sanguini permission existed, and finally union with Scotland led to all descendants of British being counted as natural born in perpetuity.

    Now, Ius Soli is based on the concept of people born in a territory being subject to their ruler, it is not based on ethnic rights. It is oppressive, though few actually study or notice this in everyday reality…it is the law of the conquerors. In the case of UK that would be a Saxon, later Normand, minority…. Ius Sanguini had no basis in law for these new arrivals, they could not justify their own naturalisation but through conquest and then birth of descendants . In fact Ius Sanguini law was often dabbled with later to allow inheritance from abroad, but was not standard until after 1700, as mentioned.

    In the mid 19th century naturalisation was allowed openly… beforehand only birth or by descent was being allowed. There was little migration to that point and so the topic was not what it is today.

    Before the first world war, as empire crumbled into commonwealth, the descent law ( Ius Sanguini) was sidelined, became a separate category with restrictions, and Ius Soli was promoted further….the reasoning was to increase ties with Europe and close the door on the Commonwealth… British descendants. This stance was amplified before entry into EEC, blatantly, with restrictive measures on rights of abode and work being applied to commonwealth citizens, so as to make way for Europeans.

    Well you are able to see where Ius Soli leads to under modern circumstance… BUT THEY DARE NOT CHANGE THE RULE ONCE ESTABLISHED. It is almost impossible to unless there is a revolution – too many people have arranged their lives according to it. They just tinker, as the above article describes, and then relax again when it suits.

    Oh…and the true ethnic nationals? They ( progressive /establishment could not give a f. for them) Born abroad to UK parents… maybe UK national, maybe not…depends depends… on the rules that year, date of birth, gender, marrital status.

    How do I know this?

    Anyone here had their UK/European family left stateless and without ID for nearly a decade in spite of attempting to register in any relevant country, in spite of making every possible contact?

    Really? Really.

    And what is the absolute pits is watching non Europeans, non British arrive and be hosted and given nationality in five or ten years.

    This is how I know what system you are all up against.

    Don’t be fooled, fear it.

    Switzerland is a Ius Sanguini country, IT SHOWS.

    Incidentally: The house of Windsor was a name change to obscure German heritage postwar. The Saxons were Germanic, as were the Normands ( and Franks). The original UK population, as still represented by study, are post glacial migrants from SW Europe before Indo European influence. The Celts, Germanic tribes etc. account for an estimated 25-40% of the population addmix ( off hand don’t quote me, but this is a rough tally from various research, lower figure is closer imo).

    • Sounds like Portugal is a great, beautiful country that wants to remain that way!

      • The Portuguese still have their feet on the ground with regards to who they are, even though the country is now socialist it is still a long way from northern indoctrination… that is being tried here and there but generally the Portuguese don’t buy it. The other point is they are not “racist”, society is relaxed and mixed, thanks in part to the country’s colonial history…but they know what stupidities they do not stand for either.

        So these migrants who leave are not being chased out, they just do not compare a poorer less organised country well with say France or Germany which provide more benefits and better existing structure for Arab society. We are told they are desperate, but when granted a minimal service but need to work ( and Portugal is cheap to set up from scratch in), well they prefer not…it means fitting in with the grind of another nation where the people are not much better off, and don’t pretend to be.

        Portugal is a beautiful country, it is very balanced but needs to get its political act together, preferably outside of EU and Euro, as for now it is one more country that could not handle the Euro boom bust and policy imposition , and got trashed for it.

        • I lived in Algiers for a few years. There was a piano bar owned and operated by a Portuguese fellow.

          I think I now understand how he was able to pull this off!

  2. Well, “anti-immigration” parties should be expected, sooner or later. I am a bit surprised it took so long for such parties to appear.

  3. Remember Daniel Cohn Bendit?

    “We … must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.”

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