What is the OSCE?

In the interventions by Bashy Quraishy and Henrik Clausen, you’ve just seen the Yin and Yang of the OSCE Human Dimension conference in Warsaw. Yet interventions like Mr. Clausen’s consistently earned the rebuke of the moderators, while those like Mr. Quraishy’s did not.

What’s going on? What has happened to the OSCE?

In the video below, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Clare Lopez explain the way in which the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has been subverted by the Red-Green Alliance and turned into an Inquisitor designed to hunt down and stamp out “hate speech” wherever it may be found.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

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3 thoughts on “What is the OSCE?

  1. While I cherish my birthright to mouth off as I please. what I really want to do is piss off the people I like the least to the point of terminal apoplexy.

    Now, that would be real power.

    • That’s why the Danish Motoons were so important. When those got published, there was that delightful string-of-firecrackers sort of popping sound of all those brain aneurysms happening in the Muslim Middle East.

  2. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Clare Lopez, Steven Coughlin and the Baron and the others who appear at the OSCE to defend liberty are magnificent people. But, the question just pops out: why would anyone put time and effort into this international, globalist organization? To the extent it has paid staff, they are globalist bureaucrats who use their salaries and tenures to 100% of the time exert pressure for international agreements, laws and law enforcement affecting nationalists very heavily.

    In other words, like the UN, the entire organizational structure is designed to enfold more power and influence to itself, generally at the expense of national sovereignty.

    To the globalists and Islamists, this milieu is like water to a fish: it is their natural element. The defenders of freedom are a minor irritant to it, which responds like the oyster to a grain of sand: build a pearl around it to encase it.

    Lopez mentioned Canada, which is busy legislating ever more exceptions to its common law of free expression. Of course, with the Canadian Commission of Human Rights, free expression has not been free for years unless you had a few lawyers on retainer. My point is that the proto-fascists and totalitarians in the countries involved are simply not going to listen to arguments for freedom in a globalist organization they consider to be their bailiwick.

    It should be noted that freedom of expression and inquiry in Canada, as in the US, England, Germany and Austria, are deteriorating over time. Entities too large and diverse simply do not have the self-confidence and focus to generate the courage for freedom. Perhaps the best thing that can happen is for balkanization, the splitting into regionally more homogeneous countries, where there is at least a chance for a self-confident community with a sense of identity.

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