Anne Marie Waters: Justice for Chelsey

In recent months Tommy Robinson has been championing the case of Chelsey Wright, who was savagely beaten and gang-raped by culture-enrichers in Sunderland, only to see her abusers walk free. Below is an article about Chelsey written by Anne Marie Waters and published today at UKIP Daily.

Justice for Chelsey

by Anne Marie Waters

When I set out to look at the ‘grooming gang’ crime wave in the UK, I didn’t expect to find what I did. I didn’t expect to find a 21st century democratic society in which the rape of women and girls is thought far less important than political advertising. That is exactly what I found, and nothing’s changed.

At the weekend, I went to Sunderland to attend a rally in support of Chelsey Wright, a lovely young woman who reported that she had been raped by a group of migrants last year. She recalls going for a drink with her mum and a friend, then waking up in a room with a man she didn’t know. She was beaten black and blue and “DNA forensics yielded two semen samples, only one of which could be properly tested, as well as traces of the date rape drug Rohypnol in her blood.”

Suspects were arrested. Then nothing. These men are now free, and Chelsey and her supporters are forced to initiate petitions and march through the streets to beg for justice — something that should automatically be hers.

Chelsey will now live with what happened to her, and she represents thousands of women who live not only with violence and rape, but with the knowledge that authorities don’t seem to care much. Politicians don’t seem to care, feminist groups don’t seem to care, the justice system doesn’t seem to care. But many people do care, and I will be with them as they make their voices heard.

I spoke to several people in Sunderland, and Chelsey’s story is sadly not unique. Another woman told me that she too had been raped, and a second said she left her home town because gangs of men were known to be spending time outside local girls’ schools (something I’ve been told repeatedly is happening across the country) and she wanted to get her daughter away. I heard stories of women being assaulted throughout the town, and the only people that give a damn are the ordinary working people that have been abandoned by an internationalist-ideologue political class.

Let us be clear about what’s happening, not only in Britain but across Europe. For decades, the left-wing elite that has governed Europe has been utterly desperate for “diversity”. Diversity simply means importing people from desperately poor countries to create entire new swathes of people to provide the poverty that the Left relies on. Having imported a new voting bank, the Labour Party turned its back on the old: took them for granted and shifted their attention to ‘diversity’, pandering in particular to Muslims.

In what would protect their new voting bank from criticism — thereby keeping the borders open for more — the Left transformed the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] and Police into the Guardians of their political rhetoric, and not of the British people. Northumbria Police have issued a statement regarding Chelsey’s case. It concludes like this:

“It is disappointing that the victim is now having to endure a situation where the case she was involved in is being subjected to entirely misleading reporting, based on unfounded information, via social-media outlets.

This would seem to be a deliberate attempt to undermine the very strong community-cohesion that currently exists across the force area and we urge our communities to see it for what it is.”

What an extraordinary statement. It doesn’t explain what the misleading reporting is, but of course takes the opportunity to promote the multicultural utopia (I still can’t figure out why that is any concern of the police).

If they think there is nothing but fantastic ‘community cohesion’ in Sunderland, then they can’t be listening too closely to those at the sharp end of “diversity”, i.e. the English working class.

The white English working class is being trampled on, and nobody is there for them or listening. They have had to watch while their homes are transformed into places they no longer recognize and where they are no longer safe. Mass immigration from countries the English have nothing in common with, and cannot relate to, has made them strangers in parts of their own country.

Who can these people vote for? Where is the political will to change this? Politicians just don’t understand the world the English working class now live in. Professional politicians spend their days talking about strategy and theory, the daily reality at the business end of their policies is never felt. Furthermore, most wouldn’t dare do anything as risky as openly support women like Chelsey.

UKIP would do well to step up to the plate, and if it really wants to make an impact and offer hope to the abandoned, it can promise to do something about this. It can promise to do something about the politically correct CPS, to get rid of the unjust political policing that emerged from the MacPherson inquiry, and to apply the law, without prejudice, without fear, without favour. That is what we need, and it’s both morally right and politically wise for a political party to aim towards providing it.

