Another Day, Another Culture-Enriching Lunatic With a Knife

Syria must have emptied its insane asylums and sent the former inmates to Germany, because yet another mentally disturbed asylum seeker has run amok, this time in Regensburg. Maybe this fellow should be seeking a different kind of asylum…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the German news outlet

Man (28) severely injured with knife: Syrian (23) arrested

In the midst of the Regensburg pedestrian area, a 28-year-old man was attacked by a Syrian with a knife on Wednesday afternoon. The St. Kassian Plaza became a police zone immediately after the attack.

According to initial investigations the 28-year-old was walking on St. Kassian Plaza with his wife at about 11:15. Suddenly a Syrian walked up to them and abruptly stabbed the man in the back with a ten-centimeter-long knife. After the attack the Syrian ran towards Viereimergasse, but he was stopped by courageous pedestrians. The 28-year-old was severely injured in the attack and was taken to the hospital. Since then he has been listed as no longer in serious danger, and his condition is now stable.

The Syrian was arrested and interrogated. He is an asylum seeker who has been living in Germany since 2013. He apparently was a stranger to his 28-year-old victim, and the reason for his attack is not clear. Initial investigations point to a psychological condition of the 23-year-old. Therefore he was brought to a forensic facility. There are no indications for a political motive as of yet.

Editor’s remark

In a previous article it was mentioned that the attacker was a Jordanian. The police have corrected that statement. We have therefore edited the article.

7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Culture-Enriching Lunatic With a Knife

    • I spent three years doing that. Since I got out, the stupid government admitted a bunch of Muslims who run around stabbing people in the back.

  1. Aahh, Regensburg. Staying in the Altstadt, an old inn, top apartment with beautiful sloping ceilings, amazingly thick walls with windows looking out over beautiful houses with tile roofs and church towers. Narrow streets with people strolling to the shops and Donau. Great concerts, interesting museums and art galleries.

    How can Germans be SO STUPID and totally deny the fabulous culture they developed? How can idiots go on marches changing ‘Deutschland verrecke’ and ‘Deutschland Du mieses Stueck Scheisse’? How can they think that any pride and appreciation of one’s language, architecture, art, music, literature, inventions immediately means racism? It’s driving me crazy.

    Is is because young people aren’t introduced to classic literature and music? What’s wrong with these people? Nobody should be brought up to hate their country and not even understand what its achievements have been.

  2. It is very sad for me to admit it but this type of news out of Germany has now become soooo boring.

  3. Nein. Syria did not send them. Germany invited them – the cowards, the traitors, the criminals and the mentally ill. They answered the ill chamcellor’s siren call because they had nothing to lose, and felt an affinity.

  4. I would just like to say that I appreciate Nash Montana very much.

    Oh, I guess I should/would say that Angela Merkel is seriously mentally ill and should be removed from office. Plus I wonder why it hasn’t happened yet. How long are the Germans going to put up with this?

    I don’t think it’s the “average” German — I think it is crazy Merkel.

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