Let Poland be Poland!

The European Commission continues to threaten Poland for its refusal to accept its quota of “refugees” as required under the ukases issued by the mandarins of Brussels.*

Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said that accepting refugees would “certainly be worse” than penalties imposed by the European Union. And Prime Minister Beata Szydlo is standing firm.

It seems the Polish government has evaluated the effects of mass Muslim immigration, and decided that the terrorism, violence, rape, and criminality would be more damaging to Poland than anything Brussels could do to the country. How commonsensical — and rare! The lytic agents imported by George Soros’ organizations are evidently not yet strong enough to break down the societal structure of Polish culture and traditions.

The following video by a Polish patriot partakes of the same spirit. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [Good chaps, the immigrants are asking politely for the opening of the borders]
I’m telling you, it drives me mad, every time I hear the word IMMIGRANTS.
00:04   The EU is threatening us with sanctions again if we don’t start admitting immigrants by June.
00:08   So I have a question: where is democracy? Where’s the right of nations to decide their own future?
00:12   [There used be partition, then communism, now Kaczynscy; nation, wake up. Today a homegrown thief wants to steal your soul. (Soros-supported rally)]
I hear all the time that there is no democracy in Poland,
00:16   but the truth is that it’s the EU that’s the biggest threat to Polish democracy.
00:20   The EU has no respect whatsoever for Polish people or for our democratic elections.
00:24   [Mr. Schultz, although not happy about the win of D. Trump, says we have to respect the democratic process in the USA. Said the contrary about Polish elections, where conservatives won, and wants “restore” democracy in Poland. Hypocrisy at the EU level.]
And for the last couple of years, over 70% of Polish people
00:28   [Should Poland in your opinion, welcome some of the refugees from the Middle East and North Africa (e.g. Syria)?]
have been against welcoming immigrants, therefore the Great Defenders of Democracy in
00:32   [Should Poland welcome immigrants from Muslim countries? Yes No, Don’t know]
the West should respect the will of a 40-million nation. Why aren’t KOD [Soros-paid protesters]
00:36   [KOD citizens for democracy (Soros-supported group against elected conservative government)]
hitting the streets to defend democracy, since the EU doesn’t respect the democratic decisions
00:40   [250,000 Euro per person?]
by our nation? They are harassing us with those immigrants from all sides:
00:44   from the West, the EU that threatens us with punishment again: €250,000
00:48   for one non-welcomed immigrant. It’s sick: take a family of five
00:52   pseudo-immigrants. That’ll be €1,250,000.
00:56   For that money you could build a luxurious house for that family with a swimming pool, in Africa.
01:00   And let me remind you, that in most countries they come from, there is no war.
01:04   From the East, every now and then the Chechens are also trying to get in, demanding
01:08   at the border to be let into Poland. By what right? — I ask you. Is there a war in Chechnya?
01:12   Apparently not, judging by the look of Grozny right now. From the inside we are being
01:16   attacked as well, by the Catholic Church. It doesn’t matter that priests have their throats slit
01:20   [Humanitarian Corridor for Aleppo — call to the Polish Government]
in France. We HAVE to open a “humanitarian corridor” and accept patients from Syria.
01:24   [The surgery was a success. For the sutures you are invited next month.]
As if we had no sick people of our own. A person in Poland, who pays taxes,
01:28   waits ten years for knee surgery; but we have to welcome, for free,
01:32   [I’m paying Health Insurance, I give to charity and I have to wait four years for surgery? —Try a private clinic.]
patients form abroad, and perhaps even treat them for free? And Polish people
01:36   will wait not ten, but fifteen years. If the health care isn’t up to the task with
01:40   [You made an appointment a year ago? Congratulations for still being alive!]
our own citizens, then it’s not a good idea to accept foreigners?
01:43   Good thing that for now, even though the EU is bothering us,
01:45   [PM Beata Szydło about welcoming immigrants from the Middle East]
01:46   Beata [Szydło, PM] won’t budge. Because let’s ask ourselves what it’s all about with
