Rapist? Murderer? OK, Then — We Won’t Deport You

Culture-enrichers in Germany have studied the mentality of the immigration authorities in their adopted country, and have learned to scam the system.

Germans are sticklers for the rules. The “I was just following orders” stereotype isn’t entirely inaccurate, and it didn’t expire at the end of World War Two. The average German places great importance on sticking to the rules, which is a commendable trait — except when taken to absurd extremes.

Immigrants in Germany have learned that people who committed serious crimes in their countries of origin can’t be deported if they would be executed or tortured for their crimes back home. Sending them back would violate their human rights, you know.

“Really? Are the kuffar actually that stupid?? Hmm — it seems they are. OK, so I raped and murdered people back in Sandistan — you can’t send me back!”

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A new phenomenon is rankling our judiciary and police.
00:04   Increasingly, asylum seekers incriminate themselves
00:07   of committing the gravest crimes in their home countries.
00:10   They hope to avoid deportation that way, as they might face, for example, torture at home.
00:15   This raises the question: are those fairy tales or real confessions?
00:19   One way or another, it is an outrage, as, in one case, it would be asylum fraud,
00:23   and in the other case, we would let criminals walk free among us.
00:27   There is a great perplexity, as the investigations
00:31   of Stefan Meining and Constantin Eckner reveal.
00:35   We are driving to the county of Dachau. An asylum seeker from Nigeria was accommodated here.
00:40   His prospect for asylum: meagre.
00:43   But if there is a death sentence pending for him in his home country,
00:46   his chances for staying in Germany are good.
00:49   And indeed: according to a file that Report München
00:53   examines exclusively, the man incriminated himself.
00:56   He had, quote: “participated in countless executions, and executed eight people himself”;
01:03   “committed countless rapes”.
01:07   Authorities can only intervene in an acute threat, the county commissioner in charge explains.
01:15   There is always the danger. You always have abstract knowledge.
01:19   [Stefan Löwl, CSU, county commissioner of Dachau]
01:22   But they are not enough to support concrete measures and actions.
01:26   And therefore, we will have to live with this uncertainty.
01:29   Not an isolated case. Piles of files in the office of the Munich DA Anne Leiding.
01:35   She has had to face a new challenge over the past few months:
01:39   Asylum seekers who seriously incriminate themselves.
01:43   The cases that are currently on our desks, at the Prosecution Munich I,
01:46   [Anne Leiding, Prosecution Munich I]
01:49   are mainly cases where the persons incriminate themselves
01:54   of murder and rapes.
01:57   And it is strikingly often crimes that have the death penalty
02:01   pending in their respective home countries.
02:05   According to Report München investigations, an increasingly frequent phenomenon.
[re-enacted Scene]
02:10   Asylum seekers accuse themselves of the most serious crimes.
02:15   Quote: “…took part in more than five kidnappings and two murders”;
02:21   “was part of a group that killed five students”.
02:26   Each single case is considered. The general principle is:
02:30   when torture or the death penalty are pending for someone in the home country, he can stay.
02:33   The German Judges’ Association warns: Indeed, we see the danger that
02:37   [Jens Gnisa, German Judges’ Association chairman]
02:38   people who profess to have fled, who profess to be persecuted,
02:44   exploit our system by creating impediments for deportation by self-incrimination.
02:52   Investigations are extremely difficult in all of these cases.
02:57   You need to consider that when the investigations
03:00   [Anne Leiding, Prosecution Munich I]
03:02   concern capital crimes in countries that have the death penalty,
03:08   your investigation can only be anonymized. This means you cannot ask:
03:12   “Was so-and-so seen there on that specific day of the crime?”,
03:15   you can only ask: “Has maybe a corpse been found
03:19   during an approximate timespan in this-and-that place?”
03:22   This hampers investigations considerably, of course.
03:26   A perfect example: this assassination in
03:30   the Russian autonomous republic of Dagestan in June 2009.
03:34   Assailants shoot the Interior Minister of Dagestan, at a wedding celebration in a restaurant.
03:42   April 2015, an Administrative Court in Saxony-Anhalt:
03:48   An asylum seeker claims that he was involved in the assassination.
03:53   The judge assesses the asylum seeker’s depiction as “credible and detailed”.
04:01   Thereupon, the asylum authority BAMF, correctly, files charges.
04:06   The attorney-generalship in charge announces to us:
04:10   “There are investigations ongoing against the man.” — But will charges ever be pressed?
04:17   In light of similar cases, there is skepticism.
04:21   As the investigations are difficult, and as, of course,
04:25   you have to apply the principle of ‘in dubio pro reo’ when there is doubt of the argumentation,
04:30   cases like these often end with a dismissal for lack of sufficient suspicion,
04:34   according to article 170 paragraph 2 code of criminal procedure.
04:38   Years of investigations — for nothing?
[re-enacted Scene]
04:41   The consequences of mass self-incrimination could be substantial,
04:44   according to the Judges’ Association.
04:47   We are expecting several thousand cases
04:49   [Jens Gnisa, German Judges’ Association]
04:51   where self-incrimination leads to criminal investigations,
04:54   this is happening in a situation when the Prosecutors are overburdened to the extreme
05:00   by high criminality and too few personnel.
05:06   This means the system might be overextended; that is our worry.
05:11   Murderer or fraudster? Judging this is very difficult,
05:15   the psychologist Jan Kizilhan knows from personal experience.
05:19   From a psychological viewpoint we evaluate the testimonies,
05:21   [Professor Jan Kizilhan, College of Villingen-Schwenningen]
05:22   whether their contents are correct, whether they are somewhat factually correct,
05:26   consistent, and do not contradict themselves.
05:30   But still, we don’t have a hundred percent certainty whether or not it is the truth.
05:35   At the very least, when someone says that he has killed people,
05:39   then we should implement mechanisms to control this person.
05:45   If this is true, even only to some extent,
05:51   then there is the danger that this person has learned to kill people,
05:56   and could, in an extreme situation, under stress, kill someone again.
06:02   The proceedings against the Nigerian who had alleged he was a mass rapist
06:06   and eightfold murderer has been closed in the meantime — because authorities were stuck.
06:13   As always in such cases, what remains is uneasiness.
06:19   This is indeed a problem that you have to cope with as an investigating DA.
06:20   [Anne Leiding, Prosecution Munich I]
06:24   What makes this case particularly aggravating is that the crimes depicted
06:29   were terrible, and sounded terrible,
06:33   and that due to our professional experience we can assume
06:39   that this does not mean that they might not have indeed happened like that.
06:42   How do politicians view the problem?
06:45   Upon a request by Report München, the Federal Interior Ministry in charge announced
06:50   that a change of the legal situation was not called for at the moment.
06:55   We are heading towards a real stress test for the judiciary, and for the public sense of justice.

