Emmanuel Macron: Global Warming Causes Terrorism

It’s comforting to see Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron, the newly-minted president of France, acting according to stereotype.

Why, of course global warming causes terrorism! (Smacks forehead.) Why didn’t I think of that??

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We cannot pretend that we are fighting terrorism in an efficient way
00:04   if we have no resolute action against global warming.
00:08   Or we need to explain to people who live in Chad,
00:12   in Niger and elsewhere that climate isn’t a problem.
00:16   Today terrorism, the enormous imbalances of our world,
00:20   which we are experiencing right now, are linked to climate imbalances
00:24   that our international ways of manufacturing have generated.
00:28   Therefore we need to answer it, because everything is linked. So if we want
00:32   to treat the questions of Africa, of development, of industry, and of the climate in separate ways,
00:36   that’s fine, but I think it makes no sense whatsoever. Since this agenda is linked, our
00:40   responsibility is to fulfill all those engagements in a coherent way.

10 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron: Global Warming Causes Terrorism

  1. I predict that one sunny day this guy head will explode and at that point the global warming will be fool force.

  2. Perfect title boss. Trump is gonna meet with him this week.
    I couldn’t do it ..

  3. Macron needs to get in line–Obama said it first! (“rising global temperatures were causing the mayhem in the mid east…”)

  4. He moves like a student doing project presentation in front of a class. If I were politically incorrect, I’d have to say he’s “beta”.

    • “ultracrepidarianist” someone who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.
      Would I be out of line to call most western leaders ultracrepidarianists?

  5. “Climate imbalances that our international ways of manufacturing have generated.”

    Looks like Macron is an isolationist. I suggest we never buy anything made in France ever again, and the rest of the World get behind this effort to end “climate imbalances”. Stop international manufacturing, and the climate will again be balanced!

    Who’s with me? It’s for the Earth, ya know!

    OH, BTW, Chad and Niger are in the Sahara desert. How are they going to start making French wine?

  6. Yet another clown is in the french presidential chair. White western man is guilty again. Something very wrong is happening with this world.

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