OSCE: An Islam-Bashing, Muslim-Hating, Islamophobia-Spreading Machine

We’ve encountered the “Danish” activist Bashy Quraishy here many times in the past when reporting on OSCE events.

The esteemed Mr. Quraishy is the General Secretary of EMISCO (European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion), which often plays a prominent role in OSCE Human Dimension meetings in Warsaw.

Last year Mr. Quraishy even honored us with his presence here in the comments at Gates of Vienna. For the full sequence of articles and exchanges, see these posts:

This year Bashy Quraishy returned to OSCE Warsaw to slit the weasand of Islamophobia once and for all. He is very unhappy with people who display their Islamophobic tendencies at OSCE sessions, among whom he surely must number Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Clare Lopez, Debbie Anderson, Henrik Clausen, Dave Petteys, John Andrews, and all the other Counterjihad activists who ruffle his scarf of many colors with their diligent toils at ODIHR.

In the following intervention from the plenary in Warsaw, you’ll hear Mr. Quraishy inveigh against Islamophobia and issue a demand for a universal “right to be free of anti-Islamic propaganda”. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

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8 thoughts on “OSCE: An Islam-Bashing, Muslim-Hating, Islamophobia-Spreading Machine

  1. Well a phobia is a fear and you cannot legislate people to not fear, doesn’t work.

    Hate similarly.

    To prohibit people inspiring hate or fear against others is something else though, but we live in a connected world where when one person expresses his feelings millions may read or watch them and sympathise or choose to agree.

    So personally I draw the limit at words which actually call to harm, some would not put that limit even.

    However we do not really want a downward spiral I think, and so texts that call for violence should obviously be banned, as well as those who profess to adhere to them be expelled or contained.

    Same goes for our own people who sow violence at home or abroad – our countries are no longer defensive but aim for offensive inclusion. No less our problem to deal with.

    The speaker is not credible in his suggestions when it is taken into consideration that countries that are under a strict profession that he is defending, do not set the example. It is not our business to “free” these countries, nor to be examples of how they could be if “free”. In other words, we are not a people willing to join that experiment, if you want to demonstrate the qualities you call for it should be done so in the natural setting of the society you wish to change, not by having a different society change to fuse different belief systems so as to give an appearance of a successful integration of ideals. Western ideals are not the same, even between neighbouring countries, let alone very distinct cultures.

    Finally it should be understood that integration should not be at the public expense of the native society. This upsets a lot of people, it is an error of their policy makers which they have to deal with.

    No hard feelings.

  2. I like the way he put antisemitism, and Christian phobia as the top two problems and then spoke purely about Islamaphobia. Did he really say “the imaginary take over of Europe by Muslims” with a straight face?

  3. He sounded a bit weak to me.
    Everyone in that room knows that Islamophobia is a made up word.
    Huge kudos to “our team” that keeps on fighting.

    I will say though that was it last year or the year before one of our guys asked a panel if telling the truth is hate speech and I think it was a French woman that said yes, it could be. That is so insane that it really is hard to get your mind around.

    So, when ESW and Claire Lopez say that they have a tough job, they are not kidding. It seems to me that a “moderator” that would insert a political opinion contrary to one of our speakers after he has spoken (with no avenue to rebutt) should be shouted down. But we don’t do that…

    Having watched these meetings for a few years, thanks to GOV, I conclude that we are in a hard place. When Conklin was there they ambushed these people. Get him back!

  4. Secular Muslims being as scarce as chickens sporting lips, blanket expulsion is the one-size-fits-almost-all solution we need.

    If the Tarek Fatah’s of this world would like admission, the burden is upon them to establish their bona fides. Holding cell conversions to Christ don’t count. And having a cellmate named Jesus [ Hay-sous ] does not constitute a divine experience, regardless if he’s only in for misdemeanors.

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