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  1. Politicians just don’t understand the world the English working class now live in.

    Oh, they understand that world quite well. However, they know how padded their own world is, and they know this won’t be the fate of their children, so they don’t give a fig.

    Here’s another cautionary tale I read this morning, written about the growing violence in a Philadelphia suburb school, the same high school the author attended in her day:

    A viral student brawl in a once-thriving school highlights public evasions about racial gaps in education.
    Kay S. Hymowitz
    May 15, 2017
    Last week, my high school alma mater in the prosperous Montgomery County suburbs of Philadelphia went viral. A video [see LINK to the video at original essay] of a student brawl injuring four security officers and eight teachers appeared on YouTube, bolstering long-whispered rumors of the district’s decline. Four students were taken into custody; one of them, 18 and charged as an adult for four counts of aggravated assault, is still in jail as I write. All four of the students were black females.

    I haven’t visited Cheltenham High since I graduated in the faraway American Graffiti era, but I ventured back for a packed emergency community meeting about the May 4 events. In addition to memories, I found a stark illustration of the nation’s evasions about racial gaps in education.

    It became clear almost immediately that the brawl was no one-off. “Really we have experienced [this kind of fight] our entire high school career,” said the student council president, the first speaker lined up at the audience mikes. “We complained. We never got any response. We were told all disputes were personal and the school was safe. Why now?” she asked tearfully. “Because a video of it was leaked to the media?” Students described rape threats, stalking, kids sent back to classrooms after menacing teachers or classmates, teachers walking past fighting kids, security guards looking the other way. The problems, students insisted, weren’t limited to the high school; they remembered thuggery in middle and even elementary school, too.


    Many middle-class blacks moved there because of the “excellent” schools. They are likewise victimized and have nowhere to go.

    Thank you, Democrats, for deliberately destroying the American black family just to get votes. You were warned: anywhere there is a significant minority of single female heads of household, you have the same behavior patterns. This is, in a way, worse than Chelsey’s case: it’s female violence. “Lord of the Flies” has morphed into “Lady of the Flies”…

    Cradle-to-grave socialism might work in other places but in the U.S. it destroys…

    • I was going to take that sentence up myself. You have covered it better than I would have.

      When I was in London I found many Black English to be more British orientated than some of the white natives who were very dismissive of their own history. IMHO, a fatal mistake.

      Just my observation.

      • White Brits have been bombarded with anti-British propaganda from an early age.
        It underpins the entire multikulti project, for which history starts with the Atlantic slave-trade and the British (or European) empires.
        They are taught they were evil colonialists and oppressors.
        For example according to a recent BBC ‘documentary’ made by a self-declared British-Nigerian, regarding the slave-trade, the British “invented the slave system” (he would perhaps argue he was referring to a racial slave system but that too, would be untrue).
        It didn’t mention the Nigerian slave trade or who it was that drove the movement for the abolition of slavery.
        It’s a similar story across Europe.
        Native cultures are derided and vilified or like Macron with French culture, denied altogether.
        EU agreements on multikulti and integration, reveal the liberal concensus that informs this active undermining. According to Michèle Tribalat, sociologist and demographer:
        “EU countries agreed at the Council of 19 November 2004, on eleven common basic principles to which to commit. When it is question of integration they disclaim any asymmetry between the host society and newcomers. No privileges are granted to the Europeans or to their heritage. All cultures have the same citizenship. There is no recognition of a substantial European culture that it might be useful to preserve. The social bond is designed as a horizontal one, between the people in the game. Its vertical dimension in reference to history and to the past seems to be superfluous. They speak about values, but these values appear to be negotiable”.
        English translation is from Yves Mamou’s essay
        ‘Europe’s Planned Migrant Revolution’

        One could go on an on with examples, I will however include only two more.
        One in Social work fostering guide:
        ‘Because the UK is institutionally racist, all white people are implicated unless they actively oppose racism.’
        It has since been removed but it expresses the underlying leftist racial theory, that underpins multikulti ideology and ‘hate-speech’ laws.
        Second is a comment under the line in a two-minute hate-fest about the EDL.
        If it was about any other race or nation, it would have almost certainly been removed.
        It exemplifies the self-loathing and scorn present in an element of middle-class English liberals.
        “The English lower classes are an embarrassment to our progressive, tolerant country the sooner they have disappeared for good the better for society.”

