Police Hose African Migrants Out of a Square in Rome

As reported here last week, migrants who had been squatting in a building in Rome for five years (!) were finally evicted by police. They were offered other accommodations, but didn’t like them, so they set up camp in a public square. Then they mounted a protest. Then they rioted, throwing things at the cops and setting fire to garbage and/or their bedding.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Scenes of riots in the heart of Rome, the police —
00:04   this Thursday the Italian police had to use water cannons and batons
00:08   against a hundred of migrants who have been occupying Independence Square
00:12   since last Saturday: a squat in protest against a deportation order.
00:16   One of the refugees threw a gas container from the building.
00:20   On the square the migrants threw various objects
00:24   towards law enforcement. Last Saturday, about eight hundred
00:28   squatters were evicted from a neighboring building, which they had been occupying
00:32   for five years. Most of those migrants are Eritreans to whom asylum
00:36   was already granted, but the majority of whom refused the housing
00:40   that was offered by the municipality. The police say they intervened
00:44   after they were informed about intentions of certain migrants
00:48   to use Molotov cocktails.
00:52   A fire was even started on the square.
00:56   The flames were quickly extinguished. Police officers were attacked with
01:00   stones, bottles and tear gas. Two individuals were arrested.

5 thoughts on “Police Hose African Migrants Out of a Square in Rome

  1. “Most of those migrants are Eritreans to whom asylum was already granted…”

    And asylum was granted to these people….why?

    • Do you know anything about Eritrea? It has one of the worst regimes on the planet.

      Having said which, Italy was hardly the first safe country for these people.

  2. This article ran in Corriere della Sera–Italy’s best daily newspaper; center-right out of Milan–in May, appeared later on their English-language website. It discusses the same building and neighborhood, in greater detail. (“The heart of Rome has become a no-man’s land…”)


    “Roma fa schifo” (Rome is Disgusting): A blog and a twitter account, both in Italian:

  3. Presumably because the Italian authorities hoped that by giving them the papers, they would leave Italy and go somewhere in the EU.

    Are we europeans stupid or mad, or both ?

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