Switzerland to the EU: Molon Labe!

The Swiss are not part of the European Union, but they are required by treaties they have signed to “harmonize” some of their laws with EU laws. Originally the harmonization was intended to apply mostly to commercial activity, but like all bureaucratic monsters, the reach of the EU has lengthened. Their latest requirement is that the Swiss give up their right to private gun ownership.

The following video tells a tale out of Swiss history to explain the country’s stubborn tradition of private firearms. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   August 10, 1792. The French king orders the Swiss Guards to surrender.
00:04   August 10, 1792, overstressed by false promises
00:08   and contradictory news, French King Louis XVI
00:12   decides to leave the Tuileries Palace, to put himself under the protection of
00:16   the National Assembly. Escorted by a company of Swiss soldiers under the command of
00:20   Captain Derlach and flanked by 50 grenadiers of Filles-Saint-Thomas [National Guard of Paris],
00:24   the king and his family go to the deputies of the National Assembly.
00:28   During never-ending bloody hours, the king’s escort,
00:32   and later the soldiers tasked with the defense of the Tuileries, will undergo an attack by
00:35   an angry mob thirsty for a vengeance. In the confusion of those dark hours a message
00:40   from the king ordering the Swiss to return to their barracks will be misinterpreted
00:44   by an emissary, resulting in a rush by the Swiss to rescue the king,
00:48   who is being held by the National Assembly.
00:52   After severe losses, upon reaching the one whom they have sworn on their honor and fidelity
00:56   to protect, the Swiss are forced to realize that the king
01:00   Has abdicated his powers. Believing that they still could still be saved,
01:04   the king orders the Swiss to surrender their weapons to the National Guard. By doing so he signs
01:08   the death warrant for his loyal soldiers. His order from August 10, 1792
01:12   is still preserved in the Museum of Carnavalet. [museum of Paris history]. This is its content:
01:16   “The king orders the Swiss to surrender their weapons immediately
01:20   and to go back to their barracks.” Out of about 900 Swiss officers,
01:24   non-commissioned officers and soldiers,
01:28   850 were massacred between August 10 and September 3, 1792.
01:32   This unbelievable sacrifice was due — at the same time —
01:36   to the orders of a weak and indecisive king and the barbarism
01:40   of the mob manipulated by the Jacobins and all sorts of revolutionaries,
01:44   and the uncompromising discipline of the Swiss regiments of the foreign corps (mercenaries).
01:49   The news of that massacre had its echoes in Switzerland, where
01:53   deepest indignation was felt. The Tuileries Massacre and the story
01:57   of the horrors committed against the Swiss froze the relations between
02:01   the Kingdom of France and Switzerland, which used to be good, beginning in 1453,
02:05   the date of the first alliance between the French and the Swiss.
02:09   On August 10, 2017 the EU
02:13   orders the Swiss to surrender their weapons.
02:17   225 years have elapsed between those two injunctions, but still
02:21   the same will lies behind those words: “Disarm.” In 2017 it’s not a king anymore,
02:25   by his divine right, but a self-proclaimed European Commission
02:29   without any democratic legitimacy, in its all might, that is equally
02:33   targeting the Poles, reluctant to change their law, the Czechs,
02:37   defending their liberty and security, or the Hungarians,
02:41   refusing quotas for illegal migrants. 225 years, but
02:45   still the same catchphrase: “The Swiss must surrender their weapons!”
02:49   To this sentence only the saying of Sergeant Blaser from Soleure can answer:
02:53   “We are Swiss, and the Swiss only surrender their weapons with their lives.”
02:57   Savièse, August 10, 2017, Robin Udry, the general secretary of proTell.

10 thoughts on “Switzerland to the EU: Molon Labe!

  1. A lesson learned the hard way! What happened then has reminded of what happened back in the 1990s to the 10 Danish policemen who were tasked in guarding a compound of Rwandans who had earlier become victim to the marauding rebels.

    The leader of the rebels approached the officer in charge of the Danish police detachment and demanded they stand down. Knowing that those they were guarding would be butchered at the hands of the rebels the officer refused, but as the police were under United Nations authority, and were not permitted to use force unless attacked, the rebel leader began threatening to kill the police as well as those the police guarded unless they handed over their weapons and left the area.

    The officer in charge contacted his superior who in turn contacted United Nations headquarters and got to speak with Kofi Anan. When appraised of the situation Anan ordered the officers to hand over their weapons to the rebels and leave the area.

    Well, those officers and everyone in that compound were slaughtered.

    As for Kofi Anan, no action has ever been taken against him!

    • I know it is easy to comment from this distance and this is certainly not intended as criticism of anyone other than perhaps the UN, but it seems that if the Danes had refused to surrender they would have been attacked, and could then have legally shot all the rebels.

      And how would anyone sat in a comfortable UN office thousands of miles away from the bullets ever know who fired the first volley, in a sensible precautionary move to ensure the enemy was dead before it could attack?

