UKIP and the Islamic Republic of Britain

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) opposes membership in the European Union, but it does not deal with the issues of Islamic immigration and Islamization. This was true under the leadership of Nigel Farage, and it has been true since he left. The leadership cracks down on any party member who shows evidence of “Islamophobia”. Paul Nuttall, the current party leader, recently repudiated our friend Gerard Batten for his stance on Islam.

A reader in Britain has been sending us tips for articles in UKIP Daily. These articles have been thoroughly “Islamophobic” and very much in line with what we say here at Gates of Vienna. I wrote the tipster back and asked him how UKIP Daily could possibly get away with publishing such pieces, given Mr. Nuttall’s stated position.

Here’s his reply:

UKIP Daily is independent of the party and is a reflection of the membership’s views.

Nuttall does not present consistent arguments. On the one hand, he argues for one law for all, a tenet of English law since the Magna Carta, and on the other visits a mosque during a by-election campaign (Stoke). A female party leader would not have had the chance to accept that invitation as it would not have been extended. He should have refused on that basis alone.

There is growing awareness of the muslim rape gangs that have been operating with impunity in the UK for the last forty years. The political class thought that they had swept it under the carpet with the Jay report on Rotherham. Two and a half years later it is coming back bigger than ever. The Justice for Chelsey campaign in Sunderland is not going away. Tommy Robinson is in court tomorrow for contempt of court for reporting on a gang rape in Kent of a sixteen-year-old girl who asked for directions.

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  1. I cannot understand how the forced immigration of Muslims to England would benefit England given that its legal structure is the polar opposite of Islam.
    Could somebody help me out with this?

    • in my view, Muslim tribes are imported to Britain as a part of Islamic conspiracy.

      another part of the conspiracy is bribing and infiltration of crucial institutions, to transform management approaches in
      – politics
      – education
      – media
      – law-enforcement
      – advertising
      – heritage, museums, and tourism

      they all become dominated by the two types of “false pole” representations:
      1) unstructured and/or mediocre and/or outright absurd and/or repulsive and/or dysfunctional
      2) crypto- or explicitly Islamic

      • AY, if you haven’t read “Dark Albion” (on our sidebar), I recommend that you get a copy. I don’t think it’s available in the US anymore. A wonderful, deeply sad book. The chapter on King William signing over the country to the Caliphate in 2077 is worth the hunt for the book. Every Englishman (and every home-schooled American) knows the significance of that date, but the writer never belabors his points.

      • actually, one can consider else another, “mediating” category:

        3) Sharia enabling

    • European law was made with the people of each nation in mind. Europeans spin their wheels attempting to square the circle, namely, to apply local law to people to which it was never meant to apply. There is intellectual precedent for applying due process and equality before the law to cannibals and terrorists. There are no hand holds for that rock climbing adventure.

      The US the same.

      We need to bring back the concept of the outlaw. Aggressive, parasitic migrants should not be citizens with full right rights because some bureaucrat stamped a document.

      In addition, if Muslims like the idea of dhimmitude let them enjoy dhimmi status in our lands. Forever.

      The Foreign Missions Act was/is a US tit-fir-tat law that allowed Soviet diplomats to be subjected to the same restrictions and harassments their government visited on our diplomats. We know the concept well.

  2. it is very bitter things to say, but you British ladies and mothers, – you are partly responsible for this.

    why is Chelsey Wright so heavily tattooed?
    is she a mother of three – without a man?
    was she drunk that night?
    why was she alone?

    how can you be so careless with your life choices, and lifestyle-wise, not understanding that it may compromise your safety, or/and well-being of your female children?

    this type of danger is codified in European tradition, fairytales, for dozens of generations.
    Red Riding Hood, Till Eulenspiegel, Hansel and Gretel, etc.
    can’t turn your brains on, use folk wisdom.

    another depressing thing at the event was local males, who didn’t find anything better than to CHANT, football-style, “Justiiice to Chelsey”.
    as if it was some element of sport there.
    (- you won’t get that type of voice without booze).

    damn where is British style, ladies and gentlemen, and even simpler, where is common sense in all that?

    • Rape is *never* the victim’s fault. Tattoos, alcohol, time of night out alone. Never.

      That has been the western message for a few decades now, and must continue to be. As soon as we say ‘but she shouldn’t have…”, that gives those creeps an excuse.

      They will always find some excuse, we can’t make it easier for them: she was dressed wrong, she was out alone, she was going out without a guardian, she was a woman…

      If going out at night is dangerous, then it’s time for more security staff, cameras and especially zero tolerance convictions of attackers. And, where possible, pepper spray, guns etc for women.

      It’s not time for the imprisonment of women in their homes.

      • When your govt and police don’t provide adequate protection, then the “fault lines” regarding rape have to change. A woman has to ask herself if it’s worth the risk, given the realities on the street.

        If there is a Force-5 gale outside, a prudent person doesn’t go outside without very serious cause.

