Germany: Culture-Enricher Sedates and Then Rapes Hospital Patient

The incident described in the following story occurred last December in Germany, but was not reported in the media until earlier this month.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Rechts der Isar Hospital

Nursing assistant allegedly raped patient

April 2 2017

He apparently sedated the 53-year-old and sexually abused her on the toilet in the Rechts der Isar hospital. He has been dismissed.

A 53-year-old patient who was treated as an in-patient in the Rechts der Isar hospital appears to have been raped by a nursing assistant. Meanwhile the suspect is in custody.

One morning in late December at the neurological station, the 53-year-old complained about abdominal pain. Her daughter then informed the police. At an examination, traces of sperm were found, police started the investigation. A few weeks later it turned out that the DNA traces of a 58-year-old nursing assistant were found on the victim. It appears that the man sedated the patient, took her to the toilet of her room in the hospital, undressed and raped her. Then, he dressed the woman again and took her back to her bed.

The 58-year-old had been working in the Rechts der Isar Hospital for ten years and has no prior convictions. The hospital has dismissed the nursing assistant in the meantime, and regrets the incident. The man was arrested in February, when he was on his way to his family in Turkey. The man’s criminal attorneys, Vincent Burgert and Eva Maria Krötz, confirm the incident at the request of the SZ. “There are no new insights and developments at the present moment,” Burgert said on Sunday. “We do not wish to make any further statements.”

9 thoughts on “Germany: Culture-Enricher Sedates and Then Rapes Hospital Patient

  1. House of horrors! My god, this is so sick and vile, it beggars belief,
    And now german hospitals are full of these camel jockeys and rag heads working as hospital staff, and many as doctors!!!

    I went to the public hospital in stralsund north germany a few years ago, with a medical issue, i was then presented with the night shift doctor, who was a muslim arab, and he saw i was wearing a large cross.

    His face became evil, and i had already decided to refuse to be treated by this
    Fiend, i ask the nurse, i want to be seen by a german doctor, not someone from the middle east.

    I left, and i drove 60 km to greifswald, another town eastwards.

    Germany has become a hell hole, i used love germany, now its been ruined by angela merkel and her new nazis in cdu.

    I prey german men rise up, and overthrow merkel.

    This is a nightmare. But its real.

  2. At least he bothered to sedate her. That is more than most infidel women receive at the hands of these muhammadan rapists.

    In a just world the punishment should fit the crime. Sedate him, and cast him into a cell to be used by a bunch of his fellow muslim sodomites for the next decade or so.

  3. Sometimes the home remedies work, them sometimes they don’t. We can’t fault a humanitarian for giving it his best shot.

  4. The question will always be there : how many did he assault before getting caught, Islam gives men the permission to rape non Muslims, to create fear, to get people to become Muslim though that fear in order to stop the rapes etc, problem is that the rapes continue.

    Fight back people, DO NOT HIRE ANY MUSLIM FOR ANY REASONS, your life could be at risk.

  5. As horrific as this report is, there is another issue underlying the as yet unmentioned factor which enabled this cultural enricher at this location – and potentially other hospitals with similar disturbing protocols.

    Are there no restrictions on which medical professionals/how/when Rx sedatives are administered in a hospital setting?

    Here in the US, “a nursing assistant” is not likely to have access to prescribe, dose and inject/administer Rx strength sedatives ( those Rx restricted to higher level medically trained physicians, physician’s assistants (PA’s)/nurse practitioners(NP’s), RN’s etc.) . The American version of a “nurse’s aid” is considered trained below the level of those trained with the title “Licensed Practical Nurse” (LPN) and are not trained to prescribe/dose/administer Rx responsibilities.
    This appears to also present a major deficiency in the hospital’s protocol with access/dispensation of prescription strength meds by unqualified medical personnel.

    • I am not sure which restrictions there are, surely there will be some; but I think it will be fairly easy to subvert them. German hospitals are so understaffed and mismanaged. You never want to have to be administered to a German hospital. According to a study reported in Focus Oct. 19. 2016, 500 000 patients per year catch a hospital bug in German hospitals, with 15 000 deaths resulting from it.

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