        Young British people have been indoctrinated with civilisational self-loathing.
        As Orwell observed:
        “England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality.”

        • I believe it should have been England in which the American Constitution was written, not for the Americans but for the English – there has always been something amiss with ‘Britishness’ that tends to exclude individual liberty as an aspiration.

          And so, and because of that lack of foresight, it was the colonies of England who struck out to make individual liberty an aspiration to obtain.

          The Mother neglected to look after her own while her flung to the four corners of the world children, tended to do so.

          All those points you raise are so easily argued against and shown up for the lies that they represent, and those who propagate such deceit know exactly what they are doing.

  2. I am so reminded of a clip I saw a few days ago of a democrat group discussion about why HRC lost the election. One older man said he was a life long democrat but voted for Trump this time. He said “if you (the Dems) weren’t caught lying you would have won the election.”
    I think we are seeing variations of this all over the West. From the attempted cover up in Cologne to the grooming gangs in the UK. It is all the same mind set that filters down into the small political cadres in your neighborhood.

  3. UKIP are too timid to challenge political correctness. True Brits have no-one to represent or defend them.

    • I think Marie Waters is pretty bold and tells it like it is. I would vote for her hell, I would work for her election. Would you or, are you too busy?

      • Anne Marie Waters has been deselected as a Parliamentary candidate by UKIP for er anti-Islam stance. See her uncompromising stand on YouTube. UKIP caved in to left wing media pressure to kick her out.
        UKIP is dead. It was infiltrated by people who wished to destroy it, significantly by a Conservative MP Douglas Carswell who ‘defected’ to UKIP and then worked tirelessly to undermine its leader Nigel Farage. UKIP is full of political bottom feeders who were too naive to see what was happening (and/or were jealous of Nigel Farage’s political celebrity status).
        It has lost Farage as leader and also a credible potential leader in Steven Woolfe. Both remain members of the European Parliament while the UK remains in the EU, fighting the Brexit quarter. This is the dynamic duo at work.
        Nigel Farage (2 mins)
        Steven Woolfe (first 2 mins).

  4. I could not agree more with this author’s sentiments. But, I find that there is missing from this alleged crime the evidence of certain proofs of the offences committed, one of those proofs being the described identity of those responsible as apart from simply, ‘immigrant’ or the English description of Asian. Another lack of proof is that in the article it states arrests were made and a positive DNA sample obtained, but nowhere does it provide the victim’s knowledge that she could positively identify those who did what they did to her, say from a photo montage or line up, which then, generally speaking, only connects the identity of the alleged attackers with the alleged offence.

    An obtained DNA sample is by itself not a proof of the offence without other aspects of the crime, such as the actions of the committing of the offence that show up after the crime has been carried out, for example, bruising, etc, which when added together build up into a proof that a possible crime has been committed, but in this instance, not enough of a proof apparently with which to charge anyone.

    In these times of deceit it is wise not to be too quick to judgement on what may have occurred or what crime may have been committed from the hearing of one side of a story, and is the kind of story that makes the Englishman’s blood over heat into drawing unverified conclusions based simply on allegations.

    • Perhaps this will help you understand:

      a lovely young woman who reported that she had been raped by a group of migrants last year. She recalls going for a drink with her mum and a friend, then waking up in a room with a man she didn’t know. She was beaten black and blue and “DNA forensics yielded two semen samples, only one of which could be properly tested, as well as traces of the date rape drug Rohypnol in her blood.”

      *So when she woke up from her drug-induced unconsciousness, Chelsey wasn’t alone.