01:49   [28 EU countries agreed for their relocation, but let me be very clear: right now I see no possibility of immigrants coming to Poland]
those migrants. Since everybody knows they mostly come from countries where there is no war,
01:53   and the Italian ships that bring them aren’t picking them up in Syria, but
01:57   mostly in Libya. Why do they need so many immigrants in Europe? — It’s simple
02:01   They want to destroy nation-states, turn European societies into a mixture
02:05   of peoples from all over the world, whom they would unite under the EU flag.
02:09   It must be said clearly: the EU wants to destroy Poland. Let me say it again:
02:13   The EU wants to destroy Poland. Among the EU’s goals there is
02:17   the creation of one EU government, one EU army, and the
02:21   Poland will morph into some peripheral region, ruled by a governor from Germany or from Brussels.
02:25   Our presence in the EU at this point could be compared to
02:29   [Lord, bless this food.]
an invitation for dinner from cannibals, where at first everybody pretends
02:33   [I forgot the letter —Strange, he’s the first one to have forgotten the letter]
to be our friends, and serves us alcohol until we are intoxicated and then we land
02:37   in the cauldron. At this very moment, when there is American army stationed in Poland,
02:41   a Russian invasion is rather unlikely, and the biggest threat
02:45   to Polish freedom has become the EU, which already took away
02:49   [The profits and taxes paid by the largest supermarkets in Poland in 2011]
part of our independence, for example by forbidding raising taxes for the supermarkets.
02:53   Macron, before he finished his champagne, after his victory in French elections, was called
02:57   right away by Angela, and talked mostly about further integration and closer relations.
03:01   [Fun is over, the super-country Europe is coming]
Soon they will want that with Spain, Italy and the Benelux countries,
03:05   united in one super-country — Europe. And the immigrants are one of the essential tools
03:09   for reaching that goal. And in my opinion, they are supposed to create a situation
03:13   in which countries face a decision: either they will be flooded with them
03:17   and sucked in the super-country of Europe, or they’ll be spat out of the EU,
03:21   [Macron — If I become president I’ll support the sanctions against Poland for breaking all the rules of the EU. Hard to discuss with him]
so they won’t disturb it. And they won’t really kick us out [of the EU], but
03:25   they’ll impose such sanctions and punishments that will make us leave by ourselves, and they’ll say
03:29   that we are underdeveloped and don’t know how to adapt. With Great Britain
03:33   it was clear that she wouldn’t join a super-country, and an artificial immigration crisis
03:37   made her leave, and she won’t interfere in its creation. And I’m telling you,
03:41   I think they were brought here so we would also agree to welcome them,
03:46   and join the Fourth Reich, or leave and not interfere in its formation.
03:50   Look at the picture from the Warsaw metro that went viral in the West:
03:54   They cannot believe that in the metro there are only white people, that it’s clean,
03:58   that it’s so quiet and safe. And the majority of ethnic Europeans
04:02   are jealous of our having it. That’s why I don’t give a s*** about their sanctions,
04:06   and I’d rather fast (bread and water) till the end of my life than allow immigration into Poland.
04:10   I’ll say more. I’d rather kiss Macron’s wife
04:14   than welcome immigrants to Poland. And they make fairy tales [videos]
04:18   about good migrants and bad Hungarians and Poles; but half of them are crying inside
04:22   [Terrorist attacks in Europe in the last couple of years]
that we still have our country while they no longer have theirs. I want it to stay that way.
04:26   I want a safe Poland. So remember, don’t vote for Platforma Obywatelska
04:29   and Nowoczesna [pro-EU parties] because Grzesiu [Schetyna, Civic Platform leader],
04:32   if he were Pinocchio, he could open his own lumber mill.
04:34   [Modern, Civic Platform (both pro-EU)]
04:35   That’s why we should never vote for them, even if they’re on their knees, swearing they
04:38   won’t accept any immigrants. Because the day after the elections, it would change right away,
04:42   and you would wake up one glorious morning, and next to your house there would be a refugee camp.
04:46   That’s why we should let them be offended and carry on with their Fourth Reich.
04:50   But let Poland be Poland! Thank you for watching.

