I Scream for Ice Cream

I shouldn’t be so flip about an incident as ghastly as this one — a man was stabbed to death on the streets of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony for the crime of eating ice cream during Ramadan — but sometimes a dose of gallows humor is the only way to keep the horror at bay.

Vlad and I discussed the murder earlier today, and we agree that it is more significant than the jihad massacre in Manchester. In fact, it’s more significant than all the European terror attacks rolled into one. But I’ll get to that later. First, here’s what Vlad had to say:

According to a witness at the scene of yesterday’s murder of a refugee in Germany by two other refugees, (please see yesterday’s post here) the victim was eating an ice cream cone, which enraged the attackers because it is Ramadan.

To be clear:

A man in Germany, was murdered for violating a minor tenet of sharia law on the streets of Oldenburg, in broad daylight. While two men have been arrested, they will someday be released, if they are even convicted at all. But the notion that there could be an instant death penalty for violating a sharia norm, even though it’s dead centre of permissible by German law, is going to be understood by all.

That is why this was an act of war, and not a crime. It was an attack on the German system of laws, the culture, the basis on which decisions are made.

In fact, this gives Germans and the rest of us an opportunity to fight back using the one method that remains temporarily legal. Eat in public and make sure muslims see you, for all of Ramadan.

Do this, or like drawing Mohammad, you will lose the right to do so post haste.

The murdered man may have been a co-religionist of the perpetrators, but some of the reports label him a Yezidi. In any case, the murderers were executing a religiously-sanctioned judgment under sharia law, which Muslims are required to enforce against Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

On the streets of Germany.

Now let’s think about what will happen to the two alleged perps who are now in police custody. Based on more than a decade’s experience of observing European “justice” closely, it’s reasonable to expect that they will spend very little time in prison. The one who did not actually strike the killing blow will probably walk free. The one who wielded the knife will be sentenced to a few years (fifteen is the absolute maximum, probably far less) in state custody, and will be released when he has served less than half of that. He may be deported when he comes out, but not if the appeals court determines that he would be in danger if returned to his homeland. That would violate European human rights law, in which case he will remain in Germany. Or anywhere in the Schengen Zone he decides he wants to reside.

What would have happened to someone who committed the same crime in an Islamic country ruled by a despot or a dictator? In Egypt under El-Sisi, for example: if he was not executed, the perp would draw a lengthy prison sentence. And that’s in an Egyptian prison, mind you. Under unspeakable conditions that are best left undescribed at a family-friendly site.

A similar outcome could be expected in Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia.

In other words, only places like Iran and Pakistan are more amenable to sharia than are Germany and other Western European countries. Germany has now seen a sharia death-sentence executed openly on its streets, and its likely response is one that the average Muslim would see as laughably indulgent.

No wonder they see us as weak and cowardly and ripe for a takeover.

Muslims cannot possibly conquer us militarily, so terrorist attacks are the most they can achieve in terms of kinetic warfare. In the larger war, those are only pinpricks, but they do serve the useful purpose of keeping the infidel afraid. And they provide constant reminders of exactly who he is afraid of.

The “grooming and pimping” gangs are acting according to sharia law. What they do is not unlawful under Islam, because only non-Muslim children are their victims. And most of their abominations go unpunished, so they (and we) are living in a society that has largely allowed itself to be ruled by sharia.

But acts like that of the knife-wielding executioner are the most significant of all, because they constitute the direct enforcement of sharia law, publicly and openly, on the streets of Western Europe. If such perpetrators are let off with little or no punishment, then the authorities will have conceded the primacy of sharia within their jurisdiction.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Americans often say that Europeans got themselves into this mess because they aren’t allowed to own weapons of self-defense. Yet guns in the hands of ordinary citizens wouldn’t stop the process that created that corpse on the street in Oldenburg.

Yes, a citizen with a gun might be able to protect himself against a marauder or stop his wife or daughter from being gang-raped. But he can’t do anything about the larger process that is Islamizing his culture — the importation of “refugees”, the asylum centers, the lavish social benefits, the preferential treatment of Islam and Muslims, the abolition of his traditional way of life. The entire social, academic, and political structure is geared up for his destruction and is working against him. Only a complete fiscal collapse or a violent revolution (very unlikely) could change the course of that juggernaut.

