Goodbye, Germany!

In the following video an African immigrant to Germany named Serge Menga expresses contempt for his adopted country’s abject capitulation to the flood of “refugee” invaders.

Note: According to the translator, Mr. Menga’s completely fluent German and his method of expression indicate that he is being sarcastic. His ironic diatribe is intended to alert Germans to the foolish mistake they have made with respect to mass immigration.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What? What do you want do?
00:04   You can’t do anything, man. You can’t do anything at all!
00:08   Haven’t you read in the newspaper today,
00:12   right, that they, a couple of… five men, attacked…
00:16   five rampaging people pushed a woman from her bicycle.
00:20   Ha-ha! The last time, too: they
00:24   pushed a woman in the metro down the stairs, ha-ha!
00:28   What are you going to do about it? Police? Police can’t do anything.
00:32   The police come and make a report. Your laws,
00:36   we know them already: the police arrive; they make a report.
00:40   And since we have no money anyway, we are refugees,
00:44   but we have lawyers that tell us everything,
00:48   what works here and what doesn’t, right? The police cannot do anything!
00:52   Deportation? That doesn’t work, either!
00:56   How is it supposed to work? Our countries aren’t safe
01:00   So it doesn’t work! Ha-ha-ha!
01:04   Hey, all the money I get here per month, €328, some friends
01:08   even take some little jobs, a little business, right?
01:12   I don’t earn that in my homeland in a month.
01:16   What do you want? I have nothing to do with your laws!
01:20   Why? Because I have a totally different religion and
01:24   a totally different mentality and a totally different culture. Your laws don’t apply to me at all!
01:28   They are for you! You guys have no balls, anyway!
01:32   Your men have no balls! Your police can’t do anything at all!
01:36   I can spit at them: and they can’t do anything about it!
01:41   Right? I can go and beat someone to pulp, and they can’t do anything about it, right?
01:45   What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it?
01:49   You have no right to say anything in your own country! Your politicians:
01:53   bla, bla, bla, they talk, talk, talk.
01:57   How come you, in your own country, right,
02:01   you, in all those years you grew to be I don’t know how old; you were just working!
02:05   Now you even have to go out and collect empty bottles to make ends meet. And your politicians
02:09   talk, talk, talk; they want to make everything better!
02:13   They have no balls! They have no balls, your people!
02:17   Now there are elections, and German citizens complain, complain, complain, complain,
02:21   and then forget it all very quickly!
02:25   I came here; I’m not going back. No matter what.
02:29   Even if they come and say [unintelligible] ‘time to go’. Well, I’ll go to another country,
02:33   behind another border. “Welcome! Come in!” You saw that German soldier.
02:37   He even left his fingerprints [a German soldier who registered as refugee; he was caught
02:41   at the airport in Vienna with a gun]. They didn’t even notice that he was a German! Ha-ha!
02:45   He is a German! Nobody noticed!
02:49   What, what? What are you going to do?
02:53   We s*** on your laws, we s*** on your culture
02:57   we s*** on your mentality, we s*** on your police,
03:01   Your judges have no balls, right!? We grab your women, we do what we want: push, kick, spit.
03:09   What are you going to do? What?
03:13   I don’t give a f***! I came here, I stay here.
03:17   France is already gone, Belgium already gone, the Netherlands,
03:21   Anyway, gone; now it’s Germany’s turn.

41 thoughts on “Goodbye, Germany!

  1. I agree that this man is trying to warn the Germans.

    If only they would listen to him!

    He’s exactly the kind of person that Germany needs as a politician, actually!
    I’ll bet that he’s an AfD member!

  2. Well, this fellow has a far more accurate picture of Western Europe’s future than the entire Western mass media establishment.

    • The mass media is quite aware of what’s going on. However their role has always been to shape peoples minds and not inform them as to the events happening around them.

      That’s right it’s not about delivering the news but inserting opinions and views into lower classes. Just as the government and ruling class wants it to be.

