The Evil Spirits of St. Louis

A federal grand jury has indicted a batch of culture-enriching convenience store owners in the St. Louis area for trafficking in drugs and contraband cigarettes. You’ll notice a strong correlation between the list of names and the adherents of the Religion of Peace. As Matt Bracken said concerning this story, “Moslems think selling drugs to kafirs is a hoot. Like raping our daughters.”

According to KMOV, the list of defendants includes:

  • Mohammed Almuttan, aka Abu Ali, 35, St. Louis, MO
  • Rami Almuttan, aka Abu Louay, 33, St. Louis, MO
  • Hisham Mutan, aka Abu Mohamed, 41, St. Louis, MO
  • Saddam Mutan, aka Abu Ali, 24, St. Louis, MO
  • Mazin Abdelsalam, aka Abu Mohammad, 38, St. Louis, MO
  • Najeh Muhana, aka Abu Yazan, 41, Fairview, NJ
  • Fares Muhana, aka Abu Yamama, 40, Cliffside Park, NJ
  • Ayoub Qaiymah, aka Abu Faysal, 23, Richmond, VA
  • Naser Abid, 23, Chicago, IL
  • Yadgar Barzanji, aka Abu Siver, 47, St. Louis, MO
  • Wafaa Alwan, 50, St. Louis, MO
  • Ahmed Abuali, aka Bazilla, 31, North Bergen, NJ
  • Mohammed Kayed, aka Mohammed Fayez, 21, Clifton, NJ
  • Momen Abuali, 20, Little Ferry, NJ
  • Firat Sevindik, 42, Cliffside Park, NJ
  • Mohammed Mustafa, 30, North Bergen, NJ
  • Mohammad Karashqah, Abu Yazid, 47, North Bergen, NJ
  • Fayez Sheikha, 46, Mishawaka, IN
  • Jihad Shihadeh, Abu Malik, 58, Chicago Ridge, IL
  • Ismael Abadi, 57, Carol Stream, IL
  • Abed Hamed, Abed Fawzan, 39, Greenville, NC
  • Maher Hamed, Abu Alazara, 33, Swansea, IL
  • Abdel Adi, 25, Oak Lawn, IL
  • Muhanad Khatib, Abu Alamin, 36, Chicago, IL
  • Eyad Awad, 38, Chicago, IL
  • Dale Garbin, 60, Kankakee, IL
  • Hayder Al Fatli, 40, St. Louis, MO
  • Kutlay Guvener, 35, Chicago, IL
  • Saad Al Mallak, 30, Dittmer, MO
  • Hassan Abdelatif, 29, Collinsville, IL
  • Mahajir Naz, 32, St. Louis, MO
  • Talal Abuajaj, 23, St. Louis, MO
  • Basem Hamdan, aka Abu Ramiz, 57, St. Louis, MO
  • Zainal Saleh, 29, St. Louis, MO and
  • Ibrahim Awad, 39, St. Louis, MO

Most of the names are Muslim. There is one regular American name on the list. Two or three have a provenance I don’t recognize, and may possibly be Hindu (although I doubt it). Nevertheless, the case has a Mohammed Coefficient of only 14.3%.

One thing to remember about this story, however: Muslims and their witless enablers among American academics will see this bust as proof that the American justice system is “racist and Islamophobic”. Wait and see.

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  1. “”One thing to remember about this story, however: Muslims and their witless enablers among American academics will see this bust as proof that the American justice system is “racist and Islamophobic”. Wait and see.”” What is certain is that the Muslims and their lawyers will argue that case.

  2. I believe Missouri is called the “show me” state (saw it on a licence plate in Vancouver); hope the jury is suitably sceptical.

  3. The extremists are ideal drug pushers, because they actually tend to follow rule #1:

    Never get hooked on your own product.

    That said, the buyers either need to clean themselves up, or find a dealer that is not part of the Ummah.

  4. Until muslims are afraid of us; whether in the USA or the UK; they’ll continue to harm us.
    I don’t want them to like us, I want them to fear us.

    • Their ‘religion’ demands that they be fearless. You’ll never get that wish or desire. They already think women are meat and men are castrated. Looking at some of both species, I’d have to agree with them.

      • Moslems are not fearless. If a race is though on them, they are at least fearful. Look at Singapore.

    • You think as Afonso de Albuquerque. Pity he died a few months of his next target: Meca and Medina. The Mameluks have been wiped out of the Indic, so it would not be too problematic to achiev.

  5. Reminds me of the time in London when there was a hoohah over the Police stopping and searching young blacks. “Why are you stopping and searching young blacks?” screamed some Lefty. “Because they are the ones that commit the crimes,” was the logical reply.

    I can’t remember what happened to the copper, although I doubt he got a promotion, but the order went out to immediately cease and desist from stopping and searching statistically likely criminals.

    It has been downhill ever since, culminating in the current situation in which you are more likely to be imprisoned for complaining about a Muslim raping your child than the Muslim will be for raping the child. Almost the first thing the Chief Constable of Manchester announced after the recent Muslim atrocity there was that he had identified an increase in anti-Muslim sentiment (I wonder why?) and would stop at nothing to hunt down and arrest those responsible.

