Refugees: Just Follow the Euro Fairy!

The following animated cartoon was produced by the European Union for… Well, I’m not sure what reason they had for producing it. To advertise how wonderful Europe is as a destination for Third World migrants, maybe?

It’s so bizarre and grotesque that it’s hard to describe — watch it for yourself and see. And if you are an EU citizen, bear in mind that this is what your tax money is being spent on.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   Mom, mom! Mom!
00:12   My god, what a horrible thing, war! —Daddy!
00:16   At last! you’re here! —Quick, we need to run!
00:20   I would like to work in Europe. — There is no work.
00:24   You won’t enter!
00:28   Hey, follow me! —Get out of my sight, rascal! Go!
00:32   Hi, we are asking for asylum. Our country is at war. —Hmm. OK.
00:36   Go ahead, enter! —Hi, follow me!
00:40   This family escaped war, they need to be smuggled into Europe.
00:44   All right. I’ll take care of that.
00:56   Here are refugees who are asking for asylum.
01:00   But it’s their right!
01:08   Welcome home!
01:12   Welcome! —Thank you, madam! —Thank you, Eurodame! — Welcome,
01:16   I needed you very much! —Thank you, and long live Europe!
01:20   Europe protects her borders and Europeans are welcoming refugees.
01:24   How about you?

22 thoughts on “Refugees: Just Follow the Euro Fairy!

  1. This video is a direct and precise view into the mind of the European Liberals. Once you understand it, you no longer surprised why the French and Dutch election turned out the way it happened and why the Germans still tolerate what is happening to them…

  2. Once, a long time ago, they led crusades. Now the commit political suicide instead.
    Very sad.

  3. Once you understand it, you no longer surprised why the French and Dutch election turned out the way it happened and why the Germans still tolerate what is happening to them…

    Guess I must be a bit slow on the uptake- it still makes no sense to me.

    The best I can come up with it is a sign of a culture that has lost its moorings and respect for its own achievements: shine perishing continent.

    • If you accept the stupidity of this clip at face value, it will make “sense”. “This family escaped war, they need to be smuggled into Europe.”
      That’s as complex as the Gutmenschen’s reasoning gets.

    • “Europe protects her borders,” the video says. And immediately afterwards, the credits say (at -0:18):





      Which means Europeans Without Borders, in French.

      An Orwellian scene if ever there was one: an organization for the abolition of borders claiming to be the defender of borders.

      • “Which means Europeans Without Borders, in French.”

        Yes. I looked at their website. In addition to this cartoon, they had a cartoon on the “invasion” of Scotland by the EU to save it from Brexit, and portrayed the cowardly response of England. It was so crazy, I couldn’t watch it all the way through. It was like watching the product of a schizophrenic artist.

        I don’t have any doubt that ambitions for power and financial killings play a part in the EU sponsorship of immigration, but in addition, many of these people are simply not playing with a full deck.

        “After Brexit…when fiction becomes reality”

        I really don’t think reasoning is going to affect these people. I can’t diagnose whether it’s organic, but their logic circuits seem burned out. A republican form of government is totally unstable under these circumstances.

  4. The population of Europe was replaced a long time before the current invasion; two very destructive wars later, and the cowards and weaklings who survived the slaughter raised the generations that now accept and welcome this invasion.

    • “Cowards and weaklings”? Do you mean those who served but survived, like my father? And what of those who contributed from behind the lines?

      • I think he means the draft-dodgers, and those men who were able to manipulate places for themselves away from the fighting. I think it’s entirely reasonable to say that the last two European wars disproportionately slaughtered those citizens willing to put their lives at risk for their families and their countries.

        With the methods of modern war, machine guns, artillery, poison gas, survival of the individual soldier became much less dependent on intelligence, skill, and courage than in previous wars. Plus, the rewards for being a soldier on the winning side was: unemployment, alienation, and marginalization.

  5. it looks bizarre and grotesque because most likely, it was directed and designed by enrichers themselves.

    this topic has very little exposure in the West.
    but it is quite obvious that large segments of job market are intentionally installed to accomodate newcomers.
    some of these professions look like racket, such as equality-diversity, MC/PC, “de-radicalization”, excessive security, managerial, customer reps, advertising, where one can employ people without skills and promote and hire them without control.
    all that results in growing prices, i.e. productive population becomes partly serfs, partly hostages to this emerging social construction.

  6. Is this a spoof? My calender doesn’t say April 1st.

    And there’s a damned lie here. Europe most definitely does NOT protect her borders.

    May God protect us. Our politicians won’t.

  7. It comes with several other counter-factual ideas that liberals are espousing, wherein the basically take reality and invert it.

    Above we have poor women, children and elderly refugees, victimised by presumably racist, East Europeans.
    “Europe protects her borders and Europeans are welcoming refugees.”
    Says the animation.
    It can’t do both as the evidence attests, speaking of which I can see why they used an animation, if they’d used actual footage, they would’ve had to play spot the female and mute the jihadi with the loudspeaker whipping up the mob with shouts of ‘alluh akbar’.

  8. The left are truly insane with their deification of asylees as our new Gods.

    Newsflash – the world doesn’t owe these people or anyone else a damn thing! Living in an advanced society is a privilege, not a right!

  9. a fairy tale, how wonderful!! A mind set of a six years old who does not fully understand reality, is this the mind set they want us to have or what? I would laugh if the matter wouldn`t be so damn serious!

  10. My first reaction was: “What on earth did I just watch??” The propaganda could not be more obvious. My thought to the “Europe protects her borders” was more of an accusation as in, “we protect our borders so these poor refugees HAVE to cross illegally when we should be inviting them in openly”. Also that the people are against the idea of a strictly European identity. All part of the Bolshevik Revolution pars deux (duh?), I suppose.

  11. Don’t miss the BIG LIE at the end, when the newly arrived immigrant says, “Long live Europe!”

    Very few of Europe’s recent arrivals want anything but complete and total destruction of The Continent. The entire video is a fatal overdose of Magical Thinking™. Goebbels would be proud.

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