      That said, I think the Germans would fight back if Merkel wasn’t going full on Gestapo on her own people just for even voicing disagreement with her.

      • The German people would not fight back. As German historian Oswald Spengler wrote, “An abundance of children, the surest sign of a healthy race…….” If a people is not willing to have children, which the Germans overwhelmingly are not, then what does that say about their will to survive and go on?

    • Indeed! He knows what he speaks of from the perspective of an informed insider.

  3. He’s certainly speaking out of sad contempt. I’d say he’s West African – probably Ghanaian, very well-educated. And he’s absolutely correct.

    There are many, many well-educated and well-intentioned ‘non-whites’ who love the West, just as much as the Ben Carsons and Robert Sowells and Condi Rices of the USA. Skin color is melanin, not culture!

    We must divorce nationalism from racism – that was Hitler, not us! Hitler also glorified the State and its bureaucracy.

    Today it is the Left which glorifies the State bureaucracy as the Nanny State they’d love to globalize, and it is they who are bigoted – towards whites and Jews! It is they who are dragging us into hell – as they boasted in Hamburg!

    • Race is much more then melanin. It is true that there are some assimilated individuals. But they are the minority. The majority wil revert to their natural state. Enough cities in europe and the states where european culture seizes to exist. It a hard pil to swallow but race and culture cant be divorced from each other. Every multiracial society is failing and has failed in the past. Wishful thinking and pointing to a few exception wont change that fact.

    • I agree to DiMu. An African or Asian individual who comes to live in a European society is not the same as a wave of forced, hostile immigration, that will destroy or at least fundamentally change that society (and not to the better). It is not this person’s fault or his making. There have always been “aliens” in countries, say, Europeans at the court of the Chinese emperors, and it has mutually benefited everyone involved.
      I had a Congolese professor in Germanic Linguistics. His perspective on European languages was very analytical and I learned a lot from him, which the other German professors never even thought about, cause they were so close to their subject.
      So I certainly welcome individuals like him or Mr. Menge from this video.
      Destructive mass immigration is a whole different issue.

      • Agreed. The country I live in has many Asians that are beyond integrated: they are the future of science, medicine and classical music in this country, because many caucasians can’t be bothered with the required hard work.

        And a black friend of mine is English as can be.

        Ideology and race can be completely separate. If the individual has the strength to let go of an ideology, or [ideally] is brought up in a decent culture in the first place.

        • You people really don’t get it, there’s no western civilization without White people. They don’t belong to Europe no matter how “integrated”, this will only accelerate our genocide.

          • You are absolutely correct! This is a genocide against the German people. The massive immigration and forced assimilation will destroy them if they don’t take Germany back for themselves.

        • If we listen to you, there will be no country for White people. In fact, White people will drastically dwindle down in numbers. You are actually condoning a genocide against Whites!

          Your comment about my people not wanting to be bothered with the required hard work is [something I deprecate]. Affirmative Action and other anti-white programs, no matter what they are called in European countries, place White men at a disadvantage in competing with nonwhites—in countries founded by White men! No decent person believes that this is fair.

          • I agree with you. Affirmative Action, which has reverberated around the world and caused untold damage, is just a recipe for mediocrity.

            The cold hard fact is that white people have been responsible for at least 99% of all human achievement–whether the imbecilic, masochistic leftists like it or not.

    • There are differences between the races. Each race creates a different culture. This man in the video is living in a country that was created by and for Germans. Germans should not be forced to live with nonwhites, who have countries of their own. The Germans will have no country of their own if they don’t rise up and take Germany back.

      In the video, the man says that the country he came from is violent and he is not going back. Why is it violent? It’s violent because that is the type of country his people create there. If the Germans keep on allowing people like him into the country, Germany will turn into a violent African state.

    • you sound like a [epithet]. Color is a minor aspect of race. Race = Biology. Biology = IQ, IQ = Culture. Western civilization is WHITE CIVILIZATION. PERIOD.

