Germany: SJWs Protest the Deportation of Afghan Rapists and Child Abusers

The following report by Egri Nökwas published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

“Stop Deportations”

Germany: SJWs Protest the Deportation of Afghan Rapists and Child Abusers

by Egri Nök

Last Tuesday evening saw Germany cracking down hard and deporting 8 (eight) convicted Afghan criminals. The men were put on a flight from Düsseldorf to Kabul.

The men were taken directly from prison to the airport. Their convictions are:

1.   rape in coincidence with grievous battery,
2.   rape and attempted grievous battery,
3.   grievous battery,
4.   grievous battery and coercion,
5.   grievous sexual abuse of children,
6.   robbery,
7.   grievous sexual abuse of several children,
8.   sexual abuse of a child, two attempted rapes, several cases of sexual coercion.

And still, a coalition of about 180 “refugees welcome” and fake “human rights”* activists gathered in the departure hall of Düsseldorf airport to protest the deportation.

(* we are for human rights, but there is something very much wrong with these activists’ definition in a case like this, hence the quotation marks.)

[Caption for second photo (not shown): “Afghanistan is not safe!” (twice) — “All humans are equal!” — “No man is illegal” — “Asylum is a human right!”]

There are 15,112 Afghans currently residing in Germany who are obliged to leave the country immediately (in theory), and 43,000 whose asylum applications have been rejected but who were given a suspension of deportation.

Last year the district president of the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia calculated that under current German practice, it would take 20 years to deport every rejected asylum seeker just from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone.

15 thoughts on “Germany: SJWs Protest the Deportation of Afghan Rapists and Child Abusers

  1. “deporting 8 (eight) convicted Afghan criminals” Surely there must be two zero’s missing behind the 8…..
    “it would take over 20 years to deport every rejected asylum seeker ” That seems strange , considering the number of german charterplanes unoading hundreds of thousands of holiday-makers on just one island in the med during the summer vacation time ; there’s undoubtedly some spare capacity outside those periods , and the germans used to be well known for moving large numbers of people , so i trust that,with some sincere logistical effort , they’ll manage to send the rejected asylum seekers home in much shorter time . And not only from North Rhine-Westphalia……

  2. As I tell my wife when she raises questions about those SJWs. “They are ‘team’ players sweetie.” And like all those indoctrinated into championing only their side of any story at every opportunity, their ‘team’ can do no wrong, even when it comes to their ‘team members’ committing criminal acts against their own kind.

    And that kind of ‘thinking’ takes an exceptional kind of moron, and as apart from being any reasonable sort of a person.

  3. When the tide finally turns against bringing in hordes of invaders, these SJWs will be lucky if they too are only deported. Those who make it impossible for the worst kinds of rapists and molesters to leave painlessly via aircraft will also make it inevitable that they will eventually leave violently via the smokestack.

  4. They’re doing it wrong.

    The correct way is to be methodical about it: every day, a Boeing 747 should leave Germany fully loaded with deportees.

    Without question it should be leaving.

    The questions should be:

    (a) Where is it going today?
    (b) Who will be in it today?

    (a) can be fairly variable depending on need.
    (b) is trickier. Criminals and failed refugee claimants are ideal, but so are SJWs, bureaucrats that don’t do their jobs, etc :-).

    If the police were charged with filling it, on pain of being fired, trust me, it’d be full.

  5. I’m sounding like a broken record on this. The idiocy and degeneracy of those protesting the deportation of rapists and other sex offenders stems from the philosophy of cultural Marxism, which is pervasive among the elite of Europe and the North American continent. Cultural Marxist dogma specifies that Western civilization is evil, and native European stock is a blight on the earth. Therefore, any policy contributing to the dissolution of Western society, which is harmful to the security and identity of Western peoples is to be admired.

    In other words, the destruction of Western society is a feature, not a bug, of keeping violent criminals on the streets.

    The protesters are not simply deluded do-gooders who don’t understand the consequences of the presence of vicious street criminals. The protesters do not identify with Western culture, and wish to destroy it.

  6. Ok.

    Sounds like the SJWs are signaling that they too, would like a one way ticket to their Afghan utopia.

    After all, there is endless demand for fresh bacha bazi there.

    • We’re both having the same idea. The key is to “sell” it to these morons correctly. What’s needed are “Human Rights Observers” (with White Privilege TM) to fly back with these rapefugees, to ensure that they’re not mistreated on arrival.

      I’m sure that the readership on GoV would fund the one-way tickets for these idiots.

      Funny how for all their talk, there would be preciously few takers. Hypocrites they are, the lot of them.

    • And fresh bodies to be used as fodder in the never ending battle for who knows what there!!

  7. What the German SJWs don’t seem to realize is that—because of how all these violent crimes were committed against infidels—the deportees will be enthusiastically welcomed back home as Lions of Islam™.

    The only danger is that, much like with WWII-era Russian POWs who escaped and made it back to their lines, these predators may face execution for having been tainted by having too much contact with decadent Western influences.

    I can only imagine that the returnees will be far more rigorously vetted than they were upon arriving in Europe.

  8. The people in the photo aren’t SJWs. Look closely, there are a few white people, but there are more Arab types. I only count one, possibly two women. So: paid male foreigners and a few male Euro coordinators. Probably not one real SJW. This is good, it means regular people didn’t attend this.

  9. I get that these protesters are paid actors, but how do you find so many people without a conscience whatsoever?

  10. Shave their heads and enforce a “walk of shame” Game of Thrones style!

    Why does the general population of Germany stand for this crap?

    What will it take for them to reject and punish these ethnomasachistic,
    Self – loathing, brain dead morons and put them in their place once
    And for all.

  11. The men were taken directly from prison to the airport.

    I see that Gruinard Island remains available as a holding area. I doubt that even a strong swimmer would have much chance of escape from there.

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