Muzzled in Finland (Again)

How can the treatment of Antifa by police and government officials be the same everywhere? In the USA, in Canada, in The Netherlands, in Germany — and now Finland.

It’s as if all of this were being arranged and orchestrated the same mysterious trans-national organization…

Here’s the report by KGS at Tundra Tabloids:

Finnish (politicized) police allow counter protesters to harass anti-terror rally, arrest citizen journalist politician for filming Antifa

This is an outrage…

I reported yesterday that Junes Lokka was arrested for simply obeying previous police orders. It has now come to light (as I expected) that they came to arrest simply because they could. Using the thin gruel argument of “provocation”, they arrested the Oulu city councilman for simply filming Antifa activists chanting over-the-top slogans at participants of the (legal permit-holding) rally against terrorism. They themselves were not even engaging them vocally in any way, shape or form.

The anti-terrorism rally had a valid permit while the Antifa protesters just showed up and mounted a disruption event that they’re widely known for and allowed to get away with. Even the Finnish state broadcaster YLE reported that they were there without a permit:

The “protest against terrorism” was announced to the police in advance. On the other hand, no announcement was made by the counter-demonstration “Together against fascism and fundamentalism”.

The police however didn’t deem their (Antifa & supporters) over the top shouting and disruptions to be a “provocation” to the others at the rally, no, just the lone cameraman with his girlfriend holding a tablet on a tri-pod capturing on film their lunacy. The Finnish police have become an entirely politicized force and need to be de-programmed.

Before anyone takes to smearing me as “anti-cop”, I have been long on record as being pro-law enforcement; my brother-in-law has been a cop in Michigan for over 30 yrs, been even on patrol with him as an observer (we’re allowed to do that there with special permission). What transpired yesterday was a complete violation of Junes Lokka’s civil liberties, and I hope that he’s contacting a lawyer to file a complaint and a lawsuit against the Helsinki department for false arrest.

NOTE: I have some differing views and political disagreements with some in the close-the-borders, Finland First movement, but one thing I do agree with is their unalienable right to express their views, and to do so without any kind of (political) police chicanery. Allowing others to disrupt their events is highly political and a violation of their civil rights, and they do it time and time again.

Visit Tundra Tabloids for photos and a video (some of which is close-captioned in English).

7 thoughts on “Muzzled in Finland (Again)

  1. If the police (including politicians and commanders) insist upon providing citizens with unequal protection under the law, things will soon start to get very ugly as people start taking the law into their own hands (just as Antifa currently does).

  2. What we are seeing is that in multiple countries, the political leaders do not see it to their benefit to protect traditional liberties granted to their citizens, or to ensure that police enforce laws rather than advance political agendas.

    Countries where the police are used for personal political power are generally termed as totalitarian.

    The question posed in this article is, why are many Western European and American countries, generally viewed as liberal republics, turning towards a totalitarian form of government, where police power is used primarily to assure the power of a person or group, rather than to assure security and the protection of some minimal rights? And I realize Finland is not Western Europe.

    I see the common denominator of the countries resisting the encroaching totalitarianism as being 1) small and poorly integrated into global organizations such as the UN and the EU; 2) countries recently under occupation; 3) countries with a relatively homogeneous population.

    Perhaps Finland would have been better off to have been occupied by Stalin’s USSR, rather than being allowed to be kind of independent, as long as it didn’t irritate the USSR too badly.

    Maybe the most successful peoples are going to be like North Korea: strictly and consciously nationalistic, both ethnically and territory-wise, isolated from influences from other countries, able to protect itself, or at least giving the appearance of being able to do so, and finally, act as crazy as a bat to anyone messing with it.

    • Part of the problem is that current citizens are seen as a liability whereas there is big money in importing new “citizens” from various Third World pits.

  3. I was at that demo, and the same cop who arrested Junes threatened me with fines and arrest too for the same reason. I was livestreaming the demo, sticking to the “nationalist side” of the square (the cops made a barrier of cars between the two demos) and he comes to tell me to move back. I say it’s no use to move back, because I’m trying to report the event and can’t see anything from further away.

    He then says Junes and I being there can provoke the leftists. We ask, isn’t it their problem if they can’t handle legal filming on a public square. He keeps repeating it’s a nuisance for us to be there. I ask, who does it bother. He says “well, it bothers me”. I questioned that as a basis for moving us and he said: “You’ll either move back, or I’ll fine you. If you still won’t take the clue you’re getting arrested.” This discussion was caught on my livestream on my Swan of Tuonela -channel. This cop clearly had it in for us from the beginning and I was sure someone would get arrested there. And of course it then was my boyfriend they dragged away, he’s been arrested for 2 days now.

    • You ask yourself, why the Police does not allow you to exercise your rights?
      (And I think this is the only sentence from my comment that will be allowed. And on the one hand I can understand it.)

      And my comment will see me branded as a FBI infiltrator / agent provocateur etc.