The same is true of the USA, albeit in a delayed and slightly different form. You can own all the firearms you want, but you can’t stop the government from bringing in millions of “refugees” or implementing affirmative discrimination or allowing “trans” men in the shower room with your high-school age daughters. One man with a gun, or a hundred, or a thousand, can’t stop that process.

What we’re seeing in both Europe and the USA are various theaters in the information war. And that war has already been lost. Grin and bear it, boys: Islam is here to stay.

Vlad’s right: if you live in Western Europe, and want to stay alive, don’t eat ice cream in public during Ramadan.

First the Saturday people, then the sundae people…

66 thoughts on “I Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Do not buy beer either it would seem. A similar story out of France appeared on snaphanen.dk recently in the form of an attempted murder, an ethnic frenchman stabbed for buying beer.

    • His friend fought back which is a good sign. What is needed is to teach our people self defence so at least the knife attacks can be contained.
      More bollards would reduce the risk of vehicle attacks.
      I propose bollards moulded in the shape of famous people like Charles Martel.

      This is ambulance at the bottom of the cliff stuff but until something can be done about the scum protecting Moslem invaders we need to look to protecting ourselves at street level.
      Quite why the mainstream politicians refuse to acknowledge there is a problem amongst the Moslem community I’m at a loss. It’s easy to conjure conspiracy scenarios but the actual reason, even if it’s just plain indifference, would be better.

  2. Yeah, I know.
    Guns don’t “work” as a solution………………………
    ………………..until YOU pull the trigger, that is.

    And the longer it’s delayed–the worse it will be.

    • But if you’re not organized, and utterly quiet about it, then pulling the trigger is your last free act.

      It’s already too late for armed resistance. And too early to talk about realistically. More to the point, bury your well-oiled guns in safe containers and WAIT…

    • Flintlock, I’ve been hearing this kind of talk for TWELVE YEARS. Americans bought hundreds of thousands of guns, and during the same time, hundreds of thousands of Muslims were brought into the country. Some of them killed Americans. They were brought in by people Americans voted for. And they continue to pour in under the presidency of Donald Trump.

      So tell me: When will all those guns start implementing a solution? I don’t see one on the horizon.

      • I don’t see ANY kind of resistance or so called backlash, anywhere.
        OK, ok I know, we’re not allowed to fight back.
        And the people take this? Incredible.

        • There is a certain amount of resistance at the level of what we do, that is, as part of the information war. But organized physical resistance, with weapons, is almost non-existent. Anyone who is shrewd and prudent avoids joining a larged armed resistance group, because all those groups — and I mean ALL of them — are massively infiltrated by agents of the State. The aftermath of the Bundy Ranch standoff and the debacle at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon serves as a cautionary example — some of the major instigators of the most stupid actions were FBI plants.

          Government infiltration of large armed resistance groups has several purposes:

          (1) Monitor the group’s activities so that any action it attempts is known to the State well in advance, enabling the planning of a shrewd and effective counterstrategy to neutralize it;

          (2) Discredit the group in the public mind by causing it to act in ways that are generally viewed as “extreme”, crazy, dangerous, and beyond the pale;

          (3) Sow dissent within the ranks, setting one faction against the other so that at the moment when the group is on the verge of being effective, it becomes fissiparous, breaking up into smaller groups that wage ideological warfare against each other over relatively minor points of doctrine.

          Tactic #3 was used very effectively by Special Branch or MI5 or whatever other domestic intelligence service went to work on the EDL. Did you notice what happened to the EDL at some of its most important moments, when it seemed on the verge of great success? That was no accident — it was carefully orchestrated in advance by agents of the State.

          The FBI engages in similar tactics within the III Percent Movement. It puts its agents in place early. They do their jobs within a group effectively and tirelessly, and are often among the most highly-regarded members. They work their way up into leadership positions. And then, when the moment is right, they execute the long-range plan, thus neutralizing the group as a meaningful node of resistance.

