5 thoughts on “The Anti-Merkel, Anti-May, Anti-Macron Speech

  1. It’s as if Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a Hungarian Churchill, speaking in a reasoned and blunt speech which doesn’t shy away from adversity or controversy. Should any good come out of the present circumstance in Europe, surely it will be because of the efforts made by those like him. Impressive, indeed.

  2. Yeah. Orban is impressive, a real Mensch, a man among men, an oracle.

    He laid out the situation, concisely, accurately, completely and compellingly.

    Is his speech going to have an effect? Did it change any minds? Are there any minds susceptible to change? My contention is that the leftist mind is locked away, hermetically sealed from change, like the Bourbon kings who “never learn anything and never forget anything.”

    It was pointed out that Merkel sat on her hands after the speech, which is the most predictable thing in the world. It’s like expecting Obama to applaud a Trump speech promising the Wall (although I’m afraid one day Obama might applaud a Trump appearance). Merkel is not going to change her policies. Her future actions are quite predictable. Her internal mindset may not be knowable, but it is irrelevant.

    I think the election of Trump gave Hungary and its allied countries a breathing space. I think the plan under a President Hillary was to pull NATO forces into enforcing a globalist diktat on Hungary.

    • Isn’t Merkel a former East German of some note? Wouldn’t you expect such a person to prefer a tyrannical government which forces the citizens to submit to the will of their leaders, their “betters”?

      “Submission” – the true definition of the word “islam” – is what the East German government expected of the people ruled by their edition of communism. Merkel is completely comfortable with that, doesn’t care how the citizens of Germany might feel about that or what they might want instead. She may even be confused as to why German citizens even believe they have a right to disagree with her plan for Germany – at least until German is no longer Germany, but just a set of coordinates within the European Union.

      Submission is one of the things globalism desires as much as muslims desire it in their society, in their eventual universal caliphate. Merkel is clever, but actually does not possess sufficient IQ to understand that the globalists – whom she works for and with – won’t be able to control the caliphate once the muslims of Europe exceed the number of natives of Europe. Demographic jihad will soon be replaced by militant jihad, which will be replaced by universal shariah within the European caliphate.

      If we aren’t careful, America will follow suit before too long. Obama put us firmly on that road, and Trump has had less effect on stopping it than we hoped he would, so far, at least.

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