Refugee Resettlement in Hellerup, Act Two

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the Danish lawyer who decided to culturally enrich a hitherto toney and lily-white suburb of Copenhagen. The obstructionist municipal authority in Gentofte blocked his request to build a new house on his property in Hellerup, so Jan Leth Christensen decided to get revenge by renting his existing house to Pakistani immigrants.

Now it seems the Gutmenschen of Hellerup have said: “We’ll see you, and raise you” — they’re ready to bring in the migrants in even larger numbers.

Our Danish correspondent Signe, who translated the article below, includes this introduction:

The drama among the good people of Gentofte has reached Act 2.

Remember how a rich lawyer and homeowner decided to rent out his fancy house to a large Muslim family, because his neighbors sabotaged his building project? Well, it may have been an empty threat. Or much worse.

Please note that the mayor, while doing his very best to keep Gentofte free of migrants, is still a member of the so-called ‘conservative’ party, which since the 1980s has been doing its very best to play the racist card at critics of open borders.

A local media outlet Dit Gentofte writes:

An empty threat?

The municipal scandal of ‘Villa Leth’ continues in the press as expected, now with an extensive article in Berlingske [national broadsheet].

The case from Hellerup’s rich neighbourhood is of epic dimensions, and Berlingske’s reporter paints a picture of a brutal infight between the lawyer and homeowner Jan Leth Christensen, and Mayor Hans Toft. Before Jan Leth Christensen has made good on his threat to rent his house with an ocean view to a Pakistani family, who were supposed to move in on September 17, he now raises the bet:

“I want to help Gentofte Kommune and Mayor Hans Toft provide permanent housing for the 128 refugees that Hans Toft says he cannot accommodate. I plan to buy 30-35 apartments. An apartment in Blidahpark is available for 2.5 million DKK. That I can easily afford,” says Jan Leth Christensen to Berlingske.

“The Pakistanis are welcome. Anyone other than Jan Leth. And it would be great to solve the refugee problem,” says Sigurd Lauritsen, the son of Jan Leth Christensen’s closest neighbors, a couple of retired doctors who used to work around the world for WHO in conflict-ridden zones.

Another of the neighborhood’s homeowners, former Foreign Minister Uffe Ellemann Jensen, earlier expressed a similar attitude to Ekstra Bladet [national tabloid].

Read Berlingske’s article about the conflict-ridden zone of Gentofte here.

5 thoughts on “Refugee Resettlement in Hellerup, Act Two

  1. Now it seems the Gutmenschen of Hellerup have said: “We’ll see you, and raise you” — they’re ready to bring in the migrants in even larger numbers.

    There’s an entire season of television drama in this one!

    Does anybody think there will be a “happy ending”?

    Seriously, someone needs to record all of this for posterity. It’s going to be priceless.

  2. This drama reinforces a suspicion I’ve had for awhile that the proponents of open-border immigration and deliberate (as opposed to occasional) race-mixing are acting not from selfish, but from altruistic motives. I mean altruistic in the Randian sense of self-destructive, but sincere virtue-signalling. We note the fact the George Soros inevitably profits from the chaos he finances, but in fact, the fervent leftist would gladly self-destruct, asking only that he be able to take his countrymen along with him.

    Is it any surprise the virtue-signalling residents of the exclusive Danish community will, when push comes to shove, destroy their own community rather than show any flexibility to the obvious issue of judging the suitability of entire groups of people? Is their willingness to destroy their own neighborhood any different from the hyper-drive of Western leaders to dilute their people and destroy their country and culture?

    I think power and money make excellent centers of focus to track the progress and tools of leftist influence. The drive for money in Hillary Clinton is far too obvious to merit argument. The benefits to the Democratic party of an inundation of welfare-consuming third world aborigines is also obvious, but not in itself sufficient to explain the rush to self-destruction. The Democrats had a 24-year solid run on the White House before being broken by the Eisenhower years, only to resume with the Kennedys. Why in the name of rationality would they need to destroy the country to prevent the occasional break in Democratic Presidencies? There must be other explanations for things like the immigration act of 1965.

    We say that Ted Kennedy knowingly set the stage for the destruction of the country to assure a Democratic constituency. But, the Democrats had a very respectable constituency as it was, and greater-than-equal share of access to the Presidency. Perhaps the goal of the Kennedy sponsorship of national destruction was the destruction itself. Increased political power was simply a cozy guest house on the road, to be occupied for a night or two, and then left behind.

    • You may well be correct, at least as concerns a large part of the upper classes: they’re well and truly brainwashed as well.

      In the town I live in, I saw the gutmenschen agitating and trying hard to bring Syrian refugee families. They were begging for them.

      Some, I think, because it’s the PC thing to do. But whatever the story is, they *did* want them in the community. Now, fortunately, the specific ones that arrived are decent people and I have nothing against them – but that’s just luck. The gutmenschen were quite willing to take the risk.

      They absolutely villified the one person in town (not me, I don’t have enough courage in this environment) who objected vehemently and publicly.

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