We Can Do It! Throw Starving Old Ladies Into Prison, That Is

Anyone who has been following the culture-enrichment news from Germany will have noticed the ludicrously light sentences handed down for violent offenders who have a “migration background”.

The rules are different for native Germans, of course, even for the very elderly. An old woman on a tiny pension will do prison time for shoplifting less than €100 ($110) worth of food from a supermarket.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Journalistenwatch.com:

83-year-old starving retiree steals food — nine months in jail!

“We’re doing better than ever,” proclaimed our eternal chancellor Angela Merkel not long ago. A 83-year-old retired Munich woman is obviously not part of that: because she was starving, she stole groceries several times, for a total amount of €96. Now she’s supposed to go to prison.

by Marilla Slominski

The retiree Ingrid M. had worked her entire life and she had a retirement plan. But when the stock market crashed she lost all of her savings. And now, after deducting all of her regular living costs, she has €65.80 Euros left per month. She can’t even afford normal everyday things such as bus tickets or cosmetics articles. Per day, she eats one slice of “black bread” [coarse dark grain, very NOT tasty and constipation-inducing — translator], with one slice of lunch meat. She is starving. Her doctor told her she needed to nourish herself better.

When the trained seamstress watched how other elderly people stole things in the supermarket, she desperately thought, “Why not me, too?” Five times she stole small things such as chocolates and ham, and then she got caught. She was convicted of theft three times. After having a monetary fine imposed that she couldn’t pay, the judge showed no mercy: nine months in prison without parole!

Now the elderly lady is sitting on her packed suitcase and is waiting for a prison date. The only hope she has left is that her doctor will write an affidavit in her favor, to the effect that she may not survive prison.

This is a typical “German” verdict. For those who have lived here all their lives, have worked here all their lives, and have basically committed petty larceny of food, the judges know no mercy. But for rapists, robbers, predators and deadly kickers, the law seems to not apply.

Die Welt also posted the article.

19 thoughts on “We Can Do It! Throw Starving Old Ladies Into Prison, That Is

  1. I can only reply with sarcasm while I am grinding my teeth:
    She should apply for refugee status as a syrian MINOR. That should do it!

  2. Note that
    1. since 4.09.2015 there is much evidence that shoplifting by welfare migrants/invaders/Hijra implementers in dar al-harb Alemania are not being apprehended and/or prosecuted, sometimes because of the cost to supermarkets of extra security, sometimes because of local govt. orders. It was striking at that time how all branches of govt., from Federal level in Berlin through the state/province down to the municipal level colluded in the various ongoing breaches of EU and German law. Various memoranda and decrees, but not enough, were leaked as facsimile at that time and are on the Net.
    2.the linked DIE WELT is not the eponymous, ex-conservative. Merkel-swooning daily but a website that has just borrowed the font of the daily’s banner.

  3. Given how old she is, she probably made the usual mistake of “talking to the police”.

    Everything she said was used against her.

    Refugees are street smart and experts in this legal stuff, and their non-cooperation drives courts incapable of persecuting.

    The old Germans, on the other hand… I bet a part of the problem is just that: “The usual German sentence” is to a large extent caused by the “usual German naivity” and “trust in government”.

  4. Germany nowadays appears to become very Darwinist.

    It’s survival of the fittest, baby. And an 83-year-old German woman is obviously less fit than a young sturdy Arab male.

    Even an 83-year-old Arab woman has better survival chances because, most likely, her family will not let her starve even if does not get anything from the State. As for Germans, their family ties are apparently not strong enough.

    • Imagine what the future has in store for the million childless German women… I am from a Small Austrian town, big Family: Two brothers and four Sisters, lots of nieces and nephews, now I have grandchildren. Having a Family is the best thing in Life.

      • There’s an old saying: Let no man count himself lucky until he’s dead (or, alternatively, until the end is known).

        We’re just in the starting blocks with regard to this migration crisis. Lots more to come. Down the road, having a big family to worry about may not be quite the blessing you think it is.

        There’s a noticeable element of Schadenfreude in your post. However, I wish you the best, and hope that no member of your extended family experiences cultural enrichment at the hands of our new residents.

  5. She will go to jail and while she is there the state will confiscate her house to put islamic aliens in it….

  6. “usual German naivity” or “trust in government”.
    Sorry pal..there is not such a think.It is a German Ignorance

  7. The German judge is actually upset that Germany produces few literary masterpieces, and so wanted to produce a German version of “Les Miserables”.

    The big difference, of course, is that in Les Miserables, Valjean got caught and sentenced for stealing bread when he was hungry, but would probably have been given the bread if he had asked (read the text). No one could accuse the German judge of having this sort of charity.

  8. And when the consumate muslim female shoplifters steal something the always reliable German/Austrian Police treat them as mere cheeky kids. I once heard a Cop tell the store owner “Why do you want her arrested? don’t you see she has SIX kids?” I almost fainted…

  9. I don’t get it, I would have thought there would be groups who could have been put in touch with her.
    I can understand that she didn’t seek help, she was from that time when people were expected to look after themselves. I just would have thought that the judge could have given her a home detention and put her in touch with some kind of charity group like a food bank at least.

    • There are food banks in Germany. However, many volunteers who work there are quitting due to the recent intrusion of large numbers of aggressive migrants. These compete with native Germans for what’s available there, and have no problems with demanding more than their due, or scuffling with natives. It should be noted that they have no need for handouts, since the government already pays for food, lodging, transportation, health care, and pocket money for said migrants.

      It’s entirely possible that this lady had no easy way to get to a food bank, or found the new clientele there too intimidating.

  10. We are doomed. The majority must suffer injustice and tolerate intolerance. The insanity of political correctness has pervaded every organ of state and the entire mainstream media.
    We will sacrifice our children and the elderly to protect the demands of embracing diversity as our own culture is destroyed.

  11. And in England the destitute elderly die in filthy crowded hallways waiting for ‘their turn’ for basic health care that never arrives.

  12. She should have at least tried to or “removed, with extremely prejudice,” her local Bürgermeister, or political rep.
    That is the Canadian retirement plan… Free dental, medical, and meals, in a nice heated community setting.
    But you must take out a politician, MLA, city council, or lawyer.

  13. They’d never allow a “refugee” to starve, but an elderly woman, who spent her adult life as a productive citizen, working, paying her taxes and contributing to society is bot only allowed to starve, but gets thrown in jail when she tries to do something about it. Infuriating.

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