      *Then, though it doesn’t say so, we can presume the man in the strange room where she awoke was not British.

      *There is the further problem of two semen samples from different men.

      Those are facts, not allegations…unless we think her mother supplied the Rohypnol.

      Does she have enough for a court prosecution? I don’t know; it used to be based on what a “reasonable person” could conclude. But now, UK laws vis-a-vis immigrants seem a mite peculiar.

      [OTOH, my daughter’s rapist was acquitted many years ago, even though the police had a signed confession from the rapist and pictures of the bruises around her neck. The jury said she hadn’t fought back “hard enough”…our commonwealth used her case to get the law changed. Sadly, that after-the-fact ‘amelioration’ didn’t help my then-seventeen-year-old come to terms with the gross injustice delivered by the jury.]

      • The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service is not fit for purpose. Before its inception in 1986 under the Thatcher government, it was up to individual police forces to mount a prosecution. The built-in flaw of the CPS is that often it will not go ahead with a prosecution unless it is confident of a guilty result, presumably to save money.
        While it is the leading prosecution organisation, it is not the only one. I have first-hand knowledge of a gruesome murder case where the police refused to let the CPS near it and chose a top lawyer who won the guilty verdict. Sunderland police could have done the same.
        In the upside-down world, justice is becoming a poor second place to political correctness and Common Purpose poison.
        For goodness sake, Nemesis, look at the pictures of the woman’s injuries, read the witness quotes and then try to argue that it might not be possible to prove non-consensual sex.

        • None who comment on this site were there at the time of this reported allegation. We can only make a personal judgement as to what has been presented in articles. There are things we do not know about this case and I have outlined a few of those concerns in my response to Dympthna that should give the less hysterical among us pause to reflect on. Assumptions have no place in a court of law if you wish to keep abiding by the rule of law.

          • Yes, I agree.

            In this country (the USA, that is), if there were any merit to the young lady’s accusations, the police would have said as much, and the alleged perps would have been charged, and not released except on a very high bail.

            If there were no merit to her story, they would also have said as much to that effect.

            So something hinky is afoot. I don’t know what it is, but this is clean cam, to quote Sicinius in Coriolanus.

      • The young lady has lodged a complaint and told her side of the story, and as there is nothing to substantiate in any article that I have read on this complaint as to police taking a statement from her, then we must assume that police did take a victim statement from her along with her other evidence in the form of DNA samples, heavy bruising and blood test that has shown up traces of Rohypnol – a medication designed to be used for treating insomnia and as a sedative and relaxant into anesthesia.

        The FACTS that may be relied upon in this incident are the DNA sample, the evidence of brutality and the victims blood test. Her statement is not proof of the offence only a narrative of what the victim believes happened to her after waking up and trying to leave a strange place where she was attacked by some ‘immigrant’ males in a bed sitter that apparently was located in the area near her own residence.

        A victim statement cannot be relied upon within itself, unless it can be verified as a reliable account substantiated by evidence that proves an offence had been carried out against the victim.

        There are other problems with this incident that we are not privy to and probably will not be. One of those problems is did the police take a DNA swab test of those they arrested?

        A DNA swab test can be used to verify the identity of the person with other DNA samples taken from crime scenes.

        Were those they arrested interviewed as suspects?

        Why were they let go and not placed on remand – were they charged and then bailed to appear later at court?

        Does the young victim have a history of insomnia or had recent invasive surgery which could explain the trace of Rohypnol in her system?

        Is the victim a known vexatious complainer concerning immigrants – what is her background, does she have any criminal antecedents?

        The sad aspect to the Justice system is the lack of empathy it shows to the victim. Our systems of justice are based on the presumption of innocence for the accused without any consideration for the accuser who, and especially in cases of rape, are treated by the Defence as a target to eliminate, first the credibility of the victim or the witness is attacked, and if that fails, then the evidence is pulled apart and dismantled, and some lawyers are very good at their job in discrediting people they know in their own hearts are telling the truth.

        I don’t know how they can live with themselves!

