Was the Schlüchtern Mutilator Simply Preparing Dinner?

Last night we posted a story from the German town of Schlüchtern about the trial of a young culture-enricher who horribly mutilated the face of another culture-enricher.

If you thought this story couldn’t get any more horrific, you were wrong. But before we get into the grisly new details — which sensitive readers are ADVISED TO AVOID — let’s look at some other news items about the case. All the excerpts below were translated by Egri Nök.

As Bild and other sources report, the perpetrator was an Eritrean, and the victim a Somali.

Monday’s report from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung runs contrary to the myth that “we need to integrate them better and help them more” — the youthful perp had “integrated” well:

Apparently neither alcohol nor drugs played a role. According to the prosecution, the defendant had neither drunken nor taken anything. The psychiatric expert at the trial says that the defendant has had a difficult past because of his history and his flight. He complained about “dark thoughts”, and sometimes drank alcohol to relax, and watched horror movies on TV. But the future that was waiting for the young man was not bleak at all. He had caught up on his school qualification and begun his qualification as a electronic-mechanic technician.

And from yesterday’s Fuldaer Zeitung we learn that:

The victim had already been the victim of a knife-attack and battery in downtown Schlüchtern, near the town hall, in May of 2016. He suffered a broken nose and contusions of the pubic bone, the lip and the thumb. He did not appear at the trial of the case against a fellow countryman in February, possibly because of the consequences of the brutal attack in October.

But the horrific new wrinkle appears in today’s Kölnische Rundschau:

Refugee’s face mutilated: Cannibalism suspicion hardens

Hanau — In the trial for a brutal facial mutilation in Hesse, a suspicion of cannibalism has arisen. On the second day of the trial, Wednesday, a police officer testified as a witness at the district court Hanau about his conversation with the victim.

The severely abused young man had told him that the attacker said during the attack that he was going to eat his flesh. The 20-year-old is charged with attempted murder and grave and dangerous bodily harm. In October 2016 the suspected perpetrator allegedly stabbed the victim, who at the time was 18 years old, in the neck with two knives in the victim’s apartment. Then, according to the prosecution, he bit off both his ears, cut off both his eyelids with a knife, and pierced both eyeballs with a ballpoint pen.

Victim blinded since the attack

The victim is blind as a result, and scarred for life by the injuries. The defendant has not yet replied to the allegations. Another police officer had testified at the start of the trial that he instantly thought of “cannibalism and ritual acts” at the sight of the mutilated victim at the crime scene.

The two young men, who had arrived in Germany as unaccompanied minors a few years ago, and met in a youth welfare institution, had been friends. The victim was still missing as of the beginning of the trial on Monday, and also at its continuation on Tuesday.

The victim disappeared after being treated in the hospital. He didn’t show up for court. No one knows where he is. He was blind, and his mutilated facial appearance must have made him quite conspicuous. How could he just vanish?

Did he perhaps meet the same fate as Charlene Downs?

Hat tip: Silentium Voces.

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  1. Getting this in before some crybaby calls foul on the depiction of racial stereotyping in this excellent early Mickey Rodent cartoon. This cartoon gives a dark humoured hint at where the “free world” is at with its disasterous open doors policies on immigration from mainly Islamic countries. Here the be-potted Mickey joyfully blows his sax whilst blissfully unaware of his fate as the nourishment of the savage who not only gets a meal but also obliterates Mickey’s culture.

    • I’m just amazed that the Disney Corporation hasn’t hunted down and destroyed every copy of this cartoon!

  2. I don’t really care what one invader does to another, except for the burden it will place on the taxpayer should he reappear. At least he is not likely to be raping anyone as long as he cannot see to catch them…

  3. Cue the Left crying that Germany also has had cannibals in its history….as if having your own cases of cannibalism means you should import more.

  4. I remember reading all this in John Gunther’s book “Inside Africa” that was published in 1955. The Africans routinely killed, mutilated, and ate each other. Friendship was no barrier to killing someone, if he didn’t do what you wanted. The Africans had rituals demanding mutilation, torture and sacramental killing. If someone was assigned to find a victim and failed, the person himself was likely to become a victim.

    There’s no real moral to this. The Germans are not in control of their own destiny: they have the dictator Merkel over them, an oppressive, established bureaucracy enforcing docility, and are pretty much brainwashed to overlook the reality of African immigration anyway.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is not the first instance of cannibalism by the enrichers in Germany or is this just the trial of a previously covered case. What a joyful new world we have to look forward to courtesy of the enrichers/not

    • Perhaps there could be a remake of the film Guess who’s coming to
      Dinner? Certificate 18 of course!

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