German Green Considers Facebook Restrictions Too Little, Too Slow

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has proposed a bill that would levy draconian fines against Facebook and other social media for not removing “hateful” content quickly. But that’s not good enough for a Green member of the Bundestag, who wants the crackdown to be even stricter.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the state radio network Deutschlandfunk:

Law against hate comments: Künast laments it is only focused on indictable content

March 15 2017

The Green member of German parliament Künast considers the bill by Justice Minister Maas against hate comments in the Social Networks insufficient.

The initiative only concerns indictable content, said the chairwoman of the committee on legal affairs in the Bundestag in Deutschlandfunk. It does not address how Facebook et al. are supposed to deal with hate and insults that are not indictable. But many commenters intentionally leave their wording in a grey zone, Künast stressed. She also criticized the lack of concern on how to deal with fake news, such as, for example, a fictitious quotation.

Maas wants to legally oblige internet companies and social media to delete or block indictable content within 24 hours, and in complicated cases, within seven days. He introduced plans for this yesterday. Breaches are to be penalized with fines up to €50 million. The Minister of Justice lamented that networks had up until now not taken user complaints seriously enough. The existing deletion process is insufficient.

Künast worries that the “long overdue bill” might not pass within this legislative period. Maas presented utterly short-term plans.

The digital association Bitkom declares that due to far too short deadlines and the magnitude of the penalties, “deletion orgies” were imminent. Additionally, it remained unclear how falsely removed content might be reuploaded quickly and with legal security.

The Central Committee of Jews in Germany commended and stressed that a criminal sanctioning of incitement of the people and of Holocaust denial were urgently necessary.

9 thoughts on “German Green Considers Facebook Restrictions Too Little, Too Slow

  1. That Jewish association certainly doesn’t represent the kind of Jew that *I* am.

    I just want to make that clear to everyone on here.

    All I have to say is, Facebook might be afraid of the German regulators, but I doubt that VK will care. So they’re essentially going to be pushing business to Russia.

    The old German impuse of totalitarian control is obviously alive and well.
    Maybe German culture/society *is* a good match for Islamism, after all…

    • Hi Mike,

      I would love to hear your thoughts about the issue with Cultural Marxist secular Jews, who are Jewish by only inheritance, but using it to silence their ideological opponents, calling them anti-Semites. The Rebel Media Ezra Levant had a pretty good video about this.
      Those secular Jews must be criticized because they are ruining for the rest of you by creating anti-Jewish sentiments with some who is too lazy to realize the difference. Just like in Germany only 13% of the population were Nazis and the rest just went along quietly for the ride and earned a stamp of shame for the whole nation. History maybe not without irony and now something similar is happening to the Jewish people! These leftist cultural marxists are openly against Israel, supporting muslim Palestine and generally ally themselves with islam. But as long as decent, conservative nationalist Jews are not speaking up against them strongly, many will believe, those are the voice of a some kind of mysterious united Jewish power pushing for the destruction of all western societies.

    • The “Central Committee of Jews in Germany” is a religious umbrella organisation, but at the same time also a leftist organization. I have often had the impression that their political stands – anti Islamophobia, anti conservative – are rather detrimental to the interests of regular Jewish citizens. One of their leading members wasn’t even born a Jew, but converted, so that he could become general secretary; really makes you wonder.
      The well-known and much-loved (and hated by some) conservative publicist Henryk Broder who also is Jewish wants nothing to do with the “Central Committee”.

  2. This loser. German ponce, named heiko maas, looks and acts like what must
    Be his idol,

    “Joseph geobels”

    The nazi partys propganda clown, butcher, And accompolice in the killing of over of 50 million people!

    Heiko maas is a EVIL. LIEing traitor guilty of high treason.

    Heiko maas must be found, detained, and [intemperate suggestions redacted], so that german patriots can locate, detain, and decide there fate, the samecway mr maas is deciding our fate!

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    I woukd advise any germans who care about there own loved ones and familys, and the future of there own children, to [intemperate suggestion redacted].

    This evil filthy little man, heiko maas is a mass murderer, intent on genociding all of germany and white europeans.

    [intemperate suggestion redacted]

  3. All submissions should henceforth bear their confirmation number from the Office of Thought Regulation. Thinking is, like driving, a privilege not a birthright, to be earned [ and paid for ] in advance. And I endorse a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards those scofflaw thought anarchists. Nip it in the bud, I say, to prevent a thought crime tsunami.

  4. Goodthink is good.
    Badthink will not be tolerated.
    It is the obligation of all good citizens to report Badthink to the proper authorities.
    Failure to do so will be considered evidence of guilt of Badthink.
    Badthink will not be tolerated.

    Does life imitated art; or vice versa?

  5. “She also criticized the lack of concern on how to deal with fake news, such as, for example, a fictitious quotation.”

    Ah yes, for instance the endless MSM claims that Trump said ‘all Mexicans’ were rapists (he didn’t), or Hoecke said the Berlin war memorial itself was a ‘Schande’ (he didn’t), or Akif Pirincci made racist statements in his rather clumsy Pegida speech (he didn’t).

    That’s all OK with Maas, isn’t it?

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