          I’ve seen it happen over and over again. All dissident groups should have a dedicated counterintelligence wing (and preferably two or more, so they can watch each other) to ferret out the plants. Once a government stooge is discovered, he can be expelled, or better yet, turned, so that his superiors receive tainted information about the group from then on.

          Counterintelligence is nasty, dirty work. Lenin was a genius at the craft, and the descendants of the security bureaus he spawned so long ago still function effectively a hundred years later. No one has ever beaten the Russians at the counterintelligence game.

      • Baron-

        You’re not seeing anything happen because the Left has so thoroughly programmed the majority of the American populace into believing that Mo Ummah is the same as Joe Sixpack, and that Mo has absolutely no intentions of undermining and destroying our way of life.

        • Yes, that’s definitely a large part of the problem. However, I’m interested in understanding the exact mechanism of the programming, so that piecemeal de-programming may be attempted.

          • … so that piecemeal de-programming may be attempted.

            You’re doing it right here, Baron. Bless your soul (and Dymphna’s).

          • Baron-

            I think a lot of it has to do with the idea that the New Testament admonitions to “turn the other cheek” has been perverted into the idea that one must give up any pretense of defending oneself or one’s loved ones.

            Postmodernism also has a share of the blame with its ideas about the “noble savage” being transposed onto the invaders by the Left. It’s concept that all cultures are equally “valid” and that none can be thought of as “better” than the others also promotes the idea of giving a pass to the invaders for what a healthy Western society would deem as totally unacceptable behavior.

  3. And what are the Germans; that is, the real Germans; going to do about it?

    • Nothing – they’re still saying, “Refugees welcome!” Why, you ask, is that? Because their media will NOT publish any stories that will put those ‘refugees’ in a bad light, they’re whitewashing everything those Muslims do, because, you know, ‘racism’, and they might be called ‘Nazis’ if they protest.
      And they’re so brainwashed and politically correct, that they simply can’t acknowledge the facts, their brains might explode (okay, I am slightly exaggerating here).
      I am German, living in Canada, and have my whole family still in Germany, I know what I am talking about.

  4. Islam is here to stay.

    I dispute that the subscribers to Islam are exempt from the constraints enunciated in our Oath of Allegiance. I contend the exact opposite.

    I submit that those who assert foreign loyalty, in contravention of this Oath, are to be denaturalized and removed as stateless undesirables without the standing to be plaintiffs in our courts.

    For mutual edification, the Oath of Allegiance reads as follows:

    I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

    • A worthy and sacred oath. But it is of little use against those whose only “oath” is death to anyone who is not (their version of)Islam

      • Every pious follower of the dessert prophet is in violation of the Oath as a syllogistic certainty.

        Our Republic is obligated to protect us and to do that, it must survive. If this survival is contingent upon the extirpation of criminal sedition, then so be it.

        What are going to do about it? Complain to the UN? Declare war? Not sell us warm crude oil or CNG?

    • I’ll paraphrase what I just said to Flintlock. I’ve been hearing this kind of talk for TWELVE YEARS. Hundreds of thousands of American officials and appointees took oaths, and during the same time, hundreds of thousands of Muslims were brought into the country. Some of them killed Americans. They were brought in by people Americans voted for. And they continue to pour in under the presidency of Donald Trump.

      So tell me: When will all those oaths start changing things? I don’t see any signs of it on the horizon.

      • I am not your savant. The tool for Islamic Expulsion lays there, as an unused gift. Can you explain to me why nothing is done about Islamic political disloyalty?

        • No, I can’t. Not at all. That is the core problem — not what Islam does, but what our political and cultural leaders allow it to do, and even encourage it to do.

          And the even deeper part of the core problem is why the voters of the Western democracies re-elect the same people who allow and encourage this to happen, over and over again.

          The problem is not Islam. The problem is not even the traitors who govern us. The problem lies with a mass of people who, through the ballot box, repeatedly consent to having this done to them. Who, in effect, agree in advance to their own extermination by reaffirming those who betray them.