        A woman in a city full of sex-crazed immigrants doesn’t either, even though the resulting rape, vaginal and anal damage, etc are not her “fault”.

        These are not excuses, they are the hallmarks of discernment and prudence. Only someone intent on feeling aggrieved will insist she shouldn’t have to take good care of herself.

        A prudent woman will not frequent the places where immigrant males prey on women. When my daughter was raped at 17, it was not her fault. She was a victim, but she also failed to act prudently. By the time she learned that lesson she had a daughter of her own.

        Sorry, guest, but you sound like you have a grievance. And on a meta-level, you certainly are “entitled”. But on a practical level, you’re not giving good advice.

        A friend of mine, a born-and-bred New Yorker, lived thru the liberal policing crime spree in his city. He was robbed three times. Tired of being a victim, he began taking some kind of martial art – don’t remember what version it was. The first time he fought back, it freed him. In fact, he stuck with his craft long enough that when he moved from the city he was able to find an after-work avocation, teaching women self-defense.

        As for more security staff, cameras, and (oh no) “zero tolerance” – ain’t gonna happen. I can just see guns being handed out to British women.

        Please suggest more realistic “solutions”…I would not want my female relatives to follow your lead.

        • good of you to highlight the aspect of prudence! This is basically gender- neutral
          and in our youth, 50 years and more ago, we used that tactic by avoiding places,bars where aggressive brawlers and drunkards would hang out. The bouncers in discotheques were always on the right side and their only appearance was the law.

      • maybe “it’s s time” to stop degradation?

        one needs to be informed and realistic, aware of the country you’re living in.

        if you voluntarily walk into lion’s den, who is responsible for your demise?

        • Lions, storms. These are the examples people are comparing sexual violence to. Sounds like the Australian imam who compared western women to ‘uncovered meat’. Human beings have far greater responsibility.

          Yes, I do have a ‘grievance’: governments have the job of defending citizens in countries where the ‘Gewaltmonopol’ [monopoly of force] is held by the state.

          In such places, eg Germany, citizens absolutely should demand that the state have zero tolerance for violent people, much better detection and prevention systems and much harsher penalties. Those men should be off the streets, not their victims.

          And you know perfectly well that I’m not giving ‘advice’ to young women. In the current situation nobody who isn’t in some muslim gang seems to be safe in some parts of towns.

          I’m giving advice to citizens of these countries who should be teaming up in large lobbies and demanding that their governments prevent sexual violence and get these creeps *off the streets*.

    • In a decent country Chelsea would have been looked after by the stranger and not raped. “She asked for it” is not a response to be proud of, if one was in loco parentis.

  3. It is SOP for muslim rape gangs to send their most presentable member out to lure a woman back. This person may not even appear to be a muslim. Women should not socialise in places where there are likely to be muslims. When they say “infidel whore” they are deadly serious.

    • Infidel slave is what they mean: prostitutes must consent and be paid. Not raped.

  4. I could never understand why officially UKIP couldn’t see the connection between muslim immigration and negative social trends and crime in Britain. I suspect they feared the label “Far Right” would destroy their electoral changes. But former leader Farage while being very cautious in speech while in Britain, would in his visits to the US be far more outspoken on issues like Islamization. I suspect many of the supporters of UKIP also have a public and private position on Islam. Post Brexit UKIP needs to re-invent itself as a “nationist” party that opposes the growing influence of Islam and promote traditional cultural values. A merger with LibertyGB would be a good start.

  5. It’s irrational to attribute the huge Muslim population of Britain with the EU, as Britain itself had open immigration for decades. I guess the May government is somewhat like Trump: crack down on illegal immigration, but continue the government-approved importation of Muslim immigrants.

    There are two views of such a reversal of principle:

    1) The replacement government (Trump, May) is under intense political pressure, and must consolidate its gains with a limited agenda before going on to implement all its promises;

    2) the new governments have deep ties to the financial and governing establishment and represent a new elite that differentiates itself just enough to throw the old elite out.

  6. Nigel Farage never did understand mass immigration and the Islamization of Britain. Great speaker and without him Brexit never would have happened.

    Incidentally, muslim grooming and rapes were “outed” by an ex Labour Councillor, Marlene Guest, who took her findings to her Labour Council who basically told her to shut up and go away. She joined the British National Party and the then Chairman Nick Griffin did his own investigation and presented his findings to those in power. He was charged with Race Hate. EVERYONE in Rotherham knew what was going on. Council, Police, Social Workers, Press. And elsewhere, of course.

    Currently, Tommy Robinson is an “Enemy of the State”. So, too, are Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First. In a very much smaller way, I am barred from commenting on line in my local newspaper . I once received an email from their Head Office stating that my comments had been blocked because they were “Hate Speech”. I replied that “of they course they were Hate Speech, I was quoting the Koran”. They did not reply.

    They say the pen is mightier than the sword – but we all know the sword wins in the end. The muslim hordes have been stopped twice before by a united Christian Europe. This time a united Europe has invited in the enemy. A nation can withstand its fools, even it ambitious etc etc

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