* Yes, I know that’s a mixed metaphor, ethnically speaking.

12 thoughts on “Let Poland be Poland!

  1. I do wish the issue of concern about islam wasn’t so mixed up with ethnicity concerns. Some of the most westernised high achievers I know are South Asian where I live and would definitely be the kind of immigrants European countries that want a population influx should look to.

    In New Zealand I think in a few decades most doctors will be of Chinese and Korean origin. They are are ones putting in the hard work and who have the brains for high achievement.

    Accepted though, that a country that wants to keep its ethnic identity isn’t necessarily ‘racist’. Visit Japan and you’ll be treated nicely, but not accepted as an immigrant.

    • The cracks are getting even wider in the now crumbling EU edifice. Can’t be much longer now until it all comes down.

    • On your thinking. I would caution in being reliant on ‘imports’ in numbers, regardless of how successful they may appear to be, in upholding the binding aspects of one’s country and culture when those who have been imported believe they the numbers in country to change things into their way of doing things.

      All Western countries are now going through irreversible change, and change not for the better, due to the destructive policy of multiculturalism.

      That is why Japan is still Japan and China is still China – they, like Russia, see the collapse of the West so value their own cultures and refuse to change.

    • I have an ethnic Chinese retina ophthalmologist, and a Germanic-ancestry cardiologist. I also had a European-ancestor doctor replace my valve. I’m not interested in replacing any of them (the doctors, not the valves). But, by no means is it necessary to import our specialists.

      There is a case to be made that highly-specialized and gifted immigrants can seed important industries. For instance, it may take a genius to create and maintain a manufacturer of advanced chips or state-of-the-art non-polluting coal-energy facility. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to provide special visas on the requirement that the recipients get salaries that are at least 3 times greater than the prevailing equivalent domestic salaries. If someone is truly an irreplaceable key specialist, it would, of course, be profitable to pay him 3 or more times the market rate. If not, then domestic citizens can fulfill the role.

  2. When a failed East German Communist can dictate who and when you let into
    Your country, after destroying her own nation to a death by a thousand cuts,
    Surely you should wake up, smell the coffee and leave the EU club!

  3. And if a country refuses to pay this outrageous extortion what then? Will they be kicked out of the EU? Would the EU really like to lose Poland, Hungary, Czechia and perhaps others?

    Perhaps the outcome of all this will be breakaway of certain central and eastern European countries who will then forge a new alliance.
    The irony of this is that the former Communist satellites are the ones fighting most fiercely to maintain their identity, whereas the ones who have enjoyed decades of prosperity are seemingly indifferent to maintaining theirs.

  4. I think the Poles should not worry so much about being kicked out of the EU, as being invaded by NATO forces on a false flag pretense.

    Poland, like Hungary, seems to have been successful in more-or-less living within its means, without depending on massive loans from outside. The massive loans have ruined Greece and Italy, which are entirely dependent on the international bankers who find the EU so profitable.

    The real danger of invasion from outside comes from Turkey much more than Russia. The last thing Russia needs is an expensive foreign empire modeled on the USSR, but Turkey is an aggressive Islamic state that has traditionally looked to expand westward.

    This is actually the best time for the East European countries to bail out of the EU; the EU may not be ready to initiate actual military force…yet. The presence of an independent East European bloc would stabilize the region, making both Russia and the EU/NATO consider a third party.

    • I think you’re right about that, and I hope that the Visegrad Group does just that: leave the EU to its own obsessions and misery! Until recently I didn’t think the EU would use military force; they just seemed too ineffective – except in destroying what great things were built by someone else in the past. And now the word “destruction” made me think, that yes, they actually might wanna subdue the “Eastenders” by force! the sooner they leave, the better! Always appreciating your insightful and kind comments.

  5. Poland should belong to the polish people. Not others Countries we have lost lots of our land through the wars through the time. We need to build our country and make sure that is safe for our children going through the generation. These people that come from other parts of the world, all they are interest is to take over our land.
    I live in Canada and I see what is happening here. I live on the west side of Canada British Columbia. Its very beautiful place to live it has so much to offer. But at the present time we have lots off high rises. The city is sinking slowing but the developer does not care all they want to collect money. That goes same for our Liberal party Christy Clark she goes for the rich. In my eyes I see lots of Muslim Chines, plus others. I think Poland my country should close its boarders it should take care of its people 1st. We want to preserve our land and its people.

  6. A European superstate would be a recipe for tribalism and tribalism would be a recipe for civil war. When will they realise that peace in a continent of different peoples and languages is best achieved by allowing those peoples and languages to have their own nation states and to be content with their own borders? That doesn’t mean they can’t move to other nation states, but when they do, it will be with the recognition that they are leaving their country behind and going to someone else’s. And when you’ve got a demographic from outside that doesn’t recognise that simple fact, you have a problem.

    • Salome, it’s a sad fact that historically European governments were given to envious ponderings about the lands across their borders. The thousands of years of internecine warfare isn’t entirely eradicated, but it’s better than it’s ever been before.

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