Culture-Enricher Devastates a Church in Warsaw

Many thanks to Green Infidel for translating this article from the Polish anti-Islamization site Nie dla Islamizacji Europy:

Warsaw: An Iranian devastated a church. He was stopped by police.

A 37-year-old Iranian has been detained by police in the Mokotów district of Warsaw, suspected of damaging a window frame and windows in a Jesuit church.

An Iranian citizen stopped in front of the church building and then, for no reason, began kicking his foot at the window, causing damage of over 2,000 zloty [around $540]. At the request of the police and the prosecutor of Mokotów, the court issued an order that will remand him in custody for three months.

The police arrived in a few minutes after receiving a report of the devastation of the church by a tall brown man. With this description, they pursued the suspect. He was stopped a few streets away.

He was arrested, and possessed no documents or ID. With the help of an interpreter, the officers determined that the detainee had Iranian citizenship.

The Mokotów court, at the request of the police and the prosecutor, gave him three months’ detention. He may face up to five years’ imprisonment.

Source: [official police website]

9 thoughts on “Culture-Enricher Devastates a Church in Warsaw

  1. I believe after his jail time, unlike other Eurpean countries, Poland will do the right thing and deport him back to Iran. I don’t know what his motivation was for attacking the church, but I highly suspect the sickness of Islam. Is this happening in America but unreported? Probably the only media that would report that would be conservative alternative blogs or outlets like Gates of Vienna or infowars. I’m glad Poland is taking it serious.

    • And prof. Bogdan Składanek (Iranologist at the Warsaw Uni) likes to claim that “while a Turk right away will stick a knife into your heart, a Persian will first ask about your health.” Persians and their sophisticated manners …

  2. Of course he should be deported from this beautiful country. Why do these people come when they hate everything we love. If many more arrive, our beautiful cities, churches, monuments and ancient culture that has survived centuries will be eradicated. My heart aches. ❤️

    • Yes, but why do you want to deport him? Please have mercy on us and hang him right away.

  3. Well if he is a “tall, brown man.” is NOT Iranian.
    Just as the claim that the islamics invading Europe are Libyan, when the invaders are as black as the ace of spades.

    • Islam is not a race. There are muslims who are white, black, brown, and every other color people are.

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