10 thoughts on “Visualize World Peace — With Your Selfie In It!

  1. How is STOP written in Arabic?..Or Rohingyan for that matter..Totally out of context..Utterly brilliant../s

  2. It makes me sad that we haven’t thought of this before, because think of all the social change we could have already effected with a campaign like this! Think of all the terrorist attacks that wouldn’t have happened! Of all the past victims that would still be alive today thanks to twitter and Instagram and Facebook!

    I haz the sadz… (insert sad face emoji)

  3. Better yet – or even more stoopid. Write each letter on each of four of your front teeth in permanent ink so that when you smile people feel better about your message.

  4. Note the wording – “civilians being killed in bombings” … is this an attempt to make an equivalence between civilians deliberately killed in a terror attack, and civilians accidentally killed during an airstrike?

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