Halal-Compliant Murder in an Idyllic Bavarian Town

The following two articles describe a culture-enriching murder that occurred over the weekend in Prien, an idyllic little town, almost a resort, near Rosenheim on Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. The perpetrator is said to have slit the victim’s throat on the street in broad daylight.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this story from Die Abendzeitung München:

Prien: Mother stabbed to death in front of her children!

A horrible crime shook idyllic Prien on the Chiemsee: On Saturday a 29-year-old Afghan man stabbed a 38-year-old Afghan woman. She succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

Prien — It all happened about 6:45pm in front of the Lidl grocery store in Prien. The 38-year-old woman was about to shop for groceries with her five-year-old and eleven-year-old children, when she was attacked by the 29-year-old. In front of the children the man stabbed the woman multiple times.

Although a policeman who coincidentally just passed by couldn’t prevent the crime from occurring, he was able to detain the attacker with the help of other shoppers, despite the attacker’s massive resistance. The heavily injured woman was brought to the hospital immediately, but she succumbed to her injuries that very evening.

The woman’s two children had to watch it all. They are now in the care of a crisis intervention team and have been brought to a safe location. It is not clear yet what relationship there was — if any — between the woman and the man.

The Rosenheim police team are now investigating.

The follow-up article from Merkur.de was translated by Egri Nök:

“Stabbed her in the head and cut her throat”

After the brutal knife-murder in front of Supermarket: Prien is shocked

After the knife-attack in front of a grocery store in Prien, where an Afghan (29) stabbed a compatriot (38) to death, flowers and candles line the boardwalk. The small community is torn between mourning, anger and maypole festivities.

Update, May 1, 2017, 9.35 AM: At request of the office of the district attorney of Traunstein, an order was issued to place the suspect in a locked mental institution.

Prien — incredible scenes Sunday afternoon in Franziska-Hager Street in Prien: passers-by gather on the Lidl parking lot and cry. They are visibly shocked by the knife-murder on Saturday evening in the open street.

“It was incredibly shocking!”

One women from Prien was just about to go shopping and was standing at the reverse vending machine, when a commotion started in the parking lot, and the situation escalated suddenly as if out of nowhere. “I heard panicking screams like ‘He’s got a knife, he wants to kill her!’ It was terrible. A brave citizen, I don’t know if it was the policeman, tried to intervene and to save the woman. Blood was everywhere, it was incredibly shocking!” The woman from Prien looks at the boardwalk in disbelief, rearranges the flower vases that the wind had pushed over. “I will never understand that something like this could happen on the open street in broad daylight.”

A young firefighter also still can’t grasp it: “We removed the blood stains from the street in the evening,” he says, his voice faltering. He had difficulties sleeping and suffered nightmares. “If you think about how small Prien is, and even so something like that happens here, it is incredibly sad. People don’t really dare to leave their homes anymore!”

“Stabbed her in the head and cut her throat”

Friends of the firefighter witnessed the terrible scenes. According to them, the suspect was initially sitting on a bench, opposite the entrance to the grocery store. From there he attacked the woman as if out of nowhere when she was just leaving the supermarket with her two children. “He attacked her from behind, stabbed her in the head and cut her throat. Then he kept stabbing his victim as if her were in a trance. An incredible cruel, bloody deed!”

Prien on the Lake Chiemsee is torn: on the one side, mourning, despair and shock, on the other side high spirit at the maypole celebrations.

19 thoughts on “Halal-Compliant Murder in an Idyllic Bavarian Town

    • Much, much more!

      I know this area of Bavaria. It was almost heaven in the late 70’s.

      Afgans? Here? Gotta hand it to the German character – when they go retard – they go FULL RETARD!

  1. Evergreen Haiku for Jihadi Murders

    Clueless police wonder
    What the damn perp meant
    By “Allahu Akbar!”

  2. I keep wondering when the so-called “leadership” will wake up already and realize that this situation is intenable. Unless of course if you keep wanting to wash blood off the streets and traumatise children (and adults).

    I say one crime and your butt will be deported back to whatever hell-hole you came from. No exceptions.

    • Just curious – this ‘one crime’ – what do you think it’ll cost the German taxpayer (the natives – lol…).??

      The kids will be on the special gold played dole for next 60 years.
      The idiot in the mental unit – ward of the state forever more.
      Homes for kids, their coming life of crime and mayhem.

      Say 1,000,000.00 Euros conservatively??

      Multiply by 100,000……..maddness

      • Yet Merkel could well be elected Chancellor again!

        Now that is National insanity personified.

        Until she is behind bars there will never be hope for
        Germany or its beleaguered indigenous population.

        Self loathing, enthnomasachistic, left wing, liberal SJW’s
        With their ” welcome all” posters, and “prezzies” for the
        “Kiddies” often with grey hair and full beards, are still
        Strutting their stuff. Get a grip Germany for pity’s sake!

        • They fought for Hitler until the last bullet. Nothing new about German mentality.

          • The leaking of the Morgenthau Plan may have encouraged even those who were not SS fanatics to do so.

    • Unless they want to wash blood off the streets and traumatise children?

      I am afraid they possibly do.

      There is a lot of atoning to be done.

    • I agree. It would seem common sense!
      But large parts of the public and the media are so far detached from common sense, here is what you’ll commonly hear:
      – “What about the perp’s human rights?”
      – “His country of origin is not safe!”
      And, you won’t believe that people actually say this, but they do, and think they’re smug:
      – “Then we’d have to deport German criminals too!”

    • …the so-called “leadership” will wake up…
      Believe me they are wide awake.
      This is all by design… their design.

    • ………………….AND your mommy.
      …………………AND your daddy.
      …………………..AND all your widdle brudders.
      ………………………AND all your widdle sisters.
      ……………………AND ALL your ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ you bring/brought/well bring into the country.

      ……………………….AND the demagogue preacher in your moske.
      ………………………AND every single solitary (redacted)(redacted) who listens to him.
      ………………………AND everyone you contacted on your Soros’ cell phone since you left your mideast African hellhole.

      ………………to START.

  3. This, as the EU’s Frans Timmermans proudly proclaims, is “the Europe WE built”.
    “Europe WILL be diverse”, he insists.
    Merkel says we have to accept that migrants are criminal, and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says terrorist attacks are just part of life now.

    Thus do the politicians betray the indigenous people and act in dereliction of duty.

  4. It IS shocking to import barbarians, savages, and then for them to commit barbaric and savage crimes!! Who would have thought? How can this be?

    Germany needs to have rights of possession and concealment of firearms for its citizens. For now, bringing a nail file to a gun fight isn’t working very well for the non-criminal.

  5. Mentally ill of course. Decided in advance. Why oh why oh why is this being ALLOWED AND FACILITATED in this beautiful land?

  6. “I will never understand that something like this could happen on the open street in broad daylight.” – Some of us understand, you invited it with open arms in fact…

  7. “I will never understand that something like this could happen on the open street in broad daylight” said one distraught witness. And that is why it will continue to happen. Ah, self-deception and willful blindness: useful psychological tools at times but like all such tools when over-used, become harmful. In the case of Europe, of Germany and Sweden in particular, the overuse may prove fatal.

  8. Typical German reply: ” Yes, ve are very disturbed by zis murder – but ze real problem iss the mention zat the killer iss Afgan. Zis iss Islamophobic! We cannot haf zis! Someone at ze paper must be punished!.

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