          There is a thin slice of the population that understands what is happening and does its best to change things. Yet that slice remains intractably thin. It stubbornly refuses to expand very much. The vast bulk of the population retains its dysfunctional cognitive model, its worldview, despite the mountains of evidence that demonstrate its absurdity. Hundreds of millions of people who are stuck on stupid.

          That’s the root of everything. The most pressing problem for any of us who hope to leverage change is how to reach those people and unstick them.

          I’m still at a point where I can’t see it happening short of a general societal collapse. The system as it is currently configured absolutely relies on a population that is ignorant and indifferent about what is happening. And that system is far too large and entrenched for any of us dissident peons to make even the tiniest dent in it.

          • I agree; the problem is too intractable and the majority of voters too stupid to fix the situation with votes, since that is what got us into the mess in the first place. Since the inportation of muslim hordes and the dumbing down of the populace are being directed from the very top, not much will change until those same elites have been purged. I don’t see much happening towards this end anytime soon, and I am not sure organized resistance is going to produce such an effect.

            More likely what will happen is that an economic crisis will lead to a dictatorship, and hopefully, that dictator will not be interested in population replacement, elite theories of globalization and all of it’s purported benefits, or in maintaining the status quo. Elite heads will roll, muslims will be rounded up and forcibly ejected or slaughtered, along with their sympatheizers in academia, and we will go to war with Russia or China, or the world ummah to maintain full employment. But we will just be trading one master for another, since the vast majority of Americans have long since abdicated the responsibility of ruling their own lives.

          • I don’t agree with you Baron. I think the change can occur without violence but requires a change in the narrative. People have to be publicly confronted and the apologist narrative challenged. When one person speaks out then this encourages others. When the apologist narrative requires PC silence, this is its greatest weakness, as when the challenge is made unless there is state enforced or economic sanctions to apply the result is disapproval and name calling, or belting people in the streets from Antifa or its thuggish equivalent.

            That ultimately breaks the wall. The PC silence is broken, people don’t kow tow to “racist” name calling and it is seen for what it is, an attempt to shut down debate.

            It is then that a tipping point is reached and the apologists lose the argument, Islamic enclave are seen for the societal failures that they are and public opposition to Islamic immigration rises.

            That’s why your website is far more destructive to apologists and Islam than any firearm, because it is you who destroy the conspiracy of PC silence and remind people that all they have to do is vote.

          • Change can occur, but change manifestly does not occur. Or, more precisely, nowhere near enough change to make a difference, cf the recent French presidential election.

            I’ve been watching the situation very closely for more than twelve years, and we are only microscopically closer, if that, to any real change. If you look at it objectively, in many countries the setbacks — hate speech laws, halal in the schools, millions of “refugees”, etc. — outweigh any gains. Obama was one gigantic eight-year step backwards. And many millions of white people voted for him — twice.

            So saying that something can occur when it doesn’t conveys no useful information. How many years without that change would have to go by before you would be forced to say, “No, I guess change can’t really occur after all”?

            In twelve years the number of people who are aware of the problem has grown. It may even have doubled. But the larger culture hasn’t perceptively shifted. We are plunging headlong over the precipice, and there isn’t enough time left for the changes to turn things around, not at that glacial pace.

          • I think you would be suprised how quickly things can change. Things happen very slowly at first as “men only recover their senses slowly, one at a time” after going mad in a herd. Here the SJW and the PC narritive are still around but people on onto it and it is called out. It is the reason why the current government is in power. I dont know what is happening in the US and Canada but Trump was elected, Brexit happened there are increased votes for free speech parties in Europe. I concede that it is a big concern, but I do not think that the battle is lost.

            I just wish to say how important people like you are. I am just telling you what I have seen on the ground here. I think the Paul Joseph Watsons and Alex Jones are really important because they challenge the PC narrative. They are stealing theMSM audience. Once that happens the apologists have lost. I look upon the shutting down of tweets in Germany as symptomatic of the progress that has been made, notwithstanding the substantial Saudi purchase of shares in that company. As Pat Condell has tweeted we haven’t seen this much oppression of free speech since You Know Who was in power. I see this as a sign of the loser, doing anything to stay in power.
            Banning things doesn’t work. That girl is going back to her Stasi roots. My son was recently in Germany and he was astonished at the general guilt of young people there over WWII. Only an idiot would shoot the child for the sins of the parent.