    You couldn’t make it up. As a Brit myself I really am glad I emigrated to New Zealand. I may be criticised for criticising murderous sub-cultures whose sole aim in life is to destroy human civilisation, but I won’t be arrested for it.

    • The stop-and-search protocol in NYC has undergone several iterations. When Guiliani and the then-Police Commissioner inaugurate it, there was an outcry until the soaring crime rate dropped. Under the present admittedly Communist mayor, I doubt it’s in force. I feel sorry for NYC policemen.

      • It’s called Stop, Question and Frisk, which BTW the police have a right under the Constitution. The liberals always leave out the word ‘Question’. Sadly the folks who suffer the most are the minority community who live in public housing. When they (the public housing tenants) were questioned by the media they were in favor of good law enforcement. Now with ‘Comrade DeBlasio’ in office the thugs, muggers and criminal vermin are are having a field day. The present Police Commissioner is a spineless and feckless lapdog of this corrupt administration.

  6. As a Hindu myself, let me clarify, there is not a single Hindu name in this list.

  7. Sorry, I,ve just seen one no muslim name. Perhaps the turkish/iranic names puzzled you.
    After fighting them on our shores for 500 years, and abroad more 250, I can ‘smell’ them even if they hide in hell

  8. None of the names are Hindu. I am pretty sure that other than the one Garbin, all the Moslem. Some are Turkish Moslem (such as Kutlay).

    In other news, Hindu Americans won the national spelling bee for the *fourteenth straight time.* Both the finalists were Hindu Americans. That’s what Hindus excel at. We leave the drugs etc. to Moslem filth.

  9. In addition to the dope selling and tobacco smuggling to avoid taxation, frequently these names pop up during arrests for Food Stamp fraud.

  10. Separately folks: was watching Trump at the grand palace in Saudi Arabia. My question: was Ivanka the only woman in that huge hall? Where were the King’s wives? I believe he has many of them, all locked up in harems. In addition, he has concubines and the weekly flights from Europe bringing in the young and beautiful for the royal male princes, just like Mohammed’s Jihadis would do in order to satisfy Mohammed’s excessive libido.

    Why the heck is the US allies with such an evil power?

  11. I believe that one day, someone will have to bomb both Mecca and Medina to dust. That will eventually end the cult of Islam. Once the average Muslim realizes that these sites have no divine power, no special strength, and can be erased within seconds (along with the grave of the evil imposter Mohammed), they will lose their faith in this demonic cult.

    Who better than Trump to do this? The world is being islamized fast. We need to act soon.

  12. This is a common phenomenon in Australia. Being a convenience store proprietor not only has the advantage of being able to evade tax in a systematic way and being self-employed means one doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of working for the kaffir, but one has the opportunity to conduct “business” without anybody looking over your shoulder. And the high volume of customers passing through a convenience store is a further protection.

    In the late 90’s I came across a network of Turkish heroin dealers operating out of pizza stores. I thought, but then they’d be handling “haram” such as pepperoni and ham. But I guess the profits to be made selling heroin make touching pork products bearable.

    Note to PunkEdge: we know that there is unlikely to be any Hindu or Sikh names on that list because Islam considers Hindus and Sikhs worse than Jews and Christians and accordingly would not include them in Muslim criminal enterprises. It is statistically well-established in the UK that the level of criminality amongst Hindus and Sikhs is lower than Muslims by staggering factors. From memory, based on a more than decade-old survey a Sikh youth is 30 something times less likely to be convicted of a criminal offence than a Muslim. And the survey samples were from comparable economic backgrounds: so much for poverty breeding crime.

    The great unspoken in the UK is that of the “Asians”, Sikhs and Hindus are grossly underrepresented in crime (and welfare) stats. Which is precisely why the authorities keep referring to the Rotherham rapists as “Asians’ rather than identify them accurately: Pakistani and Indian Muslims.

    Incidentally, the media invariably states “predominantly Asian” in relation to Rotherham, but I’ve yet to see a non-Muslim name amongst those scores brought to trial thus far. I could be wrong, maybe there was a Polish Catholic taxi driver operating as a grooming rapist in Rotherham, but if so he would have been on the front page of the Guardian and a lead story on the BBC and perpetually referred to thereafter by both.

    • It is well known that convenience stores, pizza shops, kebab stands, and laundromats are cash-based business that offer wonderful money laundering and tax evasion opportunities for our newly arrived colonists.

  13. Mr. Garbin should not have been indicted; he was purely a witness to the events. He’s an indigent, disabled man, who wouldn’t hurt a fly and certainly doesn’t have the money the others have to bond out of jail or hire the best criminal defense attorney that practices in the Federal system. He needs $7,500 for an atty, as he is an innocent victim of this entire scheme, and I cannot think of a way to help him find that kind of money. Btw, he is not Muslim, Hindu, Arab, etc.

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