How Hamburg’s Rioters Served the G20 Image

The following op-ed on the recent anarchist violence in Hamburg was published in Compact Online. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

How Hamburg’s Rioters Served the G20 Image

by Paula Varga
July 9,2017

For the first time in the history of the G20 summit, events in the surrounding area are more important than the decisions made inside. The three-day riots in Hamburg put the negotiations in the shadow.

For a long time, leftist radicalism in its slimiest variations (Antifa and anti-Germans) has been not merely suffered, but supported by the political system and the MSM. These watchdogs were quite useful for intimidating opponents of globalism, PEGIDA, AfD and other resistors. But in the last three days, it seemed as if the red fascists had really bitten the hand that feeds them.

But even that did not shock that gourmand of “fish filet in delicate cream sauce” Heiko Maas (SPD) or the SPD vice-chief Ralph Stegner. Their positions on Twitter portray whitewashing and ignorance.

Chancellor Merkel was capable of making maximum use of the blessings of the moment. She quickly promised the victims of leftist extremist mass violence “help and compensation.” Together with Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), she would investigate “ how we can, together with the Hansa city of Hamburg, help the victims of violence by eliminating the damages incurred.” And that co-production of the federal government and the state of Hamburg is to happen with a minimum of bureaucracy.

Everything will be made good. Image perfectly preserved. But of course the money is not from her, but from the taxpayer. The taxpayer must pay for what the watchdogs of the system have wrought. Nasty irony: The victims who deserve compensation are involved in paying for their own repairs through taxes.

The red fascist perpetrators will hardly be asked to pay. And their rabble-rousing and hate-filled websites, such as indymedia, are still allowed to stay online. That’s only fair, since they have done the establishment a great service in the past three days. They skillfully re-directed the frustrations unleashed by this year’s G20 summit toward their own criminal activities.

Almost no one is now talking about the meager results of this summit. And the serious protests against the G20 summit were as good as unnoticed, because of the riots. Thanks to the red version of the SA[1], no one is getting excited that the world has not moved an inch toward improvement in matters of distributive justice. The Establishment is grateful.

1.   Sturmabteilung (SA): Paramilitary arm of the Nazi party.

3 thoughts on “How Hamburg’s Rioters Served the G20 Image

  1. So very strange that Merkel is poker hot for immediate action and prosecutions when it comes to the likes of any perceived hate speech against immigrants, but when dealing with these actual criminals she has the “go lightly” touch. Go figure!

  2. An analysis that is as sensible as it is true.

    In more than one respect, the episode reminds me of the theater played by Erdogan and Dutch PM Rutte. More of this Mass Deception will follow.

    One remark however: “Thanks to the red version of the SA”

    The SA WAS Red. Every movement or party that subcribes to an ideology that glorifies the State, tries to suppress the individual, cracks down on freedom of speech, no, on freedom tout court, favors a centrally guided economy, and is anti-capitalist and, for good measure, anti-Christian, is ‘Red’.

    The SA and the National Socialist German Worker’s Party were all that.

  3. “no one is getting excited that the world has not moved an inch toward improvement in matters of distributive justice.”

    The communist is upset the protesters took attention away from lack of progress towards communism.

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