German Culture-Enrichers Say: “We Love Adolf Hitler”

The “New Germans” in this video are well aware of the cozy relationship between Islam and National Socialism. They’re delighted to identify Hitler as an Arab and claim him as one of their own.

Do you think they’ll be prosecuted for “denigrating Islam”, as Michael Stürzenberger was?

What kind of odds do you think a bookie would give on that?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Come! Come!
0:03   What do you want?
0:06   Tell us, tell me one reason why I shouldn’t vote for AfD.
0:09   Tell me one reason why…
0:12   Racists, all are [.?.], OK?
0:15   But what are you doing for the country, what are you good for here?
0:18   What do you want in this country?
0:21   We defend this country more than you! —Ask again please?
0:24   What do you want in this country? —What do we want in this country? We bring luck to this country,
0:27   we bring work to this country, we bring the culture to this country,
0:30   and and and and and and and and… we…
0:34   But all you do is live at our expense? —What expense! (flips the bird)
0:37   What expense, what expense do we cost, what expense?
0:40   You don’t even work, all I ever see you do is strolling around!
0:43   And why? We don’t go to work,
0:46   the work comes to us, brother!
0:49   And stop dealing so much, or I’ll send [unclear] —We don’t deal! —You don’t do that anymore?
0:52   We are like bosses, we just sit and take money. —Aha.
0:56   And now, tell me once again that I shouldn’t vote for AfD! —We are, we are…
1:00   You are the reason for the demise of this country!
1:03   We are, we are… you talk about the AfD, you Nazi,
1:06   we love Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was an Arab,
1:09   and we want to [unintelligible] like Adolf Hitler because…
1:12   them them them them them them them them them gave them oil,
1:15   because without Arabs, Adolf Hitler wouldn’t be in his Bavarian…
1:18   wouldn’t have built his house, and ask about Eva Braun,
1:21   Eva Braun is also our cousin, and like Adolf Hitler,
1:24   we only ever say Heil Hitler! —Hey! —OK!

2 thoughts on “German Culture-Enrichers Say: “We Love Adolf Hitler”

  1. So, this clip seems to show that the Arab Muslim immigrants are trying to fit into Germany after all. What a relief.

  2. ‘They’ will have no difficulty then understanding when the real nation has had enough of ‘them’?

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