            Keep up your excellent work. The per is mightier than the sword.

          • Baron-

            Perhaps I am too cynical, but I am convinced that Western leaders continue to coddle Islam because this is what they think is best for their societies. This is what they have chosen for our future, and they are embracing it wholeheartedly.

            From my perspective, one may as well embrace the xenomorph from the ‘Alien’ films. The end result will be the same.

          • raspail —

            Yes, that’s another big piece of the puzzle. The problem for us, the dissident microbes of the system, is how to induce those politicians to see things differently.

            Principled politicians are very rare. The vast majority of them can be swayed by indications that if they don’t change their ways, they will be thrown out of office. So how can we do that?

            Up until now, the rascals haven’t been thrown out, so they have no motivation to stop being rascally.

          • What happened here is that an outsider started on an anti Islamic policy and it became extremely popular and the politicians hoping to be re-elected adopted some of the policies. You don’t have to win elections to change the laws. All one must do id change the prevailing narrative.

          • And that is the nub of the problem: changing the prevailing narrative. And changing it sufficiently to save us from civilizational collapse before it is too late. Which it may already be — we may have passed the point of no return; I can’t tell.

          • “Hundreds of millions of people who are stuck on stupid”. In a nutshell, well said, Baron!

          • Peter, one doesn’t have to change the mind of the planet’s population, only those who make the rules.

            In most non-islamic countries by definition there are insufficient voters to do what was done to the non islamic mayor of Jakata recently. In western countries the voters already exist to de-islamise it is just a question of getting the politicians to act.

            This requires activists, but importantly it requires a main-swell of challenges to the current apologist narrative. This requires people calling out politicians who have failed to protect their citizens, and calling out the apologists under whose patronage the jihadists have blossomed and flourished. There must be a reckoning of failed measures to prevent Jihad and Jihadis.

            This can be done in everyday discourse, and on line at individual websites that are not GoV type sites. The most important are political, economic and societal ones. People must be persuaded to a de-islamising point of view. Most people with whom one engages can be persuaded, although not the less rational SJW.

            It can be done. The 50% opposition to islamic immigration in Australia proves this. Every atrocity that has taken place since reinforces that opposition. If you don’t want islamic terrorism like Tokyo, don’t import those susceptible like Tokyo.

          • The problem lies with a mass of people who, through the ballot box, repeatedly consent to having this done to them.

            A people that elect corrupt politicians … are not victims … but accomplices.

            — George Orwell

        • Up until now, the rascals haven’t been thrown out, so they have no motivation to stop being rascally.

          “[T]hrown out.” What an interesting euphemism…

  5. As the truth of Islam is exposed, more and more people will vote for leaders who will confront Islam as an alien political ideology rather than just another religion. Obviously, the leftist and particularly the leftst judiciary is a problem but if they become too abusive and dictatorial a situation as occurred in both world wars will lead to mass internment and deportation if not a declaration of war.

    • As the truth of Islam is exposed…

      Ah, there’s the rub. The TRUTH will be covered over the way a cat scratches over her scat…repeatedly.

      • ‘There’s the rub’, indeed, but what really amazes me is the cat hasn’t scratched over it, it’s there in plain sight, and always has been!

        The people just seem mesmerized, and have been for decades now!
        It’s very demoralizing.

  6. I disagree; I think one man, or several with rifles can stop the process if they were to strike the right targets in a very well publicized way. But more important than the right target is the right time for such action.

    It seems the authorities here and in Europe already have their schemes ready to implement at the first sign of a crisis, and if a crisis isn’t handy, then one is made to fit the planned scheme. Such action by patriots with rifles against those responsible for importing tbe invaders would only be effective and accepted by the public if it took place after some kind of Beslan-type outrage. Targets would need to be chosen in advance, and a plan devised to gain a maximum of publicity, and then implementation would have to wait until some blatant outrage put the public in a mood to accept action against those responsible.

