Swedish Police Chief: The Antifas, Not the Nazis, Start the Violence

This is a refreshingly realistic appraisal — especially coming from Sweden — of who the agents of violence are in political demonstrations.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation from Fria Tider:

Police Chief: It is the extreme left that poses a problem

The Nordic resistance movement, NMR, will not be the major problem when the national socialist organization demonstrates in Göteborg on 30 September. “On the contrary, it will be left-wing extremists who will start riots,” says Erik Nord’s Senior Officer to Radio Sweden.

The Nordic resistance movement, NMR, has applied for a demonstration near the Bokmässan (The Book Fair) in Gothenburg this autumn. According to GP, it is estimated that there will be approximately 1,000 participants.

The police previously announced that there is no legal basis for denying the organization of demonstration a permit.

This is now confirmed by Erik Nord, Chief of Police for greater Gothenburg.

It would have been possible (to deny a permit) if the purpose of the demonstration was to create disorder.

But, according to Nord, it is not the national socialist organization that will be the big problem, but their left-wing opponents.

“My general picture is that it is not this demonstration that will pose the greatest danger to order and security. We will certainly get riot-like situations around the demonstration. But these will first and foremost be instigated by the so-called counter-demonstrators. Then it’s our job to keep them apart to make sure that both gatherings can take place,” says Erik Nord to Kulturnytt.

It is precisely this the police in Charlottesville were alleged not to have done, and so did not protect the permitted demonstration and separate the different groups. Instead it allowed the left-wing extremists to attack the nationalist demonstration.

Erik Nord also points out that the lack of police resources is not reason enough to say no to demonstrations, and that the viewpoints in Sweden are designed in a way so that everyone can express their views.

It was Erik Nord who recently said he wants to revoke passports and citizenships for Islamic terrorists.

6 thoughts on “Swedish Police Chief: The Antifas, Not the Nazis, Start the Violence

  1. ” Swedish Police Chief: The Antifas, Not the Nazis, Start the Violence”

    Tell the truth and solve problems.

    Lie day and night for decades until disastrous wars occur not because of the man on whose watch started but because of the accumulation of errors that were piled for decades.

    All of those who came before are responsible.

  2. Adolf Hitler Called the Nazi Youth ‘Brown Shirts’ Now the Nazis Call them’ ANTIFA’

  3. In America both Antifa and the so called white supremacists are foaming at the mouth leftists. They staged an entirely false flag operation in Charlottesville. The person who filed for the permit for Unite the Right rally was Jason Kessler, an Obama supporter and one of the original community organizers for Occupy Wall Street. Kessler was in turn organized by Dick Creamer, congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s husband (in his Occupy days).

    The intent was always to begin a rally under a false flag and have Antifa intervene as though they were heroes rejecting Nazis. I think it’s interesting that no one gets on the case of the ACLU, who worked with this guy to sue the city of Charlottesville for the right to protest. The whole point of these protests is to make all Republicans and Conservatives look like white supremacists so that the Democrat party can take back the presidency in 2020. Make no mistake, this is all Democrat organized and funded.

  4. This is so correct. Antifa is the new name for the same old Anarchists, Occupy Wall Street and Communists who have brought violence since the nineties. Democrats support them and most Americans are seeing this through the media veil. It will not help Democrats in 2018 and it will help reelect Trump in 2020.

    According to witnesses and several articles, the police at Charlottesville cordoned the park on three sides and thus forced the Alt-Right group to leave the park in the direction of the Antifa thugs. This was done on purpose and can’t be explained in any other way.

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