        I have lost count of how many times I sat in a court room knowing from my own investigation that the person in the witness box and having his/her testimony pulled apart by some well paid ‘expert’ lawyers, and Barristers in some cases, was indeed a victim to crime only to have his/her credibility or the evidence discredited and the case dismissed.

        Our Justice system is not perfect and I have witnessed that axiom many times, but it is the only one we have.

        • Nemesis: I’m in sympathy with your caution but just a comment about Rohypnol. The drug hasn’t be prescribed for insomnia in the UK for over 20 years. I believe it can’t be prescribed by a family doctor at all. I don’t know about surgical use, but it’s generally presumed to be a ‘date rape drug’ and there’s a flourishing black market for it.

          • Yes, I am aware that the drug has been banned for some time in many countries, but its still available, obviously illegally, from the articles I have read.

            But banning it hasn’t stopped its use, and it apparently is not just used as a ‘date rape’ drug either by many. Notable traces of it found in that young ladies blood test would tend to strengthen her complaint.

    • There is much more evidence. She was covered in bruises and there was a witness. This from The Rebel Media –

      “A witness, who spoke to the Rebel, heard screaming and when she went to the window saw men running after her, pulling her by her hair and dragging her back into the house before she fought her way back out.”

      • Some men claim that all girls no matter how young, are sluts who are “asking for it”. For these men, whatever the evidence they will deem it insufficient to prove rape. They have already tried the victim in their minds found her guilty and worthy of receiving another kick from a booted foot while she is down.

        They are misogynists and sadists who get a thrill out of the thought of girls being hurt and the torment of the victims’ families.

        Essentially they are cowards, bullies, and quite likely have a sneaking admiration for rapists. They identify and empathize with the rapists, and either fantasize about raping or in fact do themselves rape, or both.

        The best thing to do with such low lives is to mark them out for future reference and not engage them where possible.

        Merely take avoiding action.

        • Those you describe are not “men”, they are animals who happen to have male genitalia. They prey on the weak and vulnerable. I share your sentiments but disagree with your prescription of avoidance. There is the law, and then there is Justice. I prescribe Justice. Unfortunately, it is no longer guaranteed by our courts; however, there are still a very large number of real men who are willing and able to provide it. Veritas-Aequitas.

    • Nemesis, had I not known you were formerly a cop, I would have guessed it from this statement, which comes down heavily on the side of the perpetrators.

      • If you believe I have taken sides then please point out where I have taken sides Peter?

        A good investigator will leave his/her opinion on the guilt of anyone until he/she has looked at all the available evidence on which to form such an opinion.

        • You have taken sides in that you are so dismissive of the young woman’s testimony, despite the bruises, despite the drug, despite the witness, and despite the semen, for starters.

          I was surprised the Baron agreed with you that had there been any merit in the woman’s testimony, the police would not have taken her story so lightly. FGS, we’re talking British cops here, you know, the people who go out of their way to harass one Tommy Robinson, who fine a man for littering when he loses a ten pound note out of his pocket, who haul a man to the police station for quoting Churchill, another for quoting Shakespeare.

          I don’t need to go on do I, you know what I mean–gone, long gone, are the days when the British bobby was straight, honest and reliable. All too often they come down on the side of the moslems. (no I’m not going to call the rabble ‘Asians’, to do so is to insult real Asians)

          • I’m agreeing with him only in that we don’t know — because we don’t. But something is amiss in this case, as I pointed out in this comment.

            It’s always important not to let one’s assertions get ahead of the facts in evidence.

          • Peter, have you ever investigated a crime, let alone a case of rape?

            Please read all my comments and then decide my stance.

            You are quick to judge based on your emotions rather than conclusive evidence, and If I had formed any opinion at all concerning this incident it would be that the jury is still out due to lack of knowledge.

            And that is not being indicative of my leaning in any direction.

            There is just too much we do not know about this incident to even begin forming an opinion.

          • Oh wait, I guess I forgot she didn’t have four male witnesses. Lol!

