Battery and Child Molestation on a Dortmund Train

This is one of those news stories that doesn’t say a word about the ethnicity or “migration background” of criminal perps, but based on the details of the thugs’ behavior, it’s obvious. No German reading this story would have any doubt that cultural enrichment was involved.

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Attack in Dortmund: Several perpetrators attack family on train – Federal Police investigating

April 10, 2017

Several unknown assailants allegedly attacked a family father and his son on a regional train on Saturday afternoon. The Federal Police at the main train station in Dortmund have begun investigations.

According to the family father, the unknown perpetrators tried to place his two little daughters on their laps. The 39-year-old from Schwerte confronted the men, whereupon they abruptly assaulted him. As the police report, the thugs kicked the man even when he was already lying on the floor. When his 13-year-old son and his wife stood up for him, they, too, were wounded.

Perpetrators flee

At the stop Signal Iduna Park the perpetrators fled. The family father has lacerations on his nose, lip, ear and the temple. Federal Police are currently examining the CCTV recordings of the RB53 [train] and have initiated a criminal procedure for dangerous battery.

10 thoughts on “Battery and Child Molestation on a Dortmund Train

  1. These brave lads are like a wolf pack – no offense to the noble wolf – attacking the weaker in great numbers. They are not in the West to seek betterment and refuge. They are an invading horde and Europeans are not permitted to fight back or indeed arm themselves as this would be deemed racist. It is beyond sick.

  2. If you or me defend uself against anyone who attacks or threatens u in western society, u will be labelled as a criminal,
    This is why western law is flawed, and corrupt!!!

    My advice is to never call the police, just defend uself whatever way u must, then flee and escape into the night, live to fight another day!!

    Otherwise, u will end up in jail, the police are not u friend, every day they put the innocent in prison, its an appaling legal system that we have.

    Totally bent, corrupt, easily manipulated.

    It just takes 2 people to lie, and makeca claim to cops and u be getting arrested on the basis of some couple who could make up lies about u.

    Couples always pick on single people, a couple is like a gang,
    Couples will lie to support each other, this is onr example of our crap legal system, and how it works.

    Dont rely on or trust cops or our legal systems, they care o about u or the truth.

    Defend uself, and flee.

    • Is it the law that is corrupt? Or is it the corruption of the law by cowardly and morally bankrupt guardians of the law who subvert the law because deep down they have no moral core?
      This is what decades of neo-marxist postmodern imbibers of non-reality-based thought will necessarily inflict on their fellow man. Their consciences are seared; they’ve been subsumed by the prince of darkness.

      These cowards have no reason to live except to destroy the good.

    • This is what I’ve been preaching for a while, too.

      There are no rules anymore. There used to be a code, a trust of the law, a belief in justice, but these new invaders bring an entirely alien system of rules with them. Rules where children are prey, women are commodities, violence and brutality are the preferred means of winning an argument, and perversion and banditry is the divine right of every true believer.

      Forget the old rules. There are no fair fights anymore, not with these barbarians. Defend yourself and your loved ones with any means necessary, use every possible force multiplier in your arsenal, and be ruthless and without remorse. For if you are not, they certainly will be.

      And then walk away. You just avoided becoming a victim of these barbarians, do not let the corrupt authorities victimize you.

      • Your last sentence is the hard part. As long as you continue to live in a Western cultural matrix, the authorities can easily turn the screws on you in multiple ways. What can you do to avoid that? Move to the Kuriles?

        You can stock up on food and ammo, quit your job, and hole up in your house with your AR-15 pointed out the letter slot, picking off anyone who approaches. How long do you think you will last? And what happens to your wife and kids after they take you out?

        This is the core of our problem: the entire society is structured so that dissent from the Narrative is repressed and easily crushed. Most of the repression occurs before dissenting concepts even form in citizens’ minds, so that the squashing of them happens outside conscious awareness. It’s the totalitarian’s dream of total control made real.

        Being armed and vigilant is only part of the struggle. The main battlefield is to remove the repressive structure and replace it. This is a long, difficult process. It will take a couple of generations — if it can be done at all.

    • Surely there were other people on the train who should have
      Could someone not have pulled the emergency handle in the carriage and brought the train to a shuddering halt?
      Why is the western populace so paralyzed with fear in these situations?
      A family and their little girls were being molested for god’s sake!

      • Those were Europeans on the train. Need one say more?

        If this had happened in say, Russia, we would be reading about how how two Africans tried to molest a little girl and somehow wound up dead on the side of the tracks with their organs of molestation stuffed down their throats. And how police were having no luck finding the vigilantes who killed them…

        Which is why you never read about this stuff happening in Russia; the scum who would do such things have no doubts about what would be done to them by a furious public while the police looked the other way.

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