Culture-Enriching Sexual Abuse on a Swedish Bus — But the Driver Doesn’t Want to Know

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for this translation from Fria Tider:

The now-convicted man (insert) has already been convicted of abusing several Swedish women — but cannot be deported.

Nobody on the bus intervened when man threatened to rape girls

September 27, 2017

All passengers were silent and pretended to see nothing when an Arab man on a bus loudly threatened to rape two Swedish teenage girls and called them whores. Instead the girls got chewed out by the bus driver, who threatened to throw them off the bus when they told the man to stop.

The two girls had to take a bus from Augustenborgstorget in Malmö one evening in May 2016. At the stop stood a 38-year-old Arab, now sentenced to a month’s imprisonment.

He remarked on the fact that the girls were each eating a candy bar.

“Is it good? If you want to suck on a big club you can suck on mine,” he explained.

The man, who has an immigrant background from Tunisia, and who has been convicted of abusing several Swedish women, continued to comment on the appearance of girls and said that they were dressed like sluts. As they got on the bus, the man looked at the bus driver and proclaimed:

“Look what nice a**es they have!”

The girls sat in the middle of the bus and the man sat behind them and continued to harass them:

“Habibi, habibi, I’ve raped your mothers!” he said, threatening to rape even the girls.

He turned especially towards one girl and threatened to first drug her and then rape her:

“You still have too big an a**, but I do not care, I’ll take you in the a**,” said the Arab.

When she said they were only 14 years old to get the Arab to quit, he just said that he didn’t care and that he would “take them in the a**” anyway.

The girl, who was terrified, responded to the fact that nobody in the bus said anything. Everyone just looked away. However, the driver reacted — by threatening to throw her off the bus when she shouted at the man and desperately asked him to stop.

“He told me to get off the bus, but I said it was not me who should be off, but it was the man who should be thrown off for what he was doing. But nobody in the bus said anything in my defense; everyone just sat quietly,” said the girl during police interrogation.

On the bus, the man also explained that he would go where the girls left, as he did. When they left the bus at Student Street, he followed them and continued to threaten them, among other things telling him that he had a connection to a criminal gang. One girl had previously called her father and the perpetrator was arrested by the police.

The 32-year-old man has now been sentenced to a month’s imprisonment by the Malmö District Court for sexual abuse and unlawful threats.

He has previously appeared in no less than 35 sections in the official register, but cannot be deported to the Arab world because he is a Swedish citizen.

The man was sentenced to a month’s imprisonment last 10 May 2017 by the Gothenburg District Court for threatening an official and violent resistance. Hässleholm District Court sentenced him on 31 August 2016 to two months in prison, for attempted violence against the official, threatening an official and violent opposition.

The violence that the 38-year-old has been convicted of has affected several Swedish women with whom he had relations. In June 2013, he was convicted of gross violence against women and for intercourse after inducing a woman to sell sex.

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  1. Was he born in Sweden ?. No ?. Then send him back to Tunisia where he belongs., we europeans are stupid.

  2. Ah the super soft Swedes. The ONLY Viukings left in this world are their tough descendants who are now identified as Russians. Sweden’s many years long Welfare State has resulted in the breeding of inbred, inferior, dogs that no longer know how to hunt.

    • Dogs should never be denigrated. Remember, Muslims denigrate these precious animals, our best friends.

  3. Knitting.
    What a nice, safe and pleasant hobby for women AND girls, too.
    Nice long, straight and sharp pieces of aluminum-or better-stainless steel.
    Carry some yarn and a few inches of scarf on one of them as a nice feminine hobby you “carry with you for your spare minutes ” during the day.

    This Muslim episode herein related fits the definition of “Assault”.
    When Mohammed’s assault gets into one’s FACE–Something can get in his EYE.
    Or deeper, perhaps. YMMV.
    “A tragic accident–but it could NEVER have happened if he hadn’t jumped at me in the first place”. Whatta shame.
    My $.02.