            Usually I agree with your comments, Nemesis, but not this time. In the face of such evidence, and “knowing the enemy”, (remember?) you don’t have to be Hercule Poirot.

        • Peter, Male witnesses, what male witnesses? You have further info?

          And, I would ask you, do you believe we are now at that time when we should take to hanging those we know to be a problem from the nearest lamp post simply because they have had a finger pointed at them without convincing verification for the finger pointing?

          If you choose to travel down that path then there is no rule of law and our civilization is done.

  5. I truly feel sorry for formerly Great Britain. They are done. Done to a toasty crispy brown. How this could have happened is beyond me, although I suspect an overly large number of alien people who will not or can not join the population has a lot to do with it. They are now toast. And a people who cannot or will not remember history will keep repeating it. In another few years they will all be bowing to Mecca.

    • Sadly, I know damned well you are right, for no one is doing anything to stop it.
      Oh, I know there are some voices in the wilderness, but I don’t see Brits out in the streets in their millions screaming for revenge and/or justice. Nor do I see that in any other country in Western Europe.
      Western Europe is indeed “toast”, which is why the governments of China and Japan are advising tourists from the two countries to find other destinations than Western Europe.

  6. “to get rid of the unjust political policing that emerged from the MacPherson inquiry, and to apply the law, without prejudice,”

    For those who don’t understand this comment, the MacPherson Report accused the British police and justice system of ‘institutionised racism’ i.e. White supremacy, and thus gave rise to a two-tier standard of policing (well 3 tier really) where Muslims can groom and assault young girls (and boys) with relative impunity because it is the ‘white’ person who is must always be to blame for the historic race discrimination that causes muslim men to lust after white children. [garbage]

    There are two types of people allowed to brutalize children in the UK, and to sexually assault them: elite politicians (and their cronies) and muslim males. The lack of willingness of politicians to address the issues of muslim rape is, I am sure linked to their ongoing failure to address the same issue in their own ranks. Although Ms May has set up a committee to investigate, it is very weak and is only investigating historical abuse where the perps will have died of old age before anything happens.

    • MC, when government sets out to politicize its populace and police forces then this is the result that we can all expect. However, and like the history of the former Soviet Union shows, not all officers and populace will share in the drinking of such kool-aid and will in their own way carry on their job as professionally as they possibly can; otherwise the UK would be in far worse dire straits than it is currently being reported.

  7. At a certain point people will just start, well – murdering prominent Leftists. |The first few will likely be ‘journalists’. Then some local politicians, like Jo Cox in Britain during Brexit. People generally loathe the damage the Leftist elites have done across the West. The Left needs to be threatened, pushed, chased, hounded by vast crowds of ordinary people. People are getting close to exploding in righteous rage. In every area of public policy the betrayal is total, manifest, and they haven’t an ounce of shame for the destruction they’ve brought on us. The only answer is to instill a raw existential fear. They need to fear for their lives.

    • Call them out for the traitors that they are – that will make some start to realize that they may have gone too far.

  8. It seems there are two factors always involved in the concentration of authority: drive to power and drive to wealth.

    I’ve been reading in history, and some common themes come out. One is that aspiring tyrants will work to keep their people fragmented and disorganized. This includes the destruction of clubs, social organizations and political interest groups. There must be no challenge to the power of the tyrant.

    Funny enough, the same principles are inherent in the cultural Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School. Current culture and cultural icons should be deconstructed and destroyed to pave the way for socialism. However, these are not unique to the Frankfurt School: any tyrant worth his salt will know these tactics instinctively, or else will end up on the wrong side of a BBQ skewer.

    But, the accumulation of wealth is a very powerful force for change. Often, very wealthy classes will use their money to change the laws to allow them to make even more money, regardless of the side effects of the laws. An example is the draconian laws concerning the default of debt which were sponsored by the aristocratic, wealthy moneylenders of the Roman empire. A defaulted debtor was subject to confiscation or property, imprisonment, enslavement along with his family, or execution. The Roman Senate was composed mainly of wealthy, aristocrats.