15 thoughts on “Rapist? Murderer? OK, Then — We Won’t Deport You

  1. Mind-bogglingly stupid. The Germans should be excluding people who have committed major crimes in their country of origin. Instead, they are accepting them because they have committed major crimes in their country of origin, or claim to.

      • Not only is this insane policy endangering the indigenous German populace
        But also denying victims in the home nations of the perpetrators, should
        Their “confessions” be true, due justice.

        Alternatively, you could jail anyone who confesses to rape, murder
        Or kidnapping a LIFE sentence (is you die behind bars) which
        Would deter liars and get the genuine guilty animals off the street.

      • This is nothing but theatre for the German public. The state wants everyone to stay, and now fabricates a plausible denial for the authorities.

        The state prosecutor and the psychologist are demanding for a negative proof. Both know that this does not exist. Thus this is only for deceiving the public. If you follow closely their Body language, you can see that they are lying as they do not feel comfortable at all.

        Any ethnic german getting a Trial is not believed a word by the judge. But These noble man from Nigeria do not lie and have never heard of These concepts, according to the prosecutor and the judges. And of Course a german prosecutor cannot ask their nigerian colleagues for assistance. This would be discriminating. But any ethnic german who flees political prosecution learns soon that in this case, the prosecutor can collaborate with his foreign counterpart.

  2. If they admit crimes, then put them in jail till the files from their home country are delivered, which will be never.But hey, our jails are overcrowded right now by… guess who?

    • I would instead apply the laws to them from the hellholes they slithered from. Or apply their beloved sharia law. I wonder what the penalty for murder is under sharia?

      But then, I would never have invited them in in the first place. Put each invader in a burlap bag along with a eurocrat and toss into the nearest body of water. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak…

  3. If the pendulum ever swings back, hard, the same files will be used to round up these killers and rapists as a start. Then they won’t be going back to their home countries, but will be sent behind the wire at the very least.

    • Thank you, Matt, for your dedication to pointing out how the Progressive elements’ legal machinations always can be turned against them with little in the way of strenuous judicial exertion.

      While your fictional accounts are both instructive and highly entertaining, the sociopolitical “jujitsu” that you continue to prescribe is totally priceless!

  4. I’m WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY past caring about what amounts to EUropean “terminal stupidity”.
    As in : “terminal”.
    Terminal–as in : “you will DIE of it”.
    And yes, lieber Deutschland, countries DO die. (Frankistan, Britistan, Belgistan, etc……)

    So, for us here in the good ‘ol U,S, of A–we should prepare. First, kick out as many of our own illegals as possible TO MAKE WAY for a YUGE flood of refugees that will soon be coming across the pond.
    “Soon”, as in–“in our lifetimes” (even us old farts).
    Maybe we should help them resettle in Central and South America as well.
    This new batch of refugees may not yet know that they are “Judeo-Christian”, but they will–SOON–at the sword’s edge of Islam. After all, dhimmitude ends when the dhimmis run out of $$$$$ to pay jizzyah.
    “Christian charity” also means–helping the formerly Christian.

    And, please, please, please—NO MORE phony ‘refugees’.

  5. Sorry, but have got to say this, but the “Red Indians” ( and Incas and Aztecs etc ) probably had the same thoughts then, as you do now.

    • I think it was Kipling who wrote……….about the (muslim) Fuzzy-Wuzzies…………….

      …………..”but we have got, the Maxim Gun–and they have not.”

  6. All that’s required is—for those in the judicial system who wish to “shelter” these murderers and rapists—to post a mandatory performance bond (listed against their personal real estate) that is forfeit should there be any repetition of the migrants’ previously self-admitted criminal acts.

    No release on self-recognizance, no probation, no nothing except expropriation of the property and a swift kick in the estate for anyone who stood up for one of these cretins.

  7. Actually the good ole U.S.A established the precedent for this in the la-la land days before 9/11. We were admitting Muslim Brotherhood terrorists from Egypt and elsewhere and giving them asylum because they were ‘oppressed’ by the local ‘authoritarian’ governments. We let men in as ‘imams’ who were TOO MUSLIM even for Islamic countries like Egypt or Yemen!

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