    • You have a good proposal here. Especially the “advance target” plan and the blatant outrage.

      Meanwhile, whistling past a graveyard, there is another concert planned for Manchester. I’ll bet it’s not attacked. Ergo, “see, it was a one-off. Won’t happen again”.

    • I’ll repeat what I just said to Flintlock: I’ve been hearing this kind of talk for TWELVE YEARS. Americans bought hundreds of thousands of guns, and during the same time, hundreds of thousands of Muslims were brought into the country. Some of them killed Americans. They were brought in by people Americans voted for. And they continue to pour in under the presidency of Donald Trump.

      So tell me: When will all those guns start implementing a solution? I don’t see one on the horizon.

      • The time isn’t right yet. Any attempt would fail just like Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry. Also, people don’t go for revolutionary or violent actions unless they are starving or destitute. Bring those conditions about, and all those weapons that were purchased during the last 12 yrs will begin to do more than just gather dust in closets.

        • On this I am in complete agreement.

          In the case of Western Europe, the time will not be right until a large chunk of the native population feel like they have nothing left to lose. And that won’t happen unless the welfare system and its supporting governmental structures collapse.

          If the EU boffins can keep the welfare state alive, there will be no organized pushback. And I think they can do it until there is a collapse of the currency. Which will happen at some point, but I can’t predict when. It’s lasted 8 years longer than everybody expected.

          The same is true of the USA. As long as QE keeps working, there will be no organized resistance.

          • Baron-

            If the situation gets as dire as you (and I) fear, then I think a large segment of the kuffar population will simply capitulate and convert.

            I mean, look at the European descended population these days. I throw around the term ‘sheeple’, because 99% of them act like that particular animal.

          • You’re describing what happened to the Copts who inhabited Egypt in the 700s or so. A thriving population, the breadbasket of the Med, a green land thanks to the complex irrigation using the Nile.

            Look at the desertification of Egypt. Its Muslims stand in line for bread. Islam reigns supreme in creating deserts. They understand deserts.

          • They understand deserts.

            Then they had best learn to understand just deserts.

    • This is about leadership not guns and oaths; But for Churchill, Britain (under Halifax and Chamberline) would have made peace with Adolf and we would now all be speaking German. The problem is purely a question of leadership, and currently there are no (acceptable) leaders.

      Churchill was hated by all and sundry in the aftermath of WW1, firstly, he carried the can for the Gallipoli failure (but it was not his incompetance that caused the problem) and secondly, he was seen as a warmonger because that is the way the media would spin the issues. The belief was that we had evolved, and that in our superior state of evolution war war would become jaw jaw, that wars had been ended by the “war to end all Wars” and that there would be “Peace in our time”. Only in desperation did the people turn to Churchill.

      To me it is significant that the USA came into WW2 only after the Germans invaded Russia, to understand this read Diane West’s American Betrayal (click the picture on the sidebar). Rooseveldt was Stalin’s poodle (maybe unwittingly), and was therefore not a world class leader.

      Trump may be what is needed, but he will have to overcome the deep states’s fear of real democracy and of their various treasons being exposed to public scrutiny. He has yet to prove himself, but it is early days yet and he must choose the battles he can win, we shall see.

    • A few days after the Manchester massacre there was an evening house party in an English village – Cherry Hinton. It was noisy so the police were called to deal with the volume. The female officer who responded took offence to the lyrics of the song playing which was mocking Osama Bin Laden and possibly rude statements being made about Islam. I’ll say again that this happened just days after a moslem murdered 22 and injured dozens of others in the name of his religion.
      Instead of doing her duty and requesting the volume be lowered, she hit her panic button which saw the party swarmed with ten police officers and a helicopter overhead. Hate crime charges are pending, the karaoke machine confiscated, the phone with the music playlist likewise taken and everyone threatened with arrest.

      What would happen if armed resistance was meted out given the disproportionate response to a song and words spoken at a private home?