    The question is, is the drive for multiculturalism the result of a genuine desire for diversity on the part of the ruling oligarchy, or is multiculturalism and its resulting destruction of the European people and civilization … is this simply a tool to aid the accumulation of power and wealth by certain classes of nominal Europeans?

    The biggest problem with the idea that the ruling classes are using the importation of unassimilatable Muslims to demolish European culture for the purpose of a totalitarian government is this: Muslims are a cohesive identity and themselves represent a powerful center of power and political influence. It is a prime principle of tyrants to never allow rival centers of power.

    Some people have suggested previously that the ruling class has already made its peace with Islam and is prepared to convert as the price of power. But, if they are Machiavellian at all, and not simply blithering idiots, they’d understand that Muslim in positions of power would no more give up power than they (the elites) would.

    In any case, it’s totally clear why people like Chelsey are not even an afterthought. The purpose of centralized bureaucracies is not to deliver services, but to accumulate and maintain power or wealth.

    Sarony brings up the very interesting case of where the local police squeezed out the Crown Prosecution Service, and carried out a successful local prosecution. This, indeed, will have to be the model for any real services for the benefit of the citizen.

    • Indeed, Ronald, there will always be those who wish to be the top monkey and deny what they have to those they really despise because they perceive them a threat.

      They used to keep them in check with a lack of education and religion, then when that was thwarted, they perverted the systems of education and religion into a non-event and the Godless.

      Perhaps if real life education was available and the truth of how the world really operates became part of the studies, we would no longer allow anyone to become the top monkey.

      • “we would no longer allow anyone to become the top monkey….”

        And who is “we”? Anyone with the power to deny power has the power to take power. Power there for the grabbing will be grabbed.

        The point I was making with Sarony is that the local police, with a distinct lack of power, were fortunate enough to be able to squeeze out the centralized police and actually solve the case.

        We’re getting to a point where the “deep state”, which is centralized bureaucracy on steroids, is almost as big a threat as the jihadists. And lest you think I’m kidding, consider that a nuclear war with Russia, a distinct possibility with the aggressive, neocon-inspired NATO moves right on Russia’s borders…a nuclear war with Russia is likely to make us every bit as dead as the biggest wave of Muslim immigrant-terrorists.

        I noticed previously you put a lot of emphasis on due process, even to immigrants, with which I agree…up to a point. Once it becomes blindingly apparent who committed a crime, or if a crime was committed, then action can immediately taken by a local authority. Conversely, if there is no case, that will also come out sooner.

        I’m meandering towards the point that governments and political units must stay small. It doesn’t guarantee there will be no abuses: the Greek city-states were pure democracies and notorious for hasty decisions; but what you don’t want are local crimes decided by national policies.

        • I don’t mean ‘anyone’ but ‘we’ the people because it is we the people who could hold the ultimate power over a direct election model of government in which it is the people who get to choose and to dismiss the entire government or parts thereof.

          Cumbersome? Yes! And deliberately so.

  9. The ” hot knife through butter ” analogy seems valid in describing British decline. I can’t help but think the national losses sustained in wars of the twentieth century are part of the equation which yields death for British culture. Those hundreds of thousands dead and maimed for the purpose of sustaining Imperialism are the missing force which Britain could be relying on now.
    But who can blame the Muslims? I can’t. They are vultures tearing at a carcass. It is truly amazing to think that a society as completely bugged and monitored as Britain is, with decades of determined wartime resistance behind it, could be undone by inbred macabre clowns from the Middle East, but there you are.

  10. Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, our own Chelsea — Chelsea Manning — saunters out of prison, free as a bird, after serving about seven years of “her” sentence.

  11. Here’s an idea: play dirty. Set up a ” Muslim Traditionalist Party ” which encourages first cousin marriages, female genital mutilation, and avoidance of Western education. Let the Muslims stew in it for a few generations.
    I can’t help but think the Muslims are their own worst enemy.

  12. This will continue until the citizens take matters into their own hands.

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