Of Course the Turks Built Germany — What Other Explanation is Possible?

The following remarks were made a few days ago by Sigmar Gabriel, the Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from JournalistenWatch, also translated by Nash:

Sigmar Gabriel: The Turks Built Germany

Our dearest Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) on Thursday defended his “hard-core” measures against Turkey via a press conference. Furthermore he gave us a booster lecture on the subject of “recent German history”. Since Thursday we now know who really rebuilt our country after WW2: The Turks rebuilt our country, and they are responsible for the cultural wealth in it. Thank you, Sigmar!

In front of a crowd from the press, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had words to say on the situation in Turkey and on the most recent arrests of German citizens in Erdogan’s Islamic paradise.

During the presser the former prospective teacher Gabriel defended his “hard-core” measures against Turkey. And since the press conference we now finally know just who is really responsible for the prospering economy and culture in our country. The SPD-functionary and darling of all those that haven’t lived here very long yet clarifies:

“…because these people from Turkey, or their parents, of Turkish heritage, are very important for our country. They built this country, they are the co-creators of this country, they are co-responsible for the cultural wealth of this country, and they are an important part of German society. “

This leaves everybody just speechless and we can only say: Thank you, Sigmar, and thank you, Turkish Muslim horde of millions! Thank you!

Many people on Facebook don’t seem to take too kindly Gabriel’s statements, and they call the SPD man’s words what they really are: a disgrace.

Video transcript:

0:00   …because these people from Turkey, or their parents,
0:03   of Turkish heritage, are very important
0:06   for our country. They built this country,
0:09   they are the co-creators of this country,
0:12   they are co-responsible for the cultural wealth of this country,
0:15   and they are an important part of German society.

20 thoughts on “Of Course the Turks Built Germany — What Other Explanation is Possible?

  1. First I thought this is a joke… Then I checked the calendar and the idiot on the video looks serious!

  2. Everyday things occur in Germany that are totally incomprehensible. This almost matches Merkel’s belief that the third world, uneducated, unemployable replacement population she has so generously welcomed to Germany will pay for the pension and health care benefits of older Germans.

    • Yes there was an article about in a Hungarian web portal. In the comments we are agreed, that while the Germans think the migrants will “take care of them” for years to come, in reality it takes about 1 minute when someone bleeds out from a cut throat…

      • That’s a lot cheaper than paying out all those benefits just to keep a lot of fossils like myself alive.

    • I don’t think the German people are so stupid as to believe the invaders will add to the social welfare network, except for adding more mouths on the receiving end.

      And Merkel certainly doesn’t believe it. Not that she has any moral obligation to the truth or anything, but as a physics PhD, she’s simply not that stupid.

      There is a problem with the German population. They are willing to sustain politicians who are openly against German culture and the German people…like the Swedes, I guess. But, one thing they don’t need is more Turkish laborers. One of the comments claims that Germany allowed in Turkish workers because of US urging as a favor to ally Turkey. Turkey is actually officially a US ally, which is a joke. But, as members of NATO, the US is obligated to jump in if Turkey commits an act, say like shooting down a Russian plane, and gets into a shooting war with Russia.

      Trans-oceanic, mutual-defense treaties of obligation add so much to international security and peace.

  3. To borrow from that great Turkish author, Friedrich Schiller:

    die Lüge muß hier gangbare Münze sein, wenn die Wahrheit so wenig Glauben findet.
    Kabale und Liebe, Act 2

    The lie must be acceptable coin here, since the truth is so little credited.

  4. The myth that Turk Gastarbeiter rebuilt Germany from the ruins after 1945 is one of the various delusions on the German so-called Left, which is a disgrace to that designation.
    NB: Turks in Germany generally vote SPD, the party of Gabriel, the way that UK Muslims vote Labour; it is said that Germany stayed out of Iraq 2.0 in 2003 officially at least because Schröder did not want to anger Turk voters.

    Statistics show that Germany was a world leader in industrial output again by 1959. But only in the early 60s did guest workers start arriving.
    This was because the German Foreign Office overruled the Economics Ministry which warned against such importation

    The Foreign Office in turn was obediently carrying out US demands to take internal working class pressure off the Turkish government. Turkey had and has a common border with USSR/Russia and hosted US nuclear weapons aimed at Russia at that time.

    All of the above is contained in various books/PhDs based on German govt. archives.

  5. The comments on the youtube video are hilarious. This one in particular:

    “Right he is, my Turkish grandmother from the famous Turkish city of Allenstein in the Turkish province of Ostpreussen has with her Turkish neighbor from Turkish Pommern and the Turkish city of Breslau built Germany.”

  6. I saw it and conversed about it in Germany, with Germans, in 1961: “It’s crazy…They hate us [and demonstrated it with the soles of there feet]…We leave them alone…They send all their money home…We have no men left to do the work.” All quotes of my German vati, who was a press photographer.
    I was on a train out, to Rotterdam, as The Wall was going up.

    • Sorry for the ‘there.’

      Another thing that struck me while I was there: The major series of articles in der Stern was Why We Lost The War; but, the men that I saw discussing it were likely veterans of The Great War.

  7. This is the guy who calls his own people “pack” that “ought to be removed” when they protest. Right down from the stage, in official function.

  8. They built the *country*. Das Land. BRD. Not Germany. There’s a difference, and “those in the know” know it. And even the rest are starting to realize it.

  9. Didn’t bathhouse Barry say something similar about the USA? It seems to another manifestation of the fantasy world that collectivists inhabit.

  10. This is the guy who called his own german countrymen Pack (vermin, lowlifes).
    But crawls before every Turk in Germany.

    His vita tells the story, he is a socially disturbed and spoiled person.
    Raised against bis will as a young child by a fascist father who was divorced from his mother.
    His first wife was a turkish citizen living in Germany (Munire Demirel).

  11. The German politicians are definitely crazy, mentally ill, but where is “das Volk”.

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