    • I see Amazon sell single pointed metal ones with a convenient 35 cm length.

      A bit more than $.02, but still a good investment for a new hobby.

      • Why not get a couple industrial strength and size Tywraps. You know, the white plastic kind cops use to handcuff someone. If you use the size that are for air conditioning and duct work they are about 24″ or longer and about 6mm wide. They are strong. Be sure to buy the ones with metal lock tabs. Now, carry a few inside your clothing and just the top stub sticking out of your waistband, where you can slip one out when you need it. Place the free end in the lock end with enough free end on the outside of the lock to allow you to pull it tight. Take the large loop and slip it over the head of the offender. Pull down over his head to the throat area and pull tight until the bastard starts to struggle for air. It will take someone with a proper pair of cutting pliers or a sharp knife to free him. He will soon forget all about raping or hassling someone as he gasps for breath and can’t muster enough to call for help.
        Adios, MFer.

        • Sounds a bit complex. What’s wrong with the old fashioned guitar string? Does the job just as well and much easier to hide.

          • A perfume atomizer worked well in the past. If you really want results, for eye strain, fill it with bleach or ammonia.

    • My mother carried a 6 inch steel hatpin. She once plunged it full length in a stranger’s thigh when he groped her at the cinema. He left quick enough.

    • All they need is a easily concealed ice pick, they are not too short so they easily hit any vitals, extremely sharp and thin and will penetrated almost anything,

  4. And yet the Swedish women will not vote for political parties that advocate better legislation?

    • That’s what amazes me the most.

      This whole type of scene is scary, not so much for the behaviour of the perp, but for the fact that it’s tolerated by the rest of the passengers.

      Is it because they don’t care? Or is it because they’re afraid? Of the perp? Or of the police reaction?

      Try it in Poland, dude, and see how fast you get beaten to a pulp by the other passengers…

      • Yup.

        There are plenty of relevant clips out there that show what happens when immivaders try and block Eastern Europeans who are just trying to drive down the street and get on with their day.

      • They are afraid of being accused of a “hate crime”, arrested, dragged before a judge, going to jail, losing their job, losing their home, losing custody of their children. Weaponized judicial system. Look up what happened to four German men in Arnsdorf who restrained a violent Iraqi man in a Netto grocery store.

  5. The women don’t vote in big enough numbers for the conservative Swedish Democrats. This incident, which fortunately did not end in violence, reminds me of the Kitty Genovese tragedy in New York in 1964, when she was screaming for her life in an apt building hallway and no one, from the safety of their apts, would phone the police. She was murdered.

    • It’s tempting (for me anyway) to wonder whether the socialism permeating Swedish society had something to do with the non-action of the individuals on the bus. If one is raised from birth to expect the “State” to do take care of problems, then one’s instinct for taking action on one’s own behalf is suppressed, presumably.

      • “IT’s tempting to wonder if socialism permeating Swedish society had something to do with it?”….let me ease your wonder – IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!

    • At the risk of being thought a pedant, the Kitty Genovese incident has been debunked to some extent. The idea that dozens of people listened to her screams and did nothing is the result of the delightful New York Times printing the number of people the police interviewed as if it were the number of people who actually witnessed the assault.

      This number took hold in the popular imagination because it supposedly revealed the callousness of modern American life. And it has hung on like a tick. In actuality, the people who were witnesses to the attack behaved properly.

  6. You can buy a product called a “tiger claw”. Very nasty self defense weapon easily concealed in the hand.

    • Yes, it is a Maratha (Hindu Warrior Group) weapon called “Whaagh Nakhe” (literally tiger claws) and was famously used by the 17th century Maratha King Shivaji to kill the Moslem general Afzal Khan, which led to the re-establishment of Hindu rule over most of India by the early 18th century. I am Maratha, and Whaagh Nakhe is very much our pride.

