A New Source for News of All Kinds

Drudge may be jumping the shark as the deliverer of conservative news. Many of his links lead to The New York Times and The Washington Post, both of whom are equally infamous, along with the rest of the American jornolism cabal for pushing scurrilous anonymous leaks. Drudge may well be losing his juice, but who wouldn’t after all the savagery he’s experienced?

Somewhere today I picked up this new outlet, called improbably, Whatfinger. Your guess is as good as mine. I presume the finger depends on the country.

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon. A very busy page and it has a good feature: it only reloads when you do so. Meanwhile, perhaps when Drudge starts using conservative news sources, I’ll be a regular reader again. Slimes and WaPo and CNNNNN don’t make it as serious venues for people who think.

I’m subscribed to Black Pigeon’s channel, but I hadn’t seen this video until I found it at WF. It covers a great deal of international news in fourteen minutes. And we learn BP is a Canadian! Way to go, you maple syrups sippers.

[A disclaimer: I was conceived in Moose Jaw and often wish my parents had stayed in Toronto instead of moving to Florida. I would be a much nicer person, I’m sure. Canadians are essentially nice, being as the natives are often descended from the Loyalist DNA who left for the north when the American Revolution got serious.]

11 thoughts on “A New Source for News of All Kinds

  1. I’ve put it at the center of my bookmarks bar, along with GoV, WUWT, and CJ. I hope it keeps Drudge on the drop-down menu.
    Longer note follows… for both of you.

  2. The item on Egyptian DNA shouldn’t surprise anyone too much; are the Copts (alone) not mainly descended from the original inhabitants? (Pity they don’t seem to have analysed them separately).

    Terrible old joke; PM (Pierre) Trudeau visits Moose Jaw, and the mayor expresses surprise that he’s wearing a fox fur hat. “It was my wife’s idea”, says Trudeau. “When I said I was coming here, she said ‘Moose Jaw? Wear the fox hat?’ ”

    Good to see you back, Dymphna.

  3. Well, the Canadians certainly are submissive, nice and submissive, which makes them the perfect hosts for the parasitism which is infection Canada. I believe it’s their Loyalist DNA.

    • Just to add a postscript, I bookmarked whatfinger.com and now it loads fairly fast. I have an old operating system with an old Chrome browser, so newer websites don’t load as well. It takes about 2 minutes to load. Apart from that, I much prefer whatfinger.com over drudge. I like the diverse mingling of video and links to articles, with articles categorized by their left or right leaning. There’s a lot more depth and it’s just more fun to navigate. A great new resource!

  4. Black Pigeon is an interesting character. From what I can surmise so far he is a Canadian Alt-right vegan living in Japan.

  5. I found this Web-site about 2 months ago from a commentator’s post, I love it. I also agree that Drudge has changed recently and I don’t want to find myself directed to NYT or WaPo.

  6. I agree about Drudge, I was just shaking my head now when half the links I opened were NYT or WaPo. Whatfinger is way too busy for me, and filled with leftist and [faux con]servative/RINO material, which I see more than enough of already even without actively seeking it.

    For those trying to avoid deepening a mass media addiciton I recommend Infogalactic News: https://news.infogalactic.com (stripped down Drudge-style without a glut of entertainment stories), Infogalactic being the growing alternative to Wikipedia created in part by Vox Day, an indispensable source himself: http://voxday.blogspot.com. The Gates of Vienna News Feed is also great, but it’s just about impossible for me to keep up these days.

    I’m getting around to sorting through my 9000+ articles saved to Pocket, even if I don’t get to the articles its a way to tell myself that I’ll have it for later if I want it instead of spending hours reading article after article.

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