Génération Identitaire: Defend Europe

The French anti-immigration group Génération Identitaire is working with Lauren Southern in an initiative to stop the collaboration of migrant “rescue” NGOs and people-smugglers in the Mediterranean. Their goal is to turn back the smugglers’ boats and force them to return their passengers safely to Libya.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating and subtitling this Génération Identitaire video:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello, I am (unclear) from Génération Identitaire and I wish to bring you the latest
00:04   on our mission: Defend Europe. It will begin in mid-July,
00:08   and aims to show the world the true face of
00:12   the so-called humanitarian NGOs, their collaboration with the people-smuggling mafias
00:16   and the deadly consequences of their actions at sea.
00:20   Our goal is that, like the Australians with their policy of NO WAY, European coastguards
00:24   will systematically turn back the boats of “migrants”.
00:28   This policy allowed the Australian government in a very short time to bring the number of deaths
00:32   at sea to zero, while during the years before this policy 1,200 people had died
00:36   trying to reach the Australian coast.
00:40   On this map from the New York Times one can see that the ships of the NGOs come closer
00:44   each year to Libyan territorial waters. This has the consequence of encouraging more and more
00:48   “migrants” to try their luck on boats that are less and less safe. Inevitably,
00:52   the number of deaths at sea increases. This also increases the
00:56   time needed to transport them to Europe, which would be much shorter if they were returned to Africa,
01:00   lost time that could have been used to save other lives, but this does not seem
01:04   to be the principal priority of these NGOs. During our mission, when we cross paths with ships
01:08   full of illegal immigrants, we will call the Libyan coast guard so that they can rescue them
01:12   while ensuring their safety until their arrival. After their evacuation
01:16   in the direction of Africa, we will systematically sink the people smugglers’ boats
01:20   so that they cannot be re-used, as is the case today. Today we have great news:
01:25   Thanks to our first big fundraiser we were able to pay for the rental of our boat,
01:29   and it is already on the way to the Mediterranean as of yesterday,
01:33   but as you can imagine, the expenses for the success of this big operation are substantial.
01:37   The greater your support, the longer this mission can last,
01:41   and the more effective it will be. And the more efficient it is, the more likely it will
01:45   be renewed next year and for as many years as necessary. If you’d like to support us,
01:49   click on the link below this video.

16 thoughts on “Génération Identitaire: Defend Europe

  1. Good to see young people who want to fight for Europe’s survival against the wishes of their parents!

  2. How long before either the EU states accuse them of wrongdoing or Barbary Coast pirates attack their vessel?

    • I’m a great fan of this young group (founded in France “Les Identitaires” and now with branches in Germany, Austria, Italy) but with their relatively “innocent” youthful enthusiasm, I am quite afraid for them – the enemy is nasty and potentially deadly.

      In German the word for Character Assassination is “Rufmord”, and the corrupt Merkel-Mob (incl. her newest little toyboy Emmanuel Macron) have done a great hatchet job on them. “Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Rrrrrrrright” is one of the milder names they get, “Nazi” is the favorite.

      Their “non-violence” as compared to the fake “we-are-love-and-peaceness” of the assorted Left groups is REAL. And, unlike eg the “Antifa”, they are not financed by corrupt Governments and Soros – quite to the contrary: for their latest action “Defend Europe”, Banks and other financial organisations have put every imaginable obstacle in their way – yet they prevailed.

      It’s THEIR future the corrupt politicians (and NGOs) are selling out.

      • Hey Rita,

        the character assassination here in Germany is already happening:
        Here is an article in German about the Identitarian’s Mission:

        But the best Thing about this: The Streisand Effect is fully working. Practically ALL comments below are Pro-Identitarian. The German Quality press(my prefered ironical term instead of lying press or gap press) propaganda seems to work less and less.
        One of them even Points out that the political Party “Lega Nord” in Italy copies their Actions, and will send 2 rescue boats themselves.

        Thus the Mission is a complete success, even before it started rescueing migrants for the light side.

  3. Sure would be informative if, instead of referring to these groups as NGOs, someone would name them. Why not? Are they protected entities?

  4. Well buddy you are late to this game, not impressed at all.
    Not enough at all.Weak.It see,s like he is in vacation at the sea site and rediscover what Australians did many moons ago.What a joke

    • @ Myfreeeurope:

      UNFAIR ! Australia had then a PM with balls, Tony Abbott who “stopped the boats” and so the initiative came from the GOVERNMENT.
      This group are youngsters who are defamed for trying – as best they can – their future. Not only do they NOT have the support of their Governments, nearly from their conception they were declared the enemy by their fully corrupt and dhimmy Governments.
      A little example what kind of hurdle they have to overcome (they are only groups of patriotic youngsters – a tiny voice in the morass that Europe has become): to fundraise for this Initiative – the banks have closed their accounts and even PAY PAL which is becoming increasingly pro-Islamic (eg having shut down “Bare & Naked Islam”) have closed the account of the youngster.
      I wish that Australia had such gutsy youngsters to defend it !!!

  5. This is what Frontex is expected to and should have done years ago. Europe needs a lot of motor torpedo boats to patrol the mediterranean sea, these MTB’s need to be armed and use force if necessary. They need to turn back boats from both sides, that means African and NGO boats, if they dont i truly bellieve that Europe will erupt into a Bosnian style conflict of epic porportions.

    I have the greatest respect for what Identitaire is trying to do here, i just hope that it wont backfire.

    • Good luck to them in this bold and courageous enterprise.

      However I see well publicised, heart rendering scenarios where token
      Mothers will be threatening to throw their babies into the sea should
      They be towed or directed back to North Africa.

      The MSM will capitalise on this immediately, already in the UK we
      Already have the motley crew of matronly women bemoaning
      The fate of children who have returned to Calais and demanding
      That they are allowed into the UK with immediate effect!
      Totally overlooking the fact that the last batch to arrive were, mainly
      Male, were not children but MEN, openly laughing at the UK
      Governments stupidity.

      Still from little acorns mighty oaks grow so good luck to these
      Young European patriots, I salute them!

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