  4. No, you are wrong.
    He tells what he feels and he feels what I feel about German people:
    No respect, they have no balls and they are [ordure].
    So, yes no matter how

    • Far from being sardonic or sarcastic I truly believe he is spewing vitriolic contempt
      Upon the nation he has chosen to” grace ” with his presence.

      Typical African response to a charitable welcome.

      Find him, thank him for his ” philosophical ” input and send him back to the
      Third world pit from which he emerged!

      Good grief Germans when are you going to react to the multitude of insults
      Your country has been forced to endure thanks to mufti Merkel?

      • Yes, I don’t find Irony in his words, just the plain resentment, mockery and envy that is nothing but a function of the migrants full of misery and entitlement and hungry for power and privilege. I see this daily in the many Mr Mengas that pullulate in my country.

  5. I don’t think he is trying to warn Germany.He is mocking Germany and gloating about his ability as a refugee to commit crimes with impunity.He despises Germans ,German culture,German laws ,Christianity ,German police . He is merely pointing out the fact that German society is weak and defenseless.

    • Wrong. Look up his name and you’ll see that he loves Germany and is furious at the course it is taking. He is famous for a ‘Wutrede’ after Cologned New year ’16: ‘Angry Speech’.

      • If Germany were not taking the catastrophic course it is taking he would not be there.

    • Shelagh, he is using a sarcastic mode to warn, in the kind sense of the word, German’s of their own folly. He is like that Turkish-German author who moved to Germany as a child (married a German woman) and loves Germany so much he feels moved to warn it.

      In 1990 an Afghan Muslim immigrant to the Netherlands, who became a stage comedian, published a booklet (under a pseudonym, Mohammed Rasool, I think) called “Downfall of the Netherlands: Land of naive fools” in which he expressed his admiration for Dutch society and horror at their inability to grasp how incompatible Islamic culture was with Dutch culture. He was prosecuted by the Dutch authorities for hate speech against Muslims, fined, all major bookstores voluntarily removed his book from their shelves. He left the Netherlands for destination unknown. Mr Menga’s clip is very much in the same vein.

  6. It would matter not one jot if this was aired day an night on every t.v. station in Germany. If there is no will or desire to change the system of Germany, the system will be changed for you. As he said, the Germans have no balls so absolutely nothing will change. The only hope for Europeans is to find a leader like Viktor Orban who actually does care about the average citizen of his Country. Tragically, by the time the majority of the citizens of France, Germany, and Sweden realise this it will be far too late.

  7. Whatever Serge Menga’s intent, the fundamental and most pressing question remains valid: “What, what? What are you going to do?” The rest can be left for another time or the historians. Now is the time, now, for the question to addressed!

  8. There is something VERY wrong in Germany (my country) today that you must have dark skin to speak the truth without legal consequences. I think I will sign up for Russian dating sites.

  9. Serge Menga is a patriot who is fighting for Germany and german people.. just look at his profile (in german) on Facebook.. his intention is pure.. to wake people up.

  10. It’s incredibly sad that we Germans need to hide behind an african to express the truth of what is eroding and decaying our country… shame on us.

    • Very sad. Just like that German policewoman of Middle-Eastern extraction who wrote in the police union magazine about the horror of policing Muslim communities in Germany. She acknowledged that she could only get away with stating the truth because of her gender and was a “Southerner” to use the German euphemism.

  11. Towards the end of WWII and immediately after, both the allies and the Bolsheviks launched a genocidal campaign against the German people. They tried to exterminate them. Somehow against the odds Germany rose from the ashes to become the most powerful economy in Europe. That wasn’t supposed to happen and that’s why the Bolsheviks have returned to finish the job, but this time the target is all of Europe and indeed all white Christian-heritage countries.

    German re-unification turned out to be a huge mistake, it brought Angela Merkel to power.

  12. Difficult as it may be to accept, sarcastic, sincere or farcical matters not. Serge Menga’s words are the (however uncomfortable) truth and should be taken as such.

    This much is for sure, irrespective of context, anyone who disregards the meaning of Menga’s diatribe will be little more than fodder for the coming festivities.

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