      First of all my teacher regarding politics in school taught me one thing (and that he learned from the 3. Reich)
      If you want to know if your country is democratic or not, look at how the dirty kids are treated. You know those at the political fringe, those who are ostracized. In the 3. Reich it was the jews. Today it is the nazis and partially the antifa.
      Because if their rights are taken away it will not take long before your rights are taken away. (First they came for the communists. But I was no communist, so I did not care. Then they came for the catholics. As I was not one of them I did not care. Then they came for me. And then there was nobody who cared about me.)

      Why does the police not respect our rights?

      Because we dont fight for them.

      Please listen to me before you throw me out.
      As I am a german I can mainly use only german arguments.
      So, at the end of the 1970 there were the anti-nuclear protests in Brokdorf, where the antifa went toe to toe with the police and some police officers went into hospital, even intensive care.
      Then in the 90 we had the Chaos days in Hannover where the police was hunter and hunted and yes they were sent to the hospitals.
      Then we have the various leftwing occupied buildings, the most famous the Rote Flora aka Red Flora in Hamburg. There were battles fought and police officers had refrigerators thrown at them (from windows one or two storys higher when they tried to storm the building).

      You see, the antifa went toe to toe, screamed at the police, they fought, hurt, bled and were willing to kill.
      And so they earned the respect and fear of the police. (Yes, I know that respect may be the wrong word but it is the only one I think that fits.)
      Now when there is a leftwing demonstration the police delivers them something to drink and if the antifa sets up a barricade so that the so-called fascists cannot continue or even leave their assembly zone (like in Cologne 2007 and 2008 if I remember correctly), the police does nothing. They dare not clear the streets because they know the antifa is willing to spill blood, police blood, if they try.

      And now look at the muslims. You just need to look at Duisburg-Marxloh. When a traffic warden tries to enter certain streets she needs 100 police police officers just to leave the street alive.
      You see, the muslims go toe to toe with the police. They scream at them, they are willing to fight, bleed, hurt and kill.
      The same as with the antifa. They earned the respect of the police. And the fear.
      And if you see one of those pictures where about five police officers are surrounded by hundreds of muslims who brandish knives I ask myself: What does the muslims stop from just slitting their throats? They have all the advantages.

      And how do we behave? (and I make no distinction between nazis, alt right, KKK etc)
      In Cologne those guys went to court. And yes, the court wiggled their fingers at the police: “You are bad. You violated their rights. Now go into the corner.”
      Did it help them when about a year later there was their next demonstration? Nope it did not. Again their rights were violated and again the court wriggled their fingers.
      Or look at the small city of Erkelenz.
      A few years ago the NPD (yes, the nazis) wanted to hold a rally there. The place where it should have happened was divided into two sides. One for the antifa and the other for the NPD. But the area for the NPD was occupied by chairs and desks for two restaurants. So only about 3 meters of the entire length remained. And thats where the police was.
      I am reminded of the play “The Devils General” by Carl Zuckmayer. In it is a sentence thats a wordplay in german.
      German: “Dr Schmidt-Lausitz, der Mann der die deutsche Kultur vertritt, bis sie nicht mehr aufsteht.”
      English: “Dr Schmidt-Lausitz, the man who represents german culture until it does not get up.”
      You see, the german word vertritt can mean represent or kicking down in this context.

      We are pathetic. We believe in the power of law while reality spits into our face.

      Or as puts it:
      (I erased certain parts to not endanger gates of vienna)
      “Europeans hold peaceful protests. Blacks riot, smash things up and burn down cities, confront authority and use violence to get what they want…. Muslims organise themselves into gangs. They radicalise one another. They prey on underage European girls in packs. They create no-go areas in your cities and organise religious patrols in their territory. They support fanatical terrorist groups overseas and they’re plotting to bring them over here…And Europeans? What do they do? Europeans are weak. They smugly point out that their protests are peaceful and orderly, as if anybody gives something about that. They think that their obedience to government is a virtue. This government which has invited non-European immigration, hidden the destructive results, and criminalised anybody who speaks out against it does not deserve your obedience. …. It’s not. It’s weak, pathetic and shameful.”

      The police looks down on us because they can kick us, hurt us, kill us (LaVoy Finicum, Waco, Ruby Ridge) and the only response is: “Oh dear police officer, I am so sorry, but now I have to sue you. Please do not think bad of me. But in reality I just dont care about my rights. So please kick me again.”
      Compare this to the behaviour of the antifa and muslims. So, whom do you respect and grant his rights? Those who fight or those who dont?
      Then draw your own conclusions.

      Call me Cassandra, the seeress of Troy.

    • Your BF Junes Lokka is a brown race person born in Morocco. He is himself a brown race invader.

      “Even though my boyfriend is a Moroccan born minority” – Your statement at the end of the video.


      You have a Brown Moroccan boyfriend, yet you are against immigration?

    • Tiina Wiik, here is your photo of you and your brown boyfriend who you state was born in Morocco.

      Your couple shot, freeze still photo is at end. He has brown skin, he is not a Finn. He is an invader from Africa (Morocco) you yourself even say.

      Yet you say you are against the brown men invading, when you sleep with one? What is your explanation, other than being a state agent?

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