  7. Those Germans wishing to remain the same, might want to revisit the Battle of Teutoburg Forrest.

  8. I thought 9-11 would wake Americans up, and it did…for two or three weeks. And then they rolled over and went back to sleep. What will it take…

    • A city being nuked in the name of allah. If it happened during or after an economic meltdown and high unemployment, I would expect to see mass deportations of the lucky ones, and slaughter of anyone who looks muslim by an outraged public.

      • Look what happened to the Reds and the Italian Anarchists after AG Palmer’s front porch was removed in a blue-white flash that also removed the bomber. [ His leg was recovered from a neighbor’s roof. His widow moved in with Rose Sacco, of Sacco & Vanzetti. ]

      • A few days after 9-11, Bill Clinton gave a speech at Georgetown blaming the twin towers attack on…us! After they nuke New York, ALL of the Democrats will blame Trump because Islamophobia. The NY Times story is already witten with a few blanks for details.

  9. Oh that revolution is coming. Timing is everything and the clock is still ticking. I think that there are weapons in England, Germany, etc. that the powers-that-be know nothing about. Not enough of them, I am sure, but many that are well hidden. Personally, were I European, I would be building my dream boat on my property. A lot of room to conceal and obstruct-without being obvious. However, the Baron is correct: it will take getting down to nothing left to lose. Until that time, perhaps secreting a machete would be a good idea. You just never know when a Muslim may want to culturally enrich you.

    • If you’ve never trained in the use of a sword/club then a machete is likely to be a liability as it will give false confidence. You’re better off with an axe handle or hammer for personal defence at home for those with no access to firearms.

  10. My reading of Manchester is that it was an act of enforcing Sharia Law. To wit the Didsbury mosque had publically admonished Western society for its public immorality and immodesty when along comes Ms Grande to perform in town. Her raunchy videos are almost soft core porn and her repetoire consists of rapper style ‘lyrics’ all about so much sex she has to [prurient details redacted]. As in Europe such public display of sexual matters is Verbotten under Sharia so those whores (as they would have been termed at the mosque) were under sentence of death when they went to the concert. The bomber was quite close to the stage so may have hoped to take out Ariana.

  11. Oh, this makes me so sick. I keep wondering why our country let in so many muslims who are incompatible with American values. This is still a mystery but when I contemplate the possible answers I truly do shudder. Muslims belong in Muslim land, they are not fit to live in western society and we have been seeing daily proof of that for some time.

    Crusade, anyone? It worked before, maybe it would work again?

  12. Soon to become an Oldenburg city ordinance: No eating ice cream-or anything else-during the proscribed hours of Ramadan.

    “Wir schaffen dass”
    -Angela Merkel

  13. The world is a mess. But hasn’t it always been? I like the Christian view of why there is good and evil in the world. True followers of Jesus make good neighbors. Sadly, there aren’t many of them. And the Christian churches have many who really don’t walk the walk.
    I find myself thankful that I wasn’t born in an Islamic country. I feel sorry for anyone who was. But it’s good to remember that we are all human beings. Some, like true followers of Jesus, sin every day but try to follow the commandments from God. I would guess that devout Muslims are trying to do likewise. The problem of course is that the two religions can’t coexist. The Christian is trying to be loving to his neighbor, as he is taught, and the True follower of Islam is trying to convert or kill everyone who doesn’t see the world as he does.
    Again, the two religions can not co-exist.

  14. The Germans are free to [attempt anatomical impossibilities]. Nothing will change until the welfare state collapses. I simply want them to stop forcing their precious refugees onto other countries.
    – At a minimum, my hope is that the EU collapses within the next few years. At least, a few countries can then try to save themselves.

  15. “a minor tenet of sharia law”

    The problem being … there is no such thing.

    Any violation of sharia can be twisted into blasphemy or some similar capital crime.

  16. ==QUOTE == In fact, this gives Germans and the rest of us an opportunity to fight back using the one method that remains temporarily legal. Eat in public and make sure muslims see you, for all of Ramadan. … Vlad’s right: if you live in Western Europe, and want to stay alive, don’t eat ice cream in public during Ramadan. ==UNQUOTE==

    File under “Great Minds Think Alike”:

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