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The following report from Poland makes one wonder how many other left-wing demonstrations are like this — packed to the gills with employees for the mainstream media, disguised as radical activists. Actually, since they work for the MSM, I guess it’s not really a disguise, just their street clothes.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article the conservative Catholic news site

Embarrassing action: GW [Gazeta Wyborcza — Poland’s largest newspaper, progressive to the core] journalists dressed up as … Greenpeace activists

Another embarrassing action by Gazeta Wyborcza after [their journalist] Jack Hugo-Bader posed as a black man? [He painted his face brown and went to the Polish Independence March on November 11, 2016, to prove Polish people are racists] The website reported on the events during the protest in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of the Environment in Warsaw.

Police verified the IDs of the participants in the demonstration. As it turned out, several of them were employees and associates of Gazeta Wyborcza wearing Greenpeace stickers on their clothes.

The international organization [Greenpeace] announced on Facebook a protest in front of the offices of the Environmental Ministry. The demonstration is related to the Justice Tribunal of the EU meeting on the felling of trees in the Białowieża Primeval Forest.

“If you’re in Warsaw and have a moment, drop in at 2:30pm in front of the Ministry of Forests (sometimes referred to as the Ministry of the Environment) and show your solidarity here; we will,” Greenpeace wrote. The news website reports that attendance was rather poor, but many journalists from Czerska Street [address of Gazeta Wyborcza] showed up at the protest.

“Police officers who checked the IDs of the protesters in front of the ‘Environmentalists’ Ministry were astonished to find out that they weren’t dealing with Greenpeace activists,” the website said.

One thought on “Reporters for Gazeta Greenpeace

  1. In my opinion, the problem is not the proportion of journalists who are leftist.

    The problem is their view of truth, objectivity and reporting integrity.

    I don’t mind a news outlet where the reporters are overwhelmingly left, or the editorials and op-ed pieces are left, as long as reporting itself is complete, objective, well-researched, and unbiased. In other words, I wouldn’t bother getting news from a conservative, or identitarian news source if I thought they slanted or filtered their news to reflect their viewpoint.

    It seems the left is fighting an asymmetrical war. Conservative (not neo-con) outlets are expected to be fair and objective, but the only ones calling the leftist news to account is the conservative and alt-right media.

    Let GW defend itself by saying it will face any challenges to its reporting objectivity and that it reports news fairly without bias.

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