  2. The lesson is clear. Never surrender all your weapons to a civil authority. Such a course of action has only one purpose — to prevent a free citizen from resisting the illegitimate exercise of power by that same civil authority at some future time. It’s not even a selfish act to so resist, b/c it preserves not just your freedom but that of others as well.

    • Non, non!

      NEVER surrender your weapons, EVEN to a Military Authority, or at the behest of such authority.
      Use your common sense, and your gut sense. If the alternative is to die one way or the other, better to die on your feet, than on your knees.

      P.S. When someone with a gun tells you to turn around, refuse! If you have a chance, rush him by surprise, buy your life, dearly!

  3. What a wonderful video! What an eloquent, convincing speaker! I look at that man’s features and I hear his words, and I see an intelligent, decent, civilized human being bringing a sound and entirely reasonable message. Yet for despicable leftists this man, too, is a gun nut ‘clinging to arms and religion’.

    No, Switzerland should NEVER bow for the EU Diktats.

  4. I live in “EU” and am of Swiss descent. That might explain the part of my character that insists on taking an individual stand against trespass of any nature.

    In the country I was living in, right to armed defense does not exist, automatically a citizen is condemned for any act that harms another, where arguments of self defense are very very rarely admitted. In short you must rely on authority to arrive, and if you are still intact, the judiciary to sort through stories and lies, usually to arrive at no conclusion but universal condemnation.

    I have witnessed this several times, people, including corrupt authority learn what they can get away with, you are not permitted to record anything, if you do it is at the discretion of the judge to informally take it into account, it can be claimed to have been “prepared” at anytime and so dismissed.

    So the whole mentality is different, people will cross lines of conduct they would not dare if there was immediate threat of retaliation, the balance of power becomes an unusual triangle of the menace of the use of illegal arms, the ability to deceive authority, any corrupt influence with authority.

    There is no simple solution, I prefer not to carry arms as it is my belief that peace and resolution is always attainable with some effort, some dialogue, some patience and humility. I also recognise that some people have no time for that, if they think they can take the upper hand they will, their diplomacy of approach and effort is inversely proportional to the outright authority they believe they hold, or the amount they may get away with.

    However where it really becomes unnerving is when you have authority purposefully misuse public force against the individual, the citizen. This goes on, I have experienced it as have others, as I have experienced the simple threat of its use illegally being applied by bureaucracy to obtain its end.

    That, in sum, leaves a “soft society” that mostly believes and respects office, that is however manipulable due to its dependence and fear, and where people herd to avoid being the outliers that are periodically sniped by their own guardians. I would say there are worse social realities, but if for whatever unknown reason you find yourself in the sights of “the guardians”, you will realize that amongst them are the very worst kinds, morally and ethically derelict, with absolutely no room for any kind of common understanding. Their attitude or presence is used by the most aggressive in bureaucracy, it provides the sense of absolute right, the effect manifests or “proves itself” as right by the way people fall into line to it, like a self fulfilling prophecy, where the checks and balances of individual reasoning cease to exist.

    God bless.

  5. The Swiss make the finest weapons in the world, and they have been doing so for a long time. All through WW1 and WW2, the Swiss remained neutral, with HARD borders and a constitution that is quite stupid. America should learn from the example of the Swiss. America has a much better Constitution, better isolation, and a more intelligent population, oh wait, there are no slums in Switzerland. How is that?

    • Not quite neutral, Ric. In 1940 the Swiss Air Force (flying Messerschmitt 109s puchased from the Germans) shot down German aircraft intruding into their airspace, much to Goering’s annoyance.

      Later in WW2, many British and, especially, US bombers over Switzerland, whether off course (particularly when flying “shuttle” raids to targets in southern Germany, Austria or Italy), lost, or simply because they couldn’t take it any more, were escorted to Swiss airfields and their crews interned. I’ve seen photos of lines of B-17s and -24s lined up on Swiss airfields.

  6. There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, that demonstrates the resolve of free Swiss to retain their arms in defense of their homes, communities, and homeland. On the eve of the Great War, the Kaiser and some members of his general staff took a tour of Switzerland, during which the Kaiser and his officers inspected an honor guard of Swiss soldiers.

    The Kaiser stopped to compliment the sergeant major on the deportment and military bearing of his men, whereupon he asked why Germany – which had an army twice the size of that of Switzerland – should not invade and conquer its neighbor. What would Switzerland be able to do to stop it?

    The old sergeant major thought a moment, and then replied, “In that case, your excellency, each of my soldiers would have to fire twice.”

    The Kaiser’s Germany did not invade or attack Switzerland during the Great War, nor did it attack during the Second World War. The Swiss retained their armed neutrality and freedom on both occasions.

    The fascists at the European Union know that ordinary Swiss will not like what they – the EU – have in store for them – which is why the EU bureaucrats are trying so hard to disarm them.

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