  7. And where are Swedish feminists? Why did not they make a scandal about such a this juicy piece of sexual harassment by a disgusting brutal man? Why no feminist organisation demanded an exemplary and humiliating punishment for him? Where is the outrage?

  8. To be fair, there is no such thing as “deportation” of a national. The only way he could be removed from Sweden and then deported or exiled is if there was a process of revoking citizenship first.

    The way to get out of your territory a national who committed crimes would be extradition. But very few countries allow for extraditions of its own nationals, even if they are naturalized. And besides, it would depend on Tunisia having an interest on prosecuting him, and on a previous extradition treaty between the two countries. Even if this happened, if his citizenship was not revoked he could go back to Sweden after serving his time in Tunisia.

    So unless Sweden creates some kind of law that allows for the loss of citizenship (spoiler – not gonna happen), “deportation” is empty talk. They are stuck with whoever they gave Swedish passports.

  9. So many of the sheep have been brainwashed with leftists pc and commie propaganda, that it will take the violent overthrow of these people before we can stop the madness thats going on now.

    Its a war!

    Few days ago, 3 german girls, about 19 yrs old, sat next to me on a train going from bucharest to constanta blacksea romania,

    I ask them, what the heck is going in germany, and i said it must be dangerous there now.

    One replied, that things are wonderful in germany, there is no danger, things are perfect, angela merkel is great, she was legally re-elected by the people.

    I wS told by this girl, i must be reading fake news, as theres no increase in violence, german is fine.

    What struck me wzs the look on this girls face as she spoke, like i was a nut job, ill informed, and she was totally sure of her words, she spoke with undying conviction.

    I noticed her 2 friends remained silent.

    These 3 girls, looked, dressed and acted like men,
    They did not seem like females, but like blokes.


    I feel violence in the air, wont be long before were fighting these brainwashed sheep in the streets tooth and nail,
    I guess its already started in usa, well its starting here now.

    Get armed people, get armed.

    • So what were they doing in Romania?

      Why didn’t they stay in their wonderful surroundings back home or, if they like travelling, sample the exotic flavours of Malmo, Marseille, Brussels-Molenbeek or Luton?

    • Yes, it’s on the increase here in the US. Many here are predicting a left/right civil war someday.
      Watch the news on November 4 – the antifa leftists have marked that day as a day of widespread violence.

    • Germany is just a vanilla shadow compared to its heyday under the National Socialists. The fact is Germany was engineered into a war(WW2), because it was just TOO SUCCESSFUL for western countries to cope with.

  10. Another “Sweden-degenerating-before-our-eyes” story is another opportunity to imagine a little lady who’s clapping her hands with glee at this story. Sure, it’s only harassment of two girls, but that guy’s going be a rapist soon – we all know it.

    And then the pos barbara spectre and her organisation paideia will hang out the bunting to celebrate their ability to create hell on earth for “Christians”, as due punishment for 2,000 years of unprovoked abuse.

  11. Adults of Sweden. Are you all such cowards that you would not all rise as one on that bus to beat that animal to the floor in defense of innocent children? You are doomed if you do not discover the virtue of courage. Even if it is too late to save Sweden just fight because it is the moral thing to do.

    • Exactly what I was thinking—-where were the men on that bus? Even 4-5 women can come together and beat this arab animal up nicely.

  12. Good thing I wasn’t on that bus. I know all of the big men of Europe love to decry Americans…we’re bullies…we start wars…we like guns…we’re cowboys…etc.

    But that would NEVER happen on a bus in America.

    I mean, the Muslim might threaten the girls…we can’t control that. But he’d be carried off the bus on a stretcher.



  13. Have the girls move to a few cities in the USA where a SOB like that harassing the girls would be beaten within an inch of his life so the next time he opens his vile disgusting mouth it will be through a wired shut jaw to sip his food from a straw.

  14. Where are the Viking Berserkers of old that held the whole world hostage to their